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First hackintosh

So, I’m getting an SSD for my main laptop that I’ve been wanting to turn into a hackintosh for a while now and I need some advice.

It’s an Asus X751LN laptop it has an i7-4510U, 8gb of RAM, a GeForce 840m 2gb and a Realtek HD audio sound card (not sure which exact model rn). The WiFi card is a Qualcomm atheros AR-something but I can get another if it’s not compatible.

I don’t know which version of OS X I should use and what bootloader to use (I’d prefer clover but I’m open to suggestions.

Help me out here I’m kinda lost

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Stuck when booting BigSur

Hi all!

I decided to try macOS BigSur on my desktop. I created the USB with createinstallmedia and then booted from it. I successfully installed the os but then when I chose the BigSur disk in OC it got stuck (image). Then I tried putting the disk into server and creating VM and installing it like that. It got stuck on the same point again. The EFI folder I use can be found here. Catalina is working flawlessly. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

My specs are:
- i5-6500
- 16GB RAM

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Anyone successful in performing Opencore Hackintosh Catalina or Big Sur for Thinkpad W530?

I only have Catalina under clover. Really want to try Opencore Big Sur. If you have any tips please advise thanks!

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Optiplex 7060 opencore ALC255 Mic didn't work

Motherboard: Dell Optiplex 7060 MT
CPU: Intel Core i7 i7-8700 (coffee Lake)
GPU: Intel UHD 630
No mic at all
I tried
alc-layout-id (11-3-86-13-15-17-18-1-21-20-27-28-29-30-31-71-99-100)
all these layouts no mic worked with it, some layouts mapping Line in mic with internal noise.
the tower has 2 jack inputs the first one on the front is black and the other in the rear is green.

can anyone help with this?

the sound out was having problems but it resolved you can see the results in this post.

now I need to resolve the mic problem, plz help

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Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 1 Hackintosh

Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 1 Hackintosh

I've installed Big Sur on external old Maxtor HDD connected to USB A.

External MacOS accessible via boot selection.

OC 0.6.0

Intel i5 4th gen

8Gb Ram

256GB on board SSD

80GB external USB (BigSur installer on same drive/separate partition)

Working HDMI, Audio, Wifi (Heliport), Trackpad, Track point

Not working Battery icon, Bluetooth (haven't tested)

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macOS on Lenovo Legion 5i

so I have been trying to find a way to download macOS Catalina on my laptop (Lenovo Legion 5i) but I don't really know how?

Laptop specs are

Intel Core i7 10750H

16GB Ram

Gtx 1660ti

1080p Display at 144Hz

is there any way to download the required drivers for macOS to work??

this is my first time installing macOS so can I please have some help

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Can't skip clover on boot and overclock not working (intel i5 2500k)

Can't skip clover on boot and overclock not working (intel i5 2500k)

1) Hello, I've mounted the efi partition and edited the config file to rename the default volume so I can skip clover on boot but it doesn't work, any tips?

2) my cpu is stuck at 3.3ghz although I have overclocked it in bios (asus p8z68v). Intel speedstep is off, multiplier set etc. and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext is installed. Any tips?

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Hackintosh advice for newbie

Hi everyone, I'm a software developer and had been using Macbook last 7 years, but it slowed a lot and since Macbooks are very expensive especially in my country I created a desktop. But not having information about hackintosh possibilities I created a desktop with Ryzen 5 and Rtx2060. Now I'm struggling with Windows because of my unix habit and switch to linux but it is not polished as macos.

So now I'm planning to sell 2060 if possible and get a new RX5700 or RX5700XT. My question is should I wait for new 6000 series for price drop, or any other advice since I have very shallow information about hackintoshs (maybe getting cheaper gpu just to run macos and keeping 2060 for gaming, i have dual pcie slot on my mobo)

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Installing Question About Laptop With Desktop CPU and 1070 OC

Hi, I want to install Hackintosh Dual Boot (separate drive) to my laptop but it is a different laptop than usual so I wanted to ask the community.

I have a desktop 9700K with it's iGPU disabled from bios (locked setting) and an overclocked 1070. I'll install High Sierra because of the NVIDIA GPU.

Should I install a Laptop or a Desktop High Sierra ISO? If you know any similar build guides can you link them?

And I'll install the Hackintosh to a separate drive. I don't want my windows boot manager to be corrupt/overwritten by Hackintosh bootloader (happened before with clover). What should I do?

I'll be very happy if you can answer these. Thanks

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Hey Guys, I got the GTX 1070 on my laptop working! 1440p at 144hz never looked so good.

Hey Guys, I got the GTX 1070 on my laptop working! 1440p at 144hz never looked so good. submitted by /u/Holy_Hobo_
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i3-4130 / HD4400-4600 / Catalina: No acceleration and glitches

CPU: i3-4130 / 10.15.7 / Clover5122
GPU: HD4400/4600, shown in 'about this Mac' with 1536MB
Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Asus GM85M-E
Wifi/BT Card: AR5B195


I' struggeling with i3-4130, which won't work perfectly...

Settings in Clover 5122:

Devices IntelGFX:0x04128086 Graphics: ig-platform-id: 0x0d220003, Inject Intel = Yes

Is there still missing something (boot argument, property, patch, id...)?

Best regards...


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How to clean install 10.13.3?

How do I clean install 10.13.3? Ive tried a few installations, from 10.13.1 to 10.13.3. But the os is always 10.13.6 after installation. I'm trying to flash my newly bought Asus 10gbe card and hence the need for 10.13.3 specifically.

Please help.

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Mojave installer always kernel panics using OpenCore on 2018 Razer Blade Advanced

Mojave installer always kernel panics using OpenCore on 2018 Razer Blade Advanced

Hey everyone, I've been trying to get Mojave (or even Catalina at this point) working on my 2018 Razer Blade 15 Advanced model. I tried using some pre-made configurations, none of which worked so i went and created an OpenCore installer USB from scratch, following a guide. ( Long story short, so far I have not been able to boot the installer at all. It always kernel panics, every single time. I've checked and rechecked everything, my config.plist, my bios settings, my kexts, everything. This also happens with both a Mojave installer, and a Catalina installer. So far I haven't seen any differences with trying different versions of macOS. Nothing I do seems to change the panic screen at all, so I'm not sure what I'm missing. I've attached a screenshot of the panic, hopefully someone can make sense of it and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I can also send my EFI folder if anyone wants to have a look for themselves.

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would it be possible to do hackintosh on an acer sw5-012 laptop?

title. relatively old, i know, but i’m curious if it has the specs necessary or if it’s a possibility worth exploring.

cpu- intel atom z3735f 1.33 ghz

motherboard- fendi 2

gpu- just says intel hd graphics and revision f? idk

2gb ram

idk if this is enough, but i'd love to know if hackintosh (or emulation) is worth considering for this old machine. my current pc is better but the gpu is nvidia so it's not compatible, so tbh if this didn't work i wouldn't be losing much. thank you!

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Help Booting a Ryzentosh

Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600

Gigabyte B450m DS3H

8 GB ram

AMD Radeon 580 Saphire Nitro+

Trying to install latest version of Catalonia

This is my first hackintosh build and I had followed the OpenCore installation guide (using OpenCore 0.6.2), however when I try and boot I keep getting the error:

[EB|`B:WFDW] Err(0xE), 0 @ LocHB 71B4903C-14EC-42C4-BDC6-CE1449930E49

I know others have had similar issues and I have gone through and tried all of the information that I had found, but I still cannot get past this error.


Only leaving keyboard plugged in (besides boot usb)

changing SetupVirtualMap and RebuildAppleMemoryMap settings

Enabling and disabling Above4GDecoding

Even tried using multiple pre made clover EFI (Not suggested; however, I did not check through the files either so there could have been a problem within them)

Related posts:

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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[OpenCore] When going to install Catalina, I get an “internet connection is required to install macOS” pop up

I created the usb through the tool in windows (I can’t remember what it was called) and I turned off the recovery only option thinking that would work but it doesn’t. I tried usb tethering from a jailbroken phone but it wouldn’t detect it even though it was recognized in terminal. I have a macOS compatible WiFi dongle (tp link TL-WN823N) but I need to install the driver post-install unless I can do it in the setup screen.

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M.2 Key A/E-Key Adapter Paired with BCM94360CD NOT WORKING

So I have an ITX board and want wifi/bluetooth to work. I used a DW1560 but I constantly have issues with it. Also with a dw1560 bluetooth doesn't work in bios while an apple Broadcom wifi chip works in bios. I used an NGFF M.2 Key A/E Adapter paired with a BCM94360CD but it doesn't seem to be working. After doing research I think its because this is an A/E Key adaptor while my motherboard uses a M.2 Socket (Key E). Any ideas what I can do?

would a NGFF WLAN BCM94360NG work with bluetooth in bios?

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Kernel Panic - Help ! (OpenCore 0.6.2, Intel Core i5-7200U, HD Graphics 620, Intel HM175, Geforce GTX 1050)

Hello everyone, I just had a kernel panic trying to install macOS Catalina on my laptop with OpenCore.

I configured my USB key on a virtual machine from Big Sur, with VMware, and I used this guide:

Here is my configuration (HP Pavilion 17ab307nf) :

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 7200U (Kaby Lake)
  • Motherboard: Intel HM175
  • Graphics card 1: Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Graphics card 2: Geforce GTX 1050 (4GB vram)

I added an SSD and a RAM strip.

I know that the information I provide is not enough to make a true diagnosis, but I just don't know what else to put on! Ask me for information and I will give it to you.

Thank you in advance!

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would it be possible to do hackintosh on an acer sw5-012 laptop?

title. relatively old, i know, but i’m curious if it has the specs necessary or if it’s a possibility worth exploring.

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Well Well.. 4k@60 Works on macOS, but NOT on Windows 10

GPU is 5700XT. Just connected my Samsung 4k TV to my PC with a long 15 Meter HDMI cable, with a big 4K label on its package (my guess is its 1.4a+). I'm getting a black screen on Windows 10 trying 4K@60, 1440p@120 works.

Tried booting to macOS and 4k@60 works great! with HDR!

This is dissapointing.. but I guess props to Apple?

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Aspire 3 A315-53

Aspire 3 A315-53

Decided to hack this one and to my surprise it is performing well than windows 10. I know the specs weren't that good but at least it is usable now. Might upgrade SSD/RAM/WiFi soon since I was able to get everything working except for the continuity features that isn't supported on intel wifi/bt cards. :)

For those who own the same laptop and want to try, you may follow Dortania guide with OpenCore 0.6.2.

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Dual boot hackintosh Windows

Is it possible to make dual boot with amd hackintosh ???

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Kernel Panics after installing OpenCore. Help needed

Hi there. I'm suffering from Kernel Panics after finally migrating from Clover to OpenCore. I'll try to explain all the details here:


  • Gigabyte z87x D3H
  • i5 4670k Haswell, 16GB RAM (tested several times during the years without issue)
  • Radeon 580 8GB and iGPU enabled.
  • iMac 14,2
  • 1 SSD for MacOS Catalina, with OpenCore 0.62 installed with the official guide from this sub (Dortania), following the guide and the Haswell recommendations to the point.
  • 1 HDD for Windows 10
  • All of the hibernation features are disabled.
  • Used Onyx to clean all system caches to clean any potential issue from MacOS.
  • The KP happens after resume from sleep. The screen freezes, it doesn't restart.

The last two kernel panic reports I had since I installed OpenCore look a bit different than the previous ones I had from Clover, I'll paste the last one here:

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8008e469aa): Kernel trap at 0xffffff8008e28b94, type 13=general protection, registers: CR0: 0x000000008001003b, CR2: 0x00000001c8fc0240, CR3: 0x0000000280a83012, CR4: 0x00000000001626e0 RAX: 0x000000000042f5fe, RBX: 0x0000000000000000, RCX: 0x0000000000000000, RDX: 0xffffff802b0f3320 RSP: 0xffffff922cfe2fc0, RBP: 0xffffff922cfe3030, RSI: 0x0000000000000000, RDI: 0xffffff802b0f3320 R8: 0x0000000000000060, R9: 0x0000000000010114, R10: 0x0000000000000b58, R11: 0xfffffe8b7541a000 R12: 0x8a00000000000000, R13: 0xffffff922cfe3110, R14: 0x0000000000335419, R15: 0x0000000000000000 RFL: 0x0000000000010246, RIP: 0xffffff8008e28b94, CS: 0x0000000000000008, SS: 0x0000000000000010 Fault CR2: 0x00000001c8fc0240, Error code: 0x0000000000000000, Fault CPU: 0x0, PL: 1, VF: 0 Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address 0xffffff8008b51220 : 0xffffff8008d1a65d mach_kernel : _handle_debugger_trap + 0x49d 0xffffff8008b51270 : 0xffffff8008e54a75 mach_kernel : _kdp_i386_trap + 0x155 0xffffff8008b512b0 : 0xffffff8008e465fe mach_kernel : _kernel_trap + 0x4ee 0xffffff8008b51300 : 0xffffff8008cc0a40 mach_kernel : _return_from_trap + 0xe0 0xffffff8008b51320 : 0xffffff8008d19d27 mach_kernel : _DebuggerTrapWithState + 0x17 0xffffff8008b51420 : 0xffffff8008d1a117 mach_kernel : _panic_trap_to_debugger + 0x227 0xffffff8008b51470 : 0xffffff80094c1a6c mach_kernel : _panic + 0x54 0xffffff8008b514e0 : 0xffffff8008e469aa mach_kernel : _sync_iss_to_iks + 0x2aa 0xffffff8008b51660 : 0xffffff8008e466a8 mach_kernel : _kernel_trap + 0x598 0xffffff8008b516b0 : 0xffffff8008cc0a40 mach_kernel : _return_from_trap + 0xe0 0xffffff8008b516d0 : 0xffffff8008e28b94 mach_kernel : _phys_attribute_clear + 0x134 0xffffff922cfe3030 : 0xffffff8008ddf377 mach_kernel : _upl_commit_range + 0xf57 0xffffff922cfe3340 : 0xffffff80092b7937 mach_kernel : _ubc_upl_commit_range + 0x77 0xffffff922cfe3380 : 0xffffff8008f69a1f mach_kernel : _cluster_read_ext + 0x28df 0xffffff922cfe3500 : 0xffffff8008f67a8f mach_kernel : _cluster_read_ext + 0x94f 0xffffff922cfe3750 : 0xffffff7f8c4b5f7c : _apfs_nstream_read + 0x1db 0xffffff922cfe3800 : 0xffffff7f8c4b6737 : _apfs_inode_getxattr + 0x1b5 0xffffff922cfe3950 : 0xffffff7f8c4b6512 : _apfs_vnop_getxattr + 0xae 0xffffff922cfe3980 : 0xffffff8008fb019a mach_kernel : _VNOP_GETXATTR + 0x5a 0xffffff922cfe39f0 : 0xffffff7f8b5874d7 : _compression_decode_buffer + 0xb81 0xffffff922cfe3a50 : 0xffffff7f8b5877ff : _compression_decode_buffer + 0xea9 0xffffff922cfe3b20 : 0xffffff7f8b58716f : _compression_decode_buffer + 0x819 0xffffff922cfe3bb0 : 0xffffff8008fc4a78 mach_kernel : _decmpfs_pagein_compressed + 0xd18 0xffffff922cfe3c00 : 0xffffff8008fc4e92 mach_kernel : _decmpfs_read_compressed + 0x3b2 0xffffff922cfe3d00 : 0xffffff7f8c4be8da : _apfs_vnop_read + 0x2cf 0xffffff922cfe3d80 : 0xffffff8008f9dfa3 mach_kernel : _utf8_normalizestr + 0x573 0xffffff922cfe3e30 : 0xffffff80092a0ce2 mach_kernel : _preparefileread + 0x282 0xffffff922cfe3ee0 : 0xffffff80092a0e6e mach_kernel : _pread_nocancel + 0x8e 0xffffff922cfe3f40 : 0xffffff8009384be7 mach_kernel : _unix_syscall64 + 0x287 0xffffff922cfe3fa0 : 0xffffff8008cc1206 mach_kernel : _hndl_unix_scall64 + 0x16 Kernel Extensions in backtrace:[449653CC-9494-3AB1-B621-D4BBB695CC10]@0xffffff7f8c47f000->0xffffff7f8c5bafff dependency:[1984287F-ABE7-3770-9FD9-61565B55E332]@0xffffff7f89d46000 dependency:[C2105304-AC59-36D5-8B54-FFD784D63A8B]@0xffffff7f89c9e000 dependency:[CB3CB8CA-881A-37F3-A96B-8063CAF0476D]@0xffffff7f89a80000[D6A33859-09C3-3849-A440-0BDB06F50D43]@0xffffff7f8b580000->0xffffff7f8b58cfff BSD process name corresponding to current thread: firefox Boot args: keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 swd_panic=1 chunklist-security-epoch=0 -chunklist-no-rev2-dev Mac OS version: 19H2 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 19.6.0: Mon Aug 31 22:12:52 PDT 2020; root:xnu-6153.141.2~1/RELEASE_X86_64 Kernel UUID: (HIDDEN) Kernel slide: 0x0000000008a00000 Kernel text base: 0xffffff8008c00000 __HIB text base: 0xffffff8008b00000 System model name: iMac14,2 (Mac-HIDDEN) System shutdown begun: NO Panic diags file available: YES (0x0) System uptime in nanoseconds: 27681924549616 

The time the process corresponding to the thread was Firefox, but it's a different one each time, so I don't think it's because of Firefox.

Any help will be VERY much appreciated

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Upgrade from Catalina to Big Sur - Z370N - i7 8700K - Radeon VII

Upgrade from Catalina to Big Sur - Z370N - i7 8700K - Radeon VII

Just upgraded my Hackintosh from Catalina to Big Sur. Nothing specialHad to change the SecureBootModel to disabled and that's all.

Feeling really snappy for me ! Can't wait for the final release.

OC 0.6.3 and Kexts built from source.

- MB : Gigabyte Z370N-Wifi (latest BIOS F14 I think)
- CPU : i7 8700K
- GPU : Sapphire Radeon VII
- Wifi : Apple BCM 4360
- Storage : Samsung 960 NVMEs

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I5 9600k + MSI B360 - Config.plist

Hi, does anyone have a config.plist file for the Intel Core i5 9600k and MSI B360 Gaming Plus motherboard? Also, what kexts do I need to use?

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Mouse not working?


So I am doing an OpenCore HS hackintosh, when i booted it, it took some time but got into the installer, when i was in the installer, I couldn't use the mouse to click continue,

My PC is a Dell Optiplex 380 with a Core 2 Duo E7500, and a GT 620 graphics card - EFI folder

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Budget motherboard recommendations for i7 3770.

Complete specs I7 3770 16gb ram Gtx 1050ti Want to install: High Sierra

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RX 560 not enabled in Catalina

Hi there!

I finally made it to install Catalina using OpenCore 0.6.2 and everything is working except for the dGPU MSI RX 560 that is not enabled. Tried with iMac19,1 and 18,3 (this one giving weird colors) but didn't worked out.

My hardware:

CPU i5-8400

Gigabyte z370p d3

Samsung 960 EVO 250gb NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen 3.0 x4

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16gb (2x8gb) 2666MHz DDR4

MSI Radeon 560 Aero ITX 4G OC



  • Fast Boot
  • Secure Boot
  • Serial/COM Port
  • Parallel Port N/A
  • VT-d
  • CSM
  • Thunderbolt N/A
  • Intel SGX
  • Intel Platform Trust
  • CFG Lock N/A


  • VT-x
  • Above 4G decoding
  • Hyper-Threading N/A
  • Execute Disable Bit N/A
  • EHCI/XHCI Hand-off
  • OS type: Windows 8.1/10
  • DVMT Pre-Allocated(iGPU Memory): 64MB
  • SATA Mode: AHCI

Link to my efi config:

Any ideas? :)

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Unable to OpenCore | Boot Loop

Unable to OpenCore | Boot Loop

Before someone calls me stupid, I checked the Troubleshooting Guide but was still unable to get it working. When I select my USB in the Boot Menu, it simply brings me right back to the Boot Menu. Does anyone have any ideas of why this is happening? I figured this was because of the folder structure, but I can confirm that it is indeed correct:

tree command output

I'm running

  • Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro
  • Intel i7-9700K
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Catalina UHD 620 Whiskey Lake Issue

So, I've gotten kinda far with my laptop but Im having a issue. I followed the Opencore guide and made my platform id the laptop version of the UHD. It freezes at verbose on boot with the device-id but if i delete the id it boots but shows 31mb. If I use the NUC version of the UHD but with the device-id it shows a black screen. I think the NUC version is the correct one based off that but Im not sure. I dont know where to go from here to fix this issue. Here is my plist

Opencore plist

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The end of my hackintosh journey

Hi everyone, I want to thank all of tbe community for help, activity in my though times

Today I'm reverting back to windows and I will tell you what I learned and what hackintosh for

first, hackintosh is for people who is tech/programmers or having spare time. It's not for businesses or important files

What I learned: * Patience, Hope * BIOS, OpenCore, Clover * How mac works * How kexts are made

What I advice hackinthosh for: * Old apple costumers that doesn't like macbook model or hate it's features and just want the normal mac

  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • Graphic design

That's it

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Migrate opencore install with Disk Utility

Functional opencore ryzen hackintosh I want to migrate to a larger SSD. Any problem with this approach? 1. Using Disk Utility, format new SSD and restore from old SSD 2. Run MountEFI to replace contents of new EFI partition with old EFI partition

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Can I install macOS with my hardware?

I really want to install macOS on my PC but I have a doubts regarding the compatibility with my hardware. Can someone please tell me if my hardware is compatible or not?

my hardware:

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G (using integrated Vega 8 graphics)

ASUS EX-A320M motherboard

2X 4GB Crucial 2666Mhz RAM

Crucial BX500 240GB SSD

1TB Seagate HDD

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Changing SMBIOS for future compatibility (Ivy Bridge)

I have an Ivy Bridge machine (i5-3570) with a GT 710 2 GB GPU. I am currently using iMac13,2 as my SMBIOS, but I’m reading in the OpenCore guide (just got switched over!) that 13,2 will not be compatible with Big Sur. They recommend using MacPro6,1.

Can anyone foresee any issues with my hardware running as MacPro6,1?

I guess I’m just a little surprised that the best suited definition for this little desktop is a Mac Pro model.

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Mouse Lag

Hi, just finished installing Hackintosh on my second SSD.

Everything works fine except the mouse just lags around when I move him.

Anyone knows a fix?

GPU: RX 5700 XT

CPU: R5 3600

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Wifi Card

I recently wanted to Hackintosh my laptop and while going through guides they had told that Intel wifi cards don't work at all without patches. So hearing this I thought, well my laptop is having an Intel I3 so it should be an Intel wifi card right? WRONG it was an Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Card with Bluetooth and wifi. So is this card supported using a patch or in some way is it possible to make this supported on mac os Big Sur ( I wanted to be on the latest version)

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Radeon HD 6850 on El Capitan

Quick question, I am currently using an old Radeon HD 4350 on El Capitan but it does not have QE/CI enabled.

I am able to grab a Radeon HD 6850 for cheap and wondering if there's support for it on El Capitan? Will it have QE/CI enabled? Will it work natively or will require kext/patch?

Please advise! Appreciate all the help!

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Can Someone look into iMessage an airdrop background app for windows?

how do I run a segment of a mac os VM. I want to run a windows background app that can interface with an "imessage for windows" and airdrop apps. possibly a face time one too. This would work by passing the information through windows to the VM, or vice versa. Also, is anyone up for the adventure of coding this for me as an open-source app for free? Is there also any way this would work.

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Mac OS Mojave on Dell Latitude E5520 - 9 year old laptop

Mac OS Mojave on Dell Latitude E5520 - 9 year old laptop submitted by /u/schaka
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First build (trial on old hardware) - El Capitan

First build (trial on old hardware) - El Capitan submitted by /u/zeeshanzc
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General Q, does a video card do anything for 10.14?

I currently have a Core i5-4670K with 16 gb RAM and an RX570 in my system. I dual boot into Windows for gaming (lite gaming of course). I'm in the process of building a new computer when Zen 3 comes out (hopefully with a RTX 3080) and was looking to migrate the Hackintosh into an ITX case without the video card and rely on on-board video. So, does the video card add any functionality to a hackintosh (if i'm not gaming) for things like Photos, web browsing, Pages/Numbers etc?

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