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How about automatic updates ?

Hello everybody, I was thinking to create a desktop PC - hackintosh. I was wondering how it looks like when we come to automatic updates ? Is it possible ? or we need to do it other way manual ? What about with new system release update ? Can somebody explain how You deal with it ? and how complicated it is ?

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R9 370 OC

I need to accelerate a gpu R9 370 in OC Catalina ? I try everything but my graphic card stay with 7 mb

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How to install a Wifi/Bluetooth card (BCM943602CS)?

I just achieved my first Hackintosh installation and it works pretty well, except my Wifi/Bluetooth card which is not recognised.

I bought a BCM943602CS card and installed it in the M.2 slot of my Asus Z490-I motherboard using this Wifi Card to NGFF Key A/E M2 adapter.

How can I check if my PC actually recognise the Wifi card? I didn't see anything in BIOS.

Should I install something to make it working (such as a kext)? If I understand well, the card I bought is recognised by default by macOS, and does not require any additional installation.

Or maybe should I install AirportBrcmFixup and BrcmPatchRAM, as explained in this section of the guide: When and what kexts to use

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ROG GL553VD (OpenCore)

So, finally after how many hours of watching people making hackintoshes. I decided that it's time for me to ride the plane too.

My laptop specs are :

CPU : Intel Core i7-7700HQ GPU : Nvidia GTX 1050ti RAM : 8GB DDR4 2333mhz Storage : 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

Ports : 1x HDMi, 1x type-c port, 2x usb 3 and 1x usb2

For the GPU, I don't need it for now because I'll be focusing with programming and very light photoshop/illustrator for Icons and images for the apps that we are developing.

For the wifi, I'm more of a ethernet person. But I have a wifi dongle do that I can still use it wirelessly.

Now, I'm planning for an openCore approach for this. I saw a github, ZiQiLN was the github handle. I think I can also peek from his configs to help me get through the installation.

My main concern is:

  1. Will I be able to use the 1TB HDD for secondary drive, for files only purposes?

  2. I'm not a gamer or heavy video editor, is it worth it?

  3. Will the HDMi port work? I know that it is optimus. Also, after reading some threads about my laptop, the GPU is hooked with the HDMi(?). What does that mean?

  4. Will that type-c port work? I might need it in the future.

I'm asking you guys since you guys have experience already. Thank you very much ! ☺️ Cheers!

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Hackintosh kvm accelerate

Is it is possible to accelerate hackintosh kvm by gtx 1650 gpu

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can i hackintosh my acer?

hi, i found my old acer aspire es1-531-p4sw, it has intel pentium and intel hd graphics. will some version of mac os work on it?

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Hack Pro Mini-ITX Success MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 OpenCore 0.6.2

Hack Pro Mini-ITX Success MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 OpenCore 0.6.2

Chococat Says Hi from his little yellow house

I haven't seen someone using a Z490I Aorus Ultra around here, so I thought it would be a good idea to help people with a similar setup to mine.

Here goes my hardware:

CPU: i5 10400GPU: Intel Integrated Graphics UHD 630RAM: 16Gb DDR4 XPG Spectrix 3000MHzMotherboard: Z490I Aorus Ultra (Mini-ITX in case you missed the I in front of the model)Audio Codec: Realtek 1220-VBEthernet Card: Intel i225-vWifi/BT Card: Intel WiFi 6 AX-201Touchpad and touch display devices: NoneBIOS revision: F5Mouse: Logitech G903Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Elite (US Layout)AIO: Gamer Storm Captain Castle 240EX with 2 stock coolers from the AIO

Coolers: 2 outtake coolers from NZXT (came with the case)Case: NZXT H210I

SSD: 500Gb Western Digital Black NVMe M.2Hard Drive 1: 1Tb Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 32mb

Hard Drive 2: 140Gb Western Digital Green (don't know the RPM, I salvaged it from my aunt's very old laptop) 16mb


One thing I'd like to note is that I'm in no way capable of providing a good tutorial on how to install MacOS Catalina, but here's a few things I learned in the past two days.

  1. Mind the flash drive you're using. When I first tried (and failed miserably) I was using a SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32Gb flash disk. There's nothing wrong with it, but for an installer, it would give me the "OCB: Loadimage failed: unsupported" and nothing else after selecting Install MacOS (external) during the pre-install phase (which is Boot->Bios->Boot Option (Flash Disk/Opencore) ->List of things to select). I looked for this in the guide, but it seems no one else has had this issue. My solution was to use a generic 8Gb Flash Drive.
  2. Some people might find that the internet is not working after successfully booting into the installer (this happened to me). After selecting "Reinstall MacOS Catalina" and selecting "Continue" on the following page, a warning saying "An Internet connection is required to install MacOS" would appear. The fix for this was in a 3-minute video in Russian. Here's the link: Also, it will only work with the ethernet cable if you have the same mobo as mine, I couldn't get the WiFi to work.
  3. Another problem I had was with audio, but this is easily fixed by just changing the layout in the config.plist file. Don't know how to do that? Well, open proper-tree, go to the part where it says NVRAM, search for boot args and add alcid=xxx, where the xxx would be your layout, depending on your audio card. If you don't know which one you have, I highly recommend you go to your motherboard's factory website and search for it.
  4. During installation, the screen would go black. Idk if this happened because I am using a DP connector for my primary monitor, but just wait. In my case, the installer said it would be done in 47 minutes, so I started a timer for 50 minutes and watched an episode of The Queen's Gambit on my phone. Once I finished watching, I went back to the office and boom, there it was, my MacOS setup screen.
  5. Regarding monitors, I highly recommend that you don't use more than one monitor during installation, things get mosaicyish (this word doesn't exist, but you know what I mean, the HDMI monitor shows some things and the DP one goes green and grey with some flickering).
  6. I generated my SSID and other identifiers before installing the MacOS. Did it with GenSMBios in Windows 10 and added the generated ids to my config.plist using proper-tree. I see some people doing it after installing MacOS, but since the guide recommended that I should do it before, I thought "fair enough" and did it as well. Apple Account is working and I can finally enjoy some paid apps on my computer.

That's it for my experience with making my first Hackintosh. Other than the non-orthodox methods above, I just followed Dortania's guide for opencore 0.6.2, section Comet-Lake.

Thank you all, from the community, for sharing your builds, attempts, successes and problems. Thanks to all of this material I could make my own Hackintosh. I hope I was able to help some of you.

And if anyone knows the reason behind the problems I've had, I'd love to know :P

Much love from Brazil!

PS: This is my first post on Reddit, if the formatting is wrong, <del>I'm a disgrace for learning HTML and not knowing how to format a post on Reddit</del> I beg your pardon, however I hope that you can at least understand the troubles I had and learn something from it.

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Dell latitude 7400 2-1 efi/ hackintosh files ?

Hi I’m looking for the efi / drivers for the latitude 7400 2-1 laptop


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Fault CR2 Panic - Asus FX705GM