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[Success] Z370M Plus II - Fix Shutdown Issue - Opencore

A while back an old issue returned when upgrading from Catalina/Clover r5119 to Big Sur/OC 0.7.9 on the Z370M Plus II board*

This issue may apply to other Z370 boards - the system does not fully shutdown (power LED light stays on) on shutdown.

In Clover there is a simply "FixShutdown" key that can be set to True and worked well on this board:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"...

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Author: NZRichard

Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

Hello everyone,

As some of you know, I have been lurking around to make the new X299X boards (Gigabyte) work, unsuccessful at it, but trying nevertheless.

On the hardware side these are the specs of the build:

Gigabyte Designare EX 10G
Intel i9 10900X
128GB DDR4 3200 Mhz Crucial Ballistix
1200W BeQuiet! PurePower
And other bits, but the important is here.

Trials have been made with Clover v5100 and Catalina 10.15.2 previously installed, the reason because I have...

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Author: dolgarrenan

Asus X99 Rampage Big Sur 11.0.1 running smoothly with Opencore 0.6.3

Can't wait to share with you guys my X99 Asus Rampage with RX vega 64 boots and running smoothly. I tried with Macpro 7.1 and iMac pro 1.1 both smbios. No problem!
EFI shared with you. Give a try.
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 7.37.20 PM.png

Author: shantonu

Install macOS Ventura on PC


The next version of the Mac operating system -- currently available as a Public Beta -- is macOS 13 "Ventura". Guides to install this version of the macOS on PCs include:

macOS Ventura Beta USB Installation - A quick guide to create a USB installer for macOS Ventura alongside the OpenCore and Clover bootloaders from tonymacx86. The site covers the macOS Ventura Public Beta Updates, too.

macOS Ventura Beta on PC - A basic guide to install macOS Ventura on an Intel or AMD PC using OpenCore from newcomer EliteMacx86.

macOS Ventura Beta on Unsupported Mac - A guide to install macOS Ventura on an older Mac using Hackintosh methods from TechsViewer.

macOS Ventura Beta Upgrade from Monterey - A Reddit reader report documenting the successful upgrade of a PC previously running macOS Monterey to macOS Ventura.

Note that formal hardware support for macOS Ventura (macOS 13) is more limited than its predecessor, macOS Monterey (macOS 12), and some features are restricted to official Macs with the latest Apple Silicon processors. Verify hardware compatibility before upgrading an older Hackintosh to this version of the macOS or buying hardware for a new one.

No Clover on EFI UniBeast

Hello. Can someone explain to me why an empty EFI disk without a clover boot loader is created after a UniBeast 10.2.0 - Catalina installation is completed on a USB key?

Author: AlexK5

Would it be possible to make a hackintosh using an i7 950, Gtx 1060, and a gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 motherboard?

I really wanna turn my old gaming pc into a Mac but I’ve tried looking up compatibility lists to no avail can anyone help? Thank you

submitted by /u/WilierAgenda789
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Optiplex 7040 - cant play videos in Photos app, error (-101)


I've an optiplex 7040 micro, which is running Catalina finely.
But i've one problem, when i'm trying to play a video (from my iphone) i've an error message

it's in french i'm sorry:

Impossible de lire la video
Photos ne pas lire cette video. voulez vous
essayer de l'ouvrir dans quicktime player

and when clic on OK
i've an error code (-101)

any idea?

Thank you

Author: pwetpwet

how to map thunderbolt ports?

how to map thunderbolt ports?

submitted by /u/kocoman
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macOS install to USB memory stick possible?

macOS install to USB memory stick possible?

macOS install to USB memory stick possible?

I have tried to install macOS to a USB memory stick without sucess so far.

It went to panic.

The attached is a photo of the panic.

It seems AppleAHCIDiskDriver is the cause,

so I guess dealing with memory stick is the problem.

Do we need a special attention for installing macOS to a USB memory stick?

Thank you very much!

Have a nice weekend :)


OpenCore 0.8.4

macOS 12.6 Monterey.

USB Memory Stick:

128GB Samsung SDXC with a non-brand USB adaptor.

Install media has experience to successfully install macOS to an internal SATA drive.

USBMap has been done.

It goes to very close to a successful install.

  1. Install media has no problem to install macOS installer to the memory stick.
  2. macOS installer has no problem to boot and finish it.
  3. 2nd macOS installer boot and its process done successfully.
  4. 1st macOS boot and settings are done.
  5. the last and 2nd macOS boot ends with a panic above.

I gave tries several times and it always ended here.

submitted by /u/Doctor-KK
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Disabling Turbo Boost

I've disabled turbo boost on bios of my intel cpu. But my hackintosh doesn't apply this setting. Is there any way to disable turbo boost with opencore?

I know there are some 3rd party apps but i wanna do this natively.

submitted by /u/mr_eser
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Did I set my config incorrectly?

When I booted up the USB, it said "OC: Configuration requires vault but no vault provided!" Is it because I did not set it up correctly? Here are the specs...

Author: dyslixic4859

Best Free Partition Editor to edit EFI partition?

Which one is the best free partition editor for resizing EFI partition?

(It is one of preparations before you install macOS to your windows

PC, in order to make it dual boot of macOS and windows.)

Background of this question:

  1. miniTool is very good to resize and move NTFS partition,

but it does not allow to manipulate EFI partition unless you buy a license.

  1. gparted is bad to resize EFI partition somehow.

my experience says it is unstalbe in terms of touching EFI partiion.

eg. it often finishes in the middle of resizing with errors.

(It is really scary that you have an error when you touch a disk

partition, you know.)

It finishes without errors several times; BUT!

gparted refresh indicates the size was changed successfully.

when it moves to disk utility (of macOS installer), the size of EFI partition has not been changed.

Conclusion: DON'T USE gparted for this purpose.

  1. So I am currently using gdisk method several times without problems.

This method is bascially a re-creation method;

a. make a copy of the content of the partition

b. erase the EFI parttion.

c. recreate it again with your intended size.

d. move back the contents of the partition to the newly created partition.

I thought it was great even though this method somehow erase "Windows

Boot Manager" entry from Bios. You can still make a dual boot by OC

picker. That was my first thought. BUT!

Now I found a problem; namely OC patches ACPI before you choose a

boot OS with OC Picker, which means OC may effect your windows boot.

Ideally OC things should be enclosed in OC only and then it does

not effect outside of OC.

Thank you very much!

Have a nice weekend :)


I am wondering why and how this "Windows Boot Manager" entry disappered from

BIOS menu...? I would like to get it back...

submitted by /u/Doctor-KK
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Hackintosh OpenCore 0.8.5 Error Boot

Hello guys, I've been trying to solve a problem when installing hackintosh by opencore for 1 day and I can't solve it. The mistake is:

00:000 00:000 AAPL: #[EB.H.IS|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-signature 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

00:488 00:488 AAPL: #[EB.H.IS|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-image-key 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

00:524 00:036 AAPL: #[EB|H:IS] 0

00:549 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|LOG:INIT] 2022-10-21T09:32:47

00:572 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|VERSION] <"bootbase.efi 495.140.2~17 (Official), built 2021-08-30T07:02:12-0700">

00:596 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|BUILD] <"BUILD-INFO[308]:{"DisplayName":"bootbase.efi","DisplayVersion":"495.140.2~17","RecordUuid":"6B6B10D3-E712-4F5D-9988-B4A9386C79CF","BuildTime":"2021-08-30T07:02:12-0700","ProjectName":"efiboot","ProductName":"bootbase.efi","SourceVersion":"495.140.2","BuildVersion":"17","BuildConfiguration":"Release","BuildType":"Official"}">

00:620 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.CFG.DEV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV booter-strict-xmlparser 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

00:644 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:DEV] r5 0x0 0x0

00:668 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|H:IS] 0

00:692 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL:MODE] 0

00:716 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] boot-save-log 0x0000000000000002 (0x0000000000000002 < 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) default

00:740 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] wake-save-log 0x0000000000000002 (0x0000000000000002 < 0x0000000000000002) default

01:228 00:487 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] console 0x0000000000000001 (0x0000000000000001 < 0x0000000000000001) default

01:252 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] serial 0x0000000000000001 (0x0000000000000001 < 0x0000000000000000) default

01:276 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] embed-log-dt 0x0000000000000000 (0x0000000000000000 < 0x0000000000000000) default

01:299 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] timestamps 0x0000000000000000 (0x0000000000000000 < 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) default

01:323 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] log-level 0x0000000000000001 (0x0000000000000001 & 0x0000000000000021) default

01:347 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] breakpoint 0x0000000000000000 (0x0000000000000000 & 0x0000000000000000) default

01:372 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|CFG:ARG] kc-read-size 0x0000000000100000 (0x0000000000100000 < 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) default

01:396 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|H:IS] 0

01:420 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 0 0x00

01:443 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|BRD:NV] Mac-AA95B1DDAB278B95

01:467 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 2 0x00

01:829 00:362 AAPL: #[EB.BST.IDT|+]

01:855 00:025 AAPL: #[EB.BST.IDT|-]

01:879 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 3 0x00

01:903 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 4 0x00

01:926 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|BRD:NV] Mac-AA95B1DDAB278B95

01:950 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 5 0x00

01:975 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.H.CHK|BM] 0x0000000000000000

01:999 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.H.LV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-signature 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

02:023 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 23 0x0E

02:047 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.H.LV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-image-key 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

02:071 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 24 0x0E

02:432 00:361 AAPL: #[EB.H.LV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-image 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

02:456 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.H.LV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.SV- boot-signature 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

02:480 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.H.LV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.SV- boot-image-key 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

02:505 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.H.LV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.SV- boot-image 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

02:529 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|H:NOT]

02:553 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|SB:P] 0x0

02:580 00:027 AAPL: #[EB|LIMG:DP] VenMedia(957932CC-7E8E-433B-8F41-D391EA3C10F8)/MemMap(10:100000000-100001000)/DMG_0000000027D33787.dmg/VenMedia(004B07E8-0B9C-427E-B0D4-A466E6E57A62)/HD(Part1,Sig3704F11C-3C6D-4F16-B59C-C5409190D8E5)

02:604 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|LIMG:FP] \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi

02:628 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|LIMG:OPT]

02:652 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.B.OBV|BM:+DMG]

02:676 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.B.OBV|BM:+ROS]

03:041 00:364 AAPL: #[EB|RPS] 0 0 0

03:065 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.OPT.LXF|F] <"\\System\\Library\\CoreServices\\">

03:089 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LF|IN] 0 1 <"\\System\\Library\\CoreServices\\"> <"0">

03:113 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.LD.OFS|OPEN!] Err(0xE) <"\\System\\Library\\CoreServices\\">

03:137 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.OPT.LXF|LF!] Err(0xE)

03:161 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.OPT.LXF|F] <"Library\\Preferences\\SystemConfiguration\\">

03:185 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LF|IN] 0 1 <"Library\\Preferences\\SystemConfiguration\\"> <"0">

03:215 00:029 AAPL: #[EB|KF] <"">

03:239 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:CL] <"">

03:263 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:NV] <"-v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 alcid=1 slide=169">

03:287 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:KF] <"">

03:652 00:364 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:OUT] <"-v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 alcid=1 slide=169">

03:676 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|LOG:VERBOSE] 2022-10-21T09:32:50

03:700 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.CSR.S|VAR] 0x00000040

03:724 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|OPT:BM] 0x821082

03:748 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.OPT.LXF|F] <"\\System\\Library\\CoreServices\\PlatformSupport.plist">

03:772 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LF|IN] 0 1 <"\\System\\Library\\CoreServices\\PlatformSupport.plist"> <"0">

03:803 00:031 AAPL: #[EB|B:VAw]

03:827 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.B.MN|BM:ROS]

03:851 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x01 19 0x0E

04:159 00:308 AAPL: #[EB.CS.CSKSD|+]

04:183 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.G.CS|-?] Ok(0)

04:552 00:368 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LF|IN] 0 1 <"<null string>"> <"1">

04:581 00:028 AAPL: #[EB.B.SBS|SZ] 739896

04:610 00:028 AAPL: #[EB|B:SHA] <bc0a873db6d0ea0e3c53e8e613a8cc781a5d3cfe>

04:634 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.WL.PWLFNV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV wake-failure 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

04:658 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.WL.DT|!] Err(0xE) <- EB.WL.PWLFNV

04:682 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.WL.PWLFRTC|NONE]

04:707 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.WL.DT|!] Err(0xE) <- EB.WL.PWLFRTC

04:731 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LKC|R.1] <"System\Library\KernelCollections\BootKernelExtensions.kc">

05:666 00:935 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LKFS|-?] Ok(0)

06:268 00:602 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LKC|-?] Ok(0)

06:293 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|FWFM] 0x00000008FFDFFF7F

06:657 00:364 AAPL: #[EB|FWFT] 0x00000008FD8FF576

06:681 00:023 AAPL: #[EB|BST:REV1]

06:705 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|CSR:OUT] 0x00000040

06:731 00:025 AAPL: #[EB.BST.FBS|+]

06:755 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.BST.FBS|ADSZ] 0

06:779 00:023 AAPL: #[EB.BST.FBS|KSSZ] 0

06:803 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|SB:SBGMFNS] x86legacyap.im4m

06:827 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|RH:PF] usr\standalone\OS.dmg.root_hash

06:852 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|RH:MF] <"usr\\standalone\\OS.dmg.root_hash.x86legacyap.im4m">

06:876 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.LD.LF|IN] 0 1 <"usr\\standalone\\OS.dmg.root_hash"> <"0">

06:901 00:025 AAPL: #[EB.LD.OFS|OPEN!] Err(0xE) <"usr\\standalone\\OS.dmg.root_hash">

07:264 00:362 AAPL: #[EB.RH.LRH|P!] Err(0xE) <- EB.LD.LF

07:288 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.BST.FBS|!] Err(0xE) <- EB.RH.LRH

07:312 00:024 AAPL: #[EB.B.WFDW|!WF] Err(0xE) 0

07:337 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|LOG:DT] 2022-10-21T09:32:54

07:361 00:024 AAPL: #[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START] 2022-10-21T09:32:54

The components of my pc : 8700k, MSI GAMING M5 z370, GTX 1060

Try monterey and big sur, same thing happens. I followed the doc to the letter to configure the EFI with ProperTree and it persists. I made the SecureBoot fastboot SGX CFG look changes in BIOS. Unplug my HDD, free up USB ports and no change.

submitted by /u/skLAIMINTC
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MacOS Installer not booting

MacOS Installer not booting

This appears when trying to boot from the USB Stick.

My Specs:

Gigabyte B450M-DS3H Ryzen 5 5600 16 GB T-Force RAM

Does anybody know how to fix this

submitted by /u/ImpressiveHackintosh
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Ventura upgrade issue on Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1

Ventura upgrade issue on Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1


I have been running a rock-solid Monterey hackintosh on my Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 (i5-8350U Kaby Lake R) and decided to complicate my life yesterday and upgrade to the Ventura RC. The system seemed to upgrade fine and doesn't crash, but it hangs around halfway on the progress bar during boot. Attached is a screenshot of the system with a "-v" passed - it hangs right after TRIM completes. It's been on for ~18 hours and the messages following the TRIM output came in sometime overnight, so something is still running.

My EFI is unchanged and includes the latest non-beta versions of opencore, lilu, and all kexts. Any thoughts on where I should look?

submitted by /u/Desperate_Diver549
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Need help in patching DSDT for Razer Blade 15

Hello guys, I have an almost perfectly working Razer Blade 15 with Big Sur, but unfortunately lid wake works only the first time: if I close and reopen the lid one more time I get a black screen and need a hard reboot.I have been looking at these two repos for help, but nothing worked for me:

Is there anybody who knows what they are doing that can help me patch the DSDT? I'm a noob at this, even though I am a programmer myself. I can provide my EFI folder!



edit: Razer is a RZ09-0369x, Base 2021, Intel i7-10750H, UHD630, everything works pretty much flawlessly except for lid wake on second time

submitted by /u/ZippaKebab
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Asus Z9PE-D8WS 2X E5-2667w V2 Big Sur update Monterey

I recently update my old workstation directly form Catalina to Big Sur from and Clover to OpenCore.
This is the link it helps me.

I didn't flashed the motherboard with the custom rom, so I have to remove from the ACPI folder:
- SSDT-CPU.aml
- SSDT-UNC.aml

and I add
- TSCAdjustReset.kext

Not working
-The Usb Wifi AC1200 does not works, I tried the Chris1111's method, it crashed for the moment..

Author: videlam

Lenovo Legion 5i (i5-10300H)

Successfully Installed Catalina All Things Working Properly

But after Updating to BigSur, Wifi not working But Ethernet Working

Further, Updating to Monterey, Stuck on Apple Logo and BootLoop..

OpenCore 0.7.6 Used Same EFI in All Process

submitted by /u/Kooky_Department_107
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Sometime not responding while using hackintosh bigsur and monterey

I'm using opencore guide with i7 3770, asus h61M and gt730 ddr3. Everything working properly except sometime suddenly not responding and can't do anything just showing loading. It's happening day to day use with chrome, finder, video playing,... . After reboot, It work normally. During these day, it happening more and more. What issue can be ? please suggest the solution.

submitted by /u/Zin_K0
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Which is better for moving from a HDD to SSD: Cloning the drive, or reinstalling with Migration Assistant?

I've been using my hack for a little while now and just got an SSD to improve its performance. However, I'm unsure of what process to pick to migrate all my data to the new drive:

  • One, I could use an utility like Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the HDD to the SSD, and just booting from the SSD. The challenges with this are the possible need for SSD-related kexts and performance issues with macOS not being originally installed to an SSD (I don't kno w if it needs to be in order to take full advantage of it).
  • Two, I could install macOS to the SSD and then use Migration Assistant to move all my data frm the HDD. I'm not sure if all data will be transferred, and whether or not it is "safe" (I assume that since it's the same machine with the same kexts etc. nothing too bad can happen).

Out of these two, which is the best and why?

submitted by /u/HotGarbage1813
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Almost there - macOS Monterey on Intel i5-12400 + Sapphire RX 580 8GB but GPU seems to not be fully utilized/detected.

Hackintosh Catalina- have to update

Hello my dear friends, I have a work computer - Hackintosh made from some great friends here in the sub.

Now with the new photoshop version, macOS 11.0 or later version in needed in order to install it.

Unfortunately I am in Catalina 10.15.

Can I go to a newer version easily? I have no idea how to do that and not familiar with the Hackintosh.

Thank you very much.


Asrock Z390M-ITX/ac

Sapphire Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB Pulse

Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7GHz

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 RAM

submitted by /u/giannisrethymno
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