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Broadcom pcie wifi plus motherboard wifi?

I’ve never had an mb with built in WiFi but one is on the way

My thinking is that i can continue to use the t919 in macOS and it will ignore the built in wifi and that if I don’t download windows Broadcom drivers I can just use the built in wifi in windows and it will ignore the fenvi

Does this make sense or is there some further complication I’m not thinking of?

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What is happening here? After updating opencorelegacypatcher this happens on boot… what’s my problem?

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does universal control/sidecar OCLP on MacBook Pro mid 201

I am wanting to run OCLP on my MacBook Pro mid 2015 (Its an upgraded model). I have read a few places that say either universal control or sidecar won't work. One of the main reasons want to do OCLP is for those features but if they don't work I don't want to. Has anyone done this on a 2015 Mac and tested those features?

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My audio likes to cut off after 15-45 minutes

Idk why this happens but my audio likes to cut out after 15 to 45 minutes

Intel Core i5 8250U
UHD Graphics 620

My audio codec is Conexant CX8400 according to hackintool and my ALC ID is 12

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CPU usage on minimal graphical use

Hi, I got everything on my Ryzentosh to work, the only prob is the cpu usage which goes like 60% when I open a tab on safari and goes down back to 6-7% when I move cursor it goes back to like 30%. While watching a video its constantly at like 60-80%.

This is causing a really bad battery drain I am getting like 3 hours less on mac than on windows.

Below are the specs: •Hp Envy 13 •Ryzen 3 4300U •Vega 8 •8GB Ram •512GB Nvme

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2010 MacBook Pro, It is worth the Upgrade to an Unsupported IOS things they don't tell you

I have a 2010 Macbook Pro and I upgraded to Monterey using OCLP and it works and seemed stable. However basic Mac software like FCP will not work as the internal hardware is not advanced enough to support it. It will be fine for general web-surfing and stuff but I just reverted back to High Sierra all my software including FCP works. Its slow but after 13 years still functional. Has anyone had similar problems??

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Will T1 work with Ventura?

I bought a 2016 13 inch mpb with 4 thunderbolt ports and I'm interested in patching it to a newer version. After doing some research I saw that Sonoma doesn't have support for the t1 chip just yet and I was wondering if Ventura supports the chip and if I can use touch id and apple pay normally with the mbp patched on ventura

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Big sur i5 3340m

Who can help? I made a bootable USB with Opencore, it launches into opencore itself, but when choosing a MACOS installer (big sur) various errors appear (daiting on<dict 1D="8"><key> l0ProviderClass</key><string ID="1"> I0Resources</string> (key>I0ResourceMatch</key><string ID="2"> boot-uuid-media</string></dict> ; EHC26; EHC29) laptop: i5-3340m Hd 4000/Gt 620m 6gb RAM I would be grateful for every answer My EFI:

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Stage manager doesn't work on sonoma

Hi, I installed Sonoma on my PC with Opencore, but i cant make stage manager work. When I click on the stage manager icon it turns white, but nothing else happens. Please help me

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