Poor graphics performance on AMD

I think I'm going insane.

Does my computer just hate macOS, or what? I have garbage graphics performance on macOS for doing anything. Literally scrolling causes lag. I'm getting fed up with it at this point. I'm so close to giving up. Can anyone help out?

Basically I have issues with things like scrolling. Even if I have an app called SmoothScroll, I get terrible performance just scrolling a website like apple.com. That's really my main issue. I think my GPU gets worn out by macOS as well because I hear coil whine whenever I'm on macOS. Any ideas?

Yes, I did get the updated patches that improved graphics performance. They are vastly improved from before but performance could still be a lot better.

Specs: - Ryzen 7 1700 - Gigabyte Radeon 5700 XT Gaming OC - MSI B350 PC Mate - Fenvi HB-1200 - 16GB RAM - Samsung 960 Evo 500GB

Sorry for the terribly formatted post. I'm just so frustrated right now.

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