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(HELP) Can't Download High Sierra from app store

whenever I try to download high sierra from app store, it downloades only 14MB app and starts installing. I want 5GB app that I can make bootable usb from. please help me how can I download?

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I want to install macOS alongside my Windows 10 installation. Where do I start?

I have an Alienware x51 that I use for gaming. It has a skylake i7 and a GTX 970. I was wondering if I could install macOS alongside my already installed windows 10 installation, and if so, where do I start?

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Audio issues - Sound on headphones but not on built-in speakers

Hi all,

I've been struggling with audio for some time now, and I'm close to get it sorted out.

I have an HP Omen 15ax216nf : Z270 Mobo i5 7300HQ Intel HD 630 / GTX 1050

I've tried 3 methods for audio :

  • The patched Apple HDA + HDA enabler method : patched with Mirone's Apple HDA patcher.
  • The original AppleHDA + dummy method : with proper DSDT.
  • AppleALC.kext : loaded in EFI with Clover, it's what I currently use.

Since i have a 200 series mobo, I used RehabMan's FakePCIID kexts in all 3 methods. I also use a HDAS to HDEF patch in my config.plist.

All methods resulted with : audio devices being detected, device switch working (built-in speakers change to headphones when I plug headphones), but I only have sound with the headphones, built-in speakers won't work.

I have tried VoodooHDA and it works well. I have sound on speakers and on headphones. I'd keep it, but it doesn't detect device switch, which means I have to manually change device everytime I plug earphones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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HELP! It won't boot, already tried 4 methods!

So I built the following configuration:


i5 7600

GTX 1060

I'm using a Kingston 16GB DT50 USB 3.1 flash drive and I'm starting to think the flashdrive itself is the problem.

First I followed tonymacx86 guide to Install Sierra. That's where I found my first hurdle, I couldn't get the 'Install macOS Sierra' app since it was removed from the App Store. I got it by other means.

I then used Unibeast and made a bootable PEN.

After configuring my mobo in the bios (I couldn't find a few options, but I did the following:

  • Disabled VT-d

  • OS Type to 'Other OS'

  • IO Serial Port 'Disabled' (I also get the option Paralell Port and disabled that too)

  • XHCI Handoff Enabled

Here are the screens of my motherboard's bios: If you see any option I should change, please tell me because I'm not sure I have everything correctly set up.

After that I inserted the flash drive and booted.

The clover bootloader showed up, I chose Boot macOS from flashdrive. A white Apple logo shows up but it just stays there, nothing happens. I then try to boot in verbose mode and it just gets stuck on this screen.

I then try the tonymacx86 guide for El Capitan, did the same thing, but now every time I tried to boot, the computer just restarted itself and this time I did download the installer from the App Store since that one is still there.

So, back to reformatting the flash drive. Now, when I try to Erase it in Disk Utility, it gives me an error at the first try, but magically works at the second. It also gets extremely hot every time it is connected to a PC. Something's up with this drive.

So, I then promptly give up on El Capitan since my GPU is a GTX 1060 and that is natively supported in Sierra.

I follow this method:

It's a method to install 'Niresh Sierra' which is strongly recommended by the community and often labeled as hassle-free.

I download the 'Restore Sierra.pkg' package but I can't install it. My MacBook gives me an error message saying it couldn't open it '-1'. So then I install TransMac on my windows PC and flash the USB Drive with that.

OK, flashing is done, I connect the drive to my Hackintosh build, boot it up, and there's the Niresh bootloader. I select boot and bunch of text starts running through the screen but then it becomes arctifacted with a white Stop sign in the center and stops printing lines to the display saying 'can't access root' or something. I completely forgot to take a picture.

So yes, that also failed.

I then followed this guide to install a vanilla version of Sierra using MacPwn:

When MacPwn finished I removed the flash drive from my MacBook and tried to boot with it. The PC just won't boot this time, it just sits there with the message 'Insert boot device'. I checked the Bios and it does the detect the flash drive, it just doesn't boot from it.

So now I don't know what to. I'll buy a new flashdrive tomorrow and try it out on that.

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[Question] BIOS not detecting my bootable USB Hackintosh

One time it recognized but Disk utility wont show up. So i re-created bootable USB and now my USB not showing in BIOS. But it shows and opening in Legacy, and not booting just stuck in Clover. :( Laptop Specs: i3-4005U 1.7Ghz intel HD 4400 2GB and Nvidia 820M 4GB ram It has locked BIOS (A11) (Dell Vostro 3546)

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Best wifi card/ USB adapter to suit my needs?

I've got a Sierra Hackintosh running and I need some wifi so I was thinking between BCM94352ZAE but that means it won't work on my laptop (Inspiron 13 7359). As it only supports XPS 9343 I think. It's also very pricey. And Dell is out of stock I would like to use both my windows for games and Sierra for work. Another option is a Dlink USB wifi but that does not have Bluetooth and I hear PCIE is far superior to USB wifi. So what do you think I should do. USB or Card. USB is a little cheaper then the wifi card if I buy the card from dell.if there was a way for the card to work on my computer then I would buy in a heartbeat but :/

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High Sierra 10.13.1 public beta

Made the mistake of installing the high sierra 10.13.1 public beta. After installing it the loading bar would almost reach the end then the computer would reboot. Possible nvidia driver issue? Anyway I cloned Sierra back from another drive and reinstalled High Sierra in place. All is well again

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Dual Monitor doesn't work

Hi all, i have recently installed MacOs Sierra on this configuration: Cpu:i5 6500 Gpu:GTX 950 Msi Mobo: Msi h170 I installed drivers for my hardware and all go well but Sierra doesnt recognize my second monitor (Sierra see the monitor on the vga but doesnt recognize the monitor on hdmi port) What can i do?

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Audio not working on High Sierra on Qemu after install

I have an snd hda audio device that I used to use the voodoo drivers for under Sierra. After high sierra the device isn't even found. What are the right drivers, I have tried the patched apple with liu and codeccommander but still no audio device.

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High Sierra Black Loading Screen

Hey guys, currently have a working hackintosh on Sierra and am trying to upgrade to High Sierra. I used multibeast before but this time I want to do a vanilla install. I created the clover boot drive and placed the apfs.efi file (i think thats what its called) into the correct directory with the corresponding kext.

The problem is when I'm booting from the usb into the installer, the apple logo shows with the loading bar stuck half way. I've tried several boot arguments with nv_disable=1, -v, PCIRootUID=1 with no luck. I dont know why but the -x crashes and reboots my system. The specs are below:

GA-Z97X-UD5H i5 4690k 16 GB DDR3 RAM EVGA GTX 970 FTW

Does anyone have an idea? Thank you.

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Fenvi FV8801

Hi hackintochers,

Recently purchased a Fenvi FV8801 based on a previous recommendation. Able to connect to my wireless network and pair Bluetooth devices on my Windows 10 partition right out of the box - like magic.

macOS is only able to detect and pair Bluetooth devices - again, right out of the box. Status bar states Wi-Fi hardware is not detected. When in System Preferences, I now have the 'option' to Turn Wi-Fi On (previously grayed out), but nothing happens when doing so.

Anyone experience this in the past? Hoping it's a simple kext file I might of missed during installation.

Currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on a Kabylake build:

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPUIntel - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor$299.00 @ Amazon
CPU CoolerCorsair - H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler$109.99 @ Amazon
Thermal CompoundARCTIC - MX4 4g Thermal Paste$5.38 @ OutletPC
MotherboardAsus - PRIME Z270-AR ATX LGA1151 Motherboard$189.77 @ OutletPC
MemoryCorsair - Vengeance RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory$159.99 @ Best Buy
StorageSamsung - 840 EVO 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive$172.89 @ Newegg Marketplace
StorageSamsung - 960 EVO 250GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive$116.98 @ Amazon
StorageSeagate - Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive$65.25 @ OutletPC
Video CardEVGA - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 Video Card$564.98 @ Newegg
CaseCorsair - Crystal 460X RGB ATX Mid Tower Case$134.99 @ B&H
Power SupplyCorsair - RMx 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply$119.89 @ Amazon
Operating SystemMicrosoft - Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit$128.89 @ OutletPC
Case FanCorsair - Air Series AF120 Performance Edition (2-Pack) 63.5 CFM 120mm Fans$26.89 @ OutletPC
MonitorDell - S2716DG 27.0" 2560x1440 144Hz Monitor$529.00 @ B&H
KeyboardRazer - Ornata Chroma Wired Gaming Keyboard$89.99 @ Amazon
MouseMionix - NAOS 7000 Wired Optical Mouse$52.00 @ Amazon
HeadphonesLogitech - G230 Headset$32.99 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total (before mail-in rebates)$2828.87
Mail-in rebates-$30.00
Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-09-30 19:31 EDT-0400
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Should I buy a 1060 6GB or RX 580?

Trying to put together a game plan for a new Hackintosh for gaming/editing, what works the best with clover?

Planning on 10.13, will do 10.12.6 if I can’t get High Sierra to work though

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How to wipe clean Hackintosh for sale?

I'm about to sell my Hackintosh and I'd like to wipe it clean without going through the hassle of reinstalling Clover etc.

Is there a way of doing it? A complete reset of OS X without destroying the EFI partition so it will just boot without any tweaks?

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Need help with fresh High Sierra install - z97p-d3 and gtx 1070

Hi guys, I need help doing a fresh install of High Sierra. I created the usb stick with my macbook and followed the instructions on tonymac.

If I try to install it from USB it gets stuck at around 90%. Do I have to disable my 1070 in BIOS and go with the onboard HDMI?

I had El Capitan on my machine before with a GTX 770, but switched it to a ZOTAC 1070 AMP Extreme. Couldn't upgrade directly from El Capitan and messed a lot of things up I guess. Since its not starting anymore.

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[Question] Do I need to install El Capitan and then upgrade to High Sierra?

First time install, so I don't have a hackintosh yet.

Also, side note, can I just use a partition and dual boot? Thanks.

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AMD HD6870 - Sierra support help

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Sierra afte 5h of hell, but, when everything starts working fine, there's an issue. It's that OSx won't detected and use my GPU. I see eveything on my screen, but, 1st animations are laggy 2. got screen tearing on login screen and randomly using Safari 3. max resolution is 1280x720 and my display is 1680x1050 4. gpu detected as a 4MB gpu

So, I saw the thread that shows support for AMD cards, and my card is listed as supported, and, somewhere I read, my GPU is OOB, and the thread says I need to do this:

"In Clover, you have to set: - FakeID / ATI = full ID - Inject / ATI = true - FBName = framebuffer name - FixDisplay = true"

Seems easy but the thing is, I'm totally new to Hackintosh stuff. So, I find Clover very very hard. I installed Sierra using it, installed the Clover app for it. So, what and how do I need to do in Clover, I couldn't find any useful Clover tutorials out there, thanks in advance.

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No Sierra download on the App Store

So I just built a new PC for hackintosh.


i5 7600

GTX 1060

The problem is, Apple removed the Sierra installer from the App Store so there's no way to get that.

What should I do?

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RX480 Crashes FCPX in High Sierra

I recently upgraded my Z97N to High Sierra. I read it has native support for the rx480. I had to remove my custom clover config to get High Sierra working. I came across a strange issues. When I have both screen plugged into the 480 it shows up as my primary graphics card and FCPX crashes upon opening. When I reboot and put one hdmi into the motherboard the intel graphics show up as the primary card and it works fine. Do I need to wait for a FCPX update or am I missing an easy fix?

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Getting do not enter sign on High Sierra install following u/corpnewt installer guide.

What are some recommended kexts?

I know FakeSMC is needed... i'm using the sound Voodoo kext.... and the realtek ethernet kext.

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Apple Posts New iPhone 8 Plus Ad Highlighting Portrait Lighting Feature [Video]

Apple has posted a new ad highlighting the Portrait Lighting feature on the iPhone 8 Plus. The ad is entitled, "Portraits of Her".

Portrait Lighting on iPhone 8 Plus lets you create dramatic studio lighting effects in Portrait mode.

Take a look at the ad below!

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