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Getting do not enter sign on High Sierra install following u/corpnewt installer guide.

What are some recommended kexts?

I know FakeSMC is needed... i'm using the sound Voodoo kext.... and the realtek ethernet kext.

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Apple Posts New iPhone 8 Plus Ad Highlighting Portrait Lighting Feature [Video]

Apple has posted a new ad highlighting the Portrait Lighting feature on the iPhone 8 Plus. The ad is entitled, "Portraits of Her".

Portrait Lighting on iPhone 8 Plus lets you create dramatic studio lighting effects in Portrait mode.

Take a look at the ad below!

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Alienware asm100-1580

Hello wonderful people!

I have the opportunity to purchase an Alienware asm100-1580 that has been converted to windows 10 for a steal. I was wondering if there was any way to convert it into a hackintosh. From what I have searched on here and tonymacx86 there hasn't been anything mentioned about this steam machine. It has a core i3-4130T in it (which I have seen converted to a hackintosh) as well as an 860m. I am assuming I will have to convert the wifi card to get it to work wirelessly (not sure if it's compatible or not) but that's an easy fix. I am assuming it is a custom motherboard from Dell so I don't know if that hurts or helps. So this leads to my question:

Is it hackintosh compatible? If so does anyone have any helpful links? If not, what's stopping it?

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Sierra multibeast issue :(

I select uefi boot mode. alc1150 ,fakesmc 6.25-333 1759. usb 3.0 3rd party, imac 17.1. The installation fails I receive installation error from multibeast 9.2.1. How else can I install latest kexts for asus z10 deluxe? Should I just use kext wizard?

Here is multibeast.log

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Cannot download from App Store, receive error message 'Your device or computer could not be verified'

The search for r/hackintosh did not come up with any helpful results for this issue. I've seen a few YouTube videos regarding the unverified App Store problem, but they have not worked.

Anyone else having this issue? My final goal how this build is to run FCP.

Specs CPU: R7 1700 Mobo: Asus X370 GPU: GTX 1050 Ti smbios: 14,2

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WiFi/BT dual band half mini PCIe (BT 4.0)

Hi guys! Do you please know any "hackintosh-compatible" card which I can raplace with my current intel wifi card in my HP elitebook 9470? I would like, if it would working out of box or just be easy to make working. Something with continuity/handoff support would be just amazing.

If anyone know about such card, please, let me know ASAP, thanks!

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How I updated to High Sierra

I've got a

Xeon E3 1231 v3

GTX 960

Gigabyte Mobo

CCC backup to another drive.

Newest version of Lilu and Apple ALC kexts -> Clover/kexts/other/

added bootflag -lilubetaall (I think it was)

installed the update and then the Nvidia drivers, reboot and all works.

Maybe this can help someone

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This version of VMw