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Hackintosh update question

I just installed Big Sur on my machine and now there's an update to Monterey should I be updating it?

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dGPU on Dual GPU Laptop Wake

(Computer Model: Acer PH-315-53-72XD)
(dGPU: RTX 2060 Mobile)

Hi, as the title says the computer I am trying to patch has been having some issues regarding dGPU and wake. This laptop refuses to keep the dGPU off after wake, and it consumes more than twice the power it did when it was disabled.

The OpenCore ACPI Guide suggests one of 2 methods to disable your dGPU on a laptop; one of them is the Optimus, which essentially is what most laptops use. Then there's the Bumblebee method. More information over at

I've tried both of those methods and both work perfectly fine. But according to Intel Power Gadget, power readings are higher when the laptop is woken from sleep.
(Before Sleep: 0.80 Average, 2 Hours and 57 Minutes of Charge Remaining)
(After Sleep: 12-15.3 Average, 42 Minutes of Charge Remaining)
The OpenCore ACPI Guide on disabling dGPU on Dual GPU Laptops links to a thread which is 7 years old documented by RehabMan. This guide is very detailed and goes over many of the steps, but it is complicated and I couldn't comprehend it.
I am aware of SSDT-PTSWAK, but it didn't appear to work in my case, maybe I did it wrong.
Are there any modern solutions to this that are easy for everyone to do? If so, please comment down below and any help would be really appreciated.

(Please read thoroughly, as everything I've tried and done has been documented above to avoid unhelpful replies.)

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Gibberish-ish error

Im having issues with my hackintosh installation

My specs are

CPU: i5-7400


Motherboard: MS-B9071


I will send the log soon


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Bluetooth Mouse / BT auto connect

Is it me or does Mac OS generally have an issue auto connecting to anything Bluetooth that is not an Apple product?!

I have the MX Master 3 mouse and without a wired mouse I cannot really go in and connect to this.

Is there a setting to change or perhaps a script I can write to make this happen or is this a Hackintosh issue?! I’ve seen these issues outside of Hackintosh on the internet, but figured it could’ve been a case by case basis

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i5 9509F & GTX 1060?

can i make hackintosh this specifications?

  • i5 9500F
  • RAM 8GB
  • ASUS GTX1060
  • MSI B360M
  • HDD 1TB / SSD 120GB
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GPU options for Hackintosh?

Hi, i'm planning on building a Hackintosh in the next few months and I was wondering what my options are for GPU's? I've tried looking this up but it seems opinions seem to vary. I'll be using this machine for Logic Pro X and some light video editing as well as casual games like Minecraft. Gaming performance is really not a big deal to me so I don't want to buy something like a GeForce and go through the process of installing drivers. I also don't want to spend more than $200. Basically I would need something just good enough. I am currently daily driving a Macbook Pro 2015 15 inch which has an AMD Radeon R9 and I am more than happy with performance on there so take that as a reference. Any help appreciated!

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stuck on preboot screen

stuck on preboot screen

Alr so I need some help and it's my first time (outside of VMs) hackintoshing

CPU: R5 2500 GPU: Vega 5 Ram: 8GB MacOS Version: Catalina

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Catalina Boots Fine, But Fails on Big Sur

Stucked on #[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START]. My mind's gonna BOOM!!!!!1

Hi Hackintoshers, Sahil here, trying to install macOS BIG Sur on my system. But I always got stuck on "#[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START]". M attaching an open-core log file as well.

My specs are as follows:

CPU - Intel i5 8400(Coffee Lake)


RAM - 16GB

Graphic Card - AMD Radeon R7 240

Audio - Realtek811

Please help me out, I'm literally getting frustrated for the last 2 weeks.

Open core Log File

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