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How do I get the email behind a tiktok account?

Basically I got harassed by a private tiktok account and i really want to know who it is because it might be someone i know. i’m basically just doing this to be petty though. anyways is there a way to find the email behind the account? i’ve tried saying forgot password to the username and some other things. how can i get into their account? find the phone number or email attached to the account?

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Mac Time Different From Windows

Guys . so i dualbooted my laptop with hackintosh sonoma 14.5 and the time in mac is different from windows . Then i created RealTimeIsUniversal and set the value to 1 but still macos time is different as previous any solution

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AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU hackintosh

Specs: CPU: ryzen 5 5600h GPU: rtx 3050 iGPU: Radeon rx vega 7

I read the tutorial(open core) and it said that laptops are not supported, but another tutorial(chefkiss) said otherwise. who to believe? And is my specs supported?

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Migrate OCLP cMP 5.1 running Sonoma to Mac Studio M2...?

Title kind of sums it up... Old cMP 5.1 is failing (random hangs, shutdowns, memory errors) but does have Sonoma 14.4.1 installed via OCLP with regular Time Machine backups. It seems like as good a time as any to make the jump to ARM.

Just ordered a new Mac Studio M2 Ultra, planning on migrating the legacy system over (if possible).

I've read mixed results re non-OCLP system migrations. Some say migrate it all, let Rosetta/macOS sort it out. Some say only migrate data and user accounts. Wondering if anyone has migrated a legacy intel Mac running OCLP to the new ARM platform, and any advice you can share?


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Macbook Pro 13" 2015 (12,1) stanby battery drain with Sonoma

Hi guys i have a macbook pro 12,1 and i have some issues with stanby battery drain It drains very fast in stanby mode Is there any settings that i have to change? Let me know please Thanks for the help :)

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Macbookpro9,1 Sonoma 15.5 updated, Successful!

It was a relatively long process, and on completion, my fans were going NUTS, which have randomly now stopped and all seems calm. Am unsure why this would be and if there's any AI at work with the patcher??

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what is the best cheap wifi/bluetooth solution that works in both sonoma and windows WITHOUT bluetooth?

im upgrading my hack and this is on the list, can anyone help me? i know the fenvi doesnt work OOTB on sonoma, and after hacking it security doesnt work.. can anyone help? preferably pcie 1x as i only have 1 4x slot and i need that for my gpu

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Giggity Giggity! New version 1.5.0!

Is it possible to hackintosh Lenovo IdeaPad 3?

Can i hackintosh a lenovo ideapad 3 15itl6 Intel FamilyCore i3 1115G4 3 GHz Tiger Lake (11th Gen)?
Preferably Catalina or higher.

Any help is greatly appreciated (:

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