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Can you help me with a good low cost hackintosh build

Yes can you help me with a good low cost hackintosh build that can be upgraded later on I'm talking about starting out with a budget of $50-$150 for a good used desktop with at least ddr3 ram I can upgrade later on

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Whatever green causing graphical bugs on hackintosh

Specs: Core i5 4570R Intel iris pro graphics 5200 200GB ssd 2K display

When I drag a window the one behind it goes white. Flickering on startup and slow performance.

Thank you!

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Error while booting setup [OC]

Invisible drive on MacOS

I’ve got a Dell laptop running Big Sur just fine from an external USB 3 drive. Surprised on fast it is. The reason why I’m running or from the external drive is that, the internal HD has windows on it, and it was a company laptop that the company gave it to me once they replaced my work windows machine with a new one. Problem is, I can’t go into windows and format the drive because I don’t have the admin password. I can only use windows as an unprivileged user.

While running macOS , the internal HD doesn’t show on dia utility. I wanted to format the drive on MacOS to then install it on the internal HD. Anyway to do it o macOS?

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FL Studio in OC Mojave issue?

After I open FL I get this issue,

"The Required Sample rate is not supported by the Core Audio output"


"Could not enable CoreAudio device"

When. I get into FL and go to output it says built-in output but it says "Status: disabled", so I basically can't play sound out of my computer speakers at all. Seems to work when I hook up my USB Razer headset. Just not sure if it's like my audio ALC and codec and that or what. Logic Pro works just fine so that's why I am unsure of what's happening. Let me know if anybody can help me out?

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UPDATE: I ran it through sanity checker and I have attached what came back from it as well as my config file and my entire EFI folder.

I was told to use OpenCore to make my usb installer but after I did everything, I get the message "OC: Configuration requires vault but no vault provided." when I try to boot from the usb.

I have checked and I spelled "Optional" correctly next to "Vault" but still I get this message.

Please guide me my fellow hackers. Thank you all in advance, again.


EFI Folder from USB

This is what I see.

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Can i setup hackintosh on AMD Ryzen 3 1300?

Hello everyone Then there was such a question. I need to make a project in Logic X pro, I need a mac. It won't work on a virtual machine , I want to install a hackintosh. But I have an Amd Ryzen 3 pro 1300 processor. Gtx 960 graphics. Is it possible to install a hackintosh on this build?

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Mouse stopped working after updating to Big Sur 11.4

Hey Everyone!

The mouse just stopped working after latest update.

  • Keyboard working
  • Every other USB devices are working
  • Just mouse not working

CONFIG: i3 8100 / z370 / RX 560


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iGPU failed to load: could not register with framebuffer driver!

I’ve tried just about every framebuffer on the github list for my comet lake iGPU (i5-10210u) and all of them failed. I checked that my device ID of my Intel UHD is 0x9B41 and it doesn’t match with any of the native supported IDs according to github.

It doesn’t say on github that i have to fake device-id for my comet lake chip, but is it a good idea to try it? Since I’ve already tried all of the given framebuffers

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Best way to block macOS updates with when using OpenCore?

im running 11.2.3 and not wanting to update, wondering whats the best way to block the computer from ever checking for updates and showing the dreaded update notification, i know its possible to remove it temporarily on each boot and it will remain gone untill after that but i think there must be a way to block it in opencore

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Windows on separate drive and Parallels

Hi all. Simple question to which I've found either outdated or contradictory answers: if I dual boot Win10 with 10.12.6 on separate SSD (UEFI) then what do I need to do to have Parallels see the Windows installation - except install Boot camp drivers?

I don't use Windows for much aside form gaming, and I understand I can still access files, but I really enjoy being able to access the the "boot camp" partition form inside Parallels. I've just never done it on my Hack, only my MBP. I've seen...

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Big Sur 11.4 HP Probook 640 G1 i5 4300m

Big Sur 11.4 HP Probook 640 G1 i5 4300m

I have successfully installed Big Sur on my laptop HP. But default wifi card wasn't supported.

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Vmware fusion on amd

Hello, sorry for my english, i've installed bigSur on my amd pc: ryzen 3900, x570 gaming plus, 5600xt, but i cant run any vm machine, tried parallels desktop and Vmware fusion. Virtualization enabled in bios. Is it possible to run it on Ryzen or i need intel? thx for answers

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