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Gigabyte z390 Designare Installer crashing on second phase

Gigabyte z390 Designare Installer crashing on second phase

installer crash report

Hi there, hope you all guys are taking good care of yourselves. Im trying to install macOS on these specs:

Gigabyte z390 Designare i9 9900k CPU
MSI Radeon Rx 5700 xt GPU Sabrent 512GB Rocket M.2 NVMe SSD (2)
G.SKILL 32GB (2 x 16GB) Ripjaws V Series DDR4 PC4-25600
CORSAIR RMX Series 750 Watt, 80+ Gold , Fully Modular Power Supply

im following Vanilla guide for installation, first phase went smoothly, as soon as it reboots and boot into ssd for second phase of install it's crashing, anyone here with same mother board please let me know what is the issue and what is the recommended bios for hackintosh on this mother board, Thanks in advance.

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Can Anyone Remote Desktop My Pc And Make A Mac VM

Can Anyone Remote Desktop My Pc And Make A Mac VM they have to prove their identity with real certificate

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Stuck on Installing Catalina with OpenCore 0.5.7

I have spent the last two days trying to get my system to run Catalina. I had previous experience with a Clover installation on this machine and it worked really great on High Sierra. Now I've been following the vanilla guide for my system and unfortunately I can't get past this screen. I have re read the guide multiple times now, and my config.plist should match it exactly, as well as the bios settings but I'm still stuck.

This is what is hanging on:

These are my system specs:

i7 7700K

AsRock Z270M Extreme 4

Samsung 500 GB EVO NVMe drives x2 (1 for windows, other was going to be OSX)

32GB of ram

HD 630

GTX 1080 (applied the dsdt to disable this on mac as well as bootflag)

This is my EFI folder:

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Qemu vm / vanillla amd or intel hack

What’s the consensus about what is the best? Price per performance definitely is in Amds favor but I’ve heard there are problems with the adobe suite with amd — is this unfounded?

Has anyone had success using thunderbolt pass through via qemu and an aic card?

I’m trying to decide what to build your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone know how to fix getting stuck on apple logo

specs Ryzen 7 2700 VEGA 64 MSI B450 gaming plus - uses Realtek

tutorial I followed

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Mac OS with igpu

Hi, I wanted to ask if it was possible to hackintosh Mac OS Catalina with a pentium g4600, I found guides for the Cpuid, and I was able to start high Sierra with a get 1030. I want to upgrade to Catalina but my gpu is not supported, how can I use the igpu(hd 630) on Catalina? And is hardware acceleration supported?

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Please help me connect my Logitech Wireless Mouse


I''m running Hackintosh Mojave 10.14.5, I also have Windows 10 on the same pc, but both OS run on separate SSD's and boot separately. I recently bought a Logitech MX Ergo Mouse for ergonomics when I'm working in OSX, and I have the Logitech Unifying Device dongle plugged into a MB usb port. In windows 10 everything connects fine, no problems. On OSX I have the latest Logitech Options software and OSX can see the Unifying dongle no problem, but it's not pairing to the mouse. Since the dongle can pair with up to 6 Logi devices, it shows a device paired from the windows 10 side, but doesn't show battery and firmware info, I've deleted it and tried re-pairing in OSX to no avail. I had to set up the privacy options manually for the Logi software.

Has anyone been successful pairing a Logi wireless mouse?

I understand some people have had connection problems with wireless mice, and especially Logitech wireless mice. I've search all over and can't seem to find a solution, and most old threads don't really have an answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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HP zBook G1 Catalina

I have created a working EFI directory for the above mentioned laptop.

You can download it here.

non-working items: External nvidia display port. SD card reader.

working: Everything else.

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Very slow typing text and periodical freeze with rainbow

Hi all!

I have working EFI for my board.Video works. But system is freeze periodical on 5 sec with appear rainbow and typing text everywhere is very very slow.. (and paste and copy...)Can you help me? Thanks.

Hardwire:MB: GA-B360M-HD3CPU: i3-8100GPU: intel uhd 6301 NVME (2 partitions - apfs Mac and ntfs win)


UPD: I check with Geekbench Win and Mac.

Mac values less then Win on 1000 values by all tests..

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