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Best wifi dongle for catalina?
catalina hackintosh

I've recently picked up an XPS 9380 and am wanting to get macOS installed onto it. The WiFi card is unfortunately soldered onto the boa...

What new mini-pci wifi card for my laptop that work 100%? #Networking
hardware network

What is the best mini-pci wifi card I can buy for my laptop that works 100% with ML? source

Broadcom BCM57785 #Networking

Could a mod delete my previous thread or combine them since all that was wrong i actually have the BCM57785 card.... so i downloaded the fil...

Broadcom 57765 kext? #Networking

Ive been looking for this kext for the last two days and im not seeing it is there anyway to get my ethernet working???.....because im prett...

Need Ralink 5390 Mountain Lion kext #Networking

Hello! I installed Mountain Lion on an asus laptop and got everything running except wifi. If someone has had any success on getting this ca...

Question #Networking

give me some advice? Atheros wireless card which is compatible Mountain Lion with 10.8.2? thanks.:confused: source

rtl 8101e/8102e #Networking

Hello :) i finally got IATKOS Ml2 to work on my laptop HP Pavilion G6 1150sx but since my ethernet doesn't work cuz i have rtl 8101e/810...

kext for rtl8187se wifi #Networking

Cant find kext for rtl8187se wifi for mountain lion :) source

bizarre issue with RTL8103E #Networking

Installed The kext for RTL8103E on a Hazard build 10.6.6i first time and worked great. Tried to upgrade to 10.6.8 and system wouldn't re...

Very unusual Realtek 8168 problem #Networking

Hello, I'm trying to solve what, as far as I can tell, is a relatively rare/unique issue. Been through half a dozen forums with no resul...