Building a Bad Apple, need some recommendations and help. .

Hey all,

Currently working on a G3 build at the moment using some old components I have at the moment. Presently I have a 4690K and 32GB of Corsair memory, and of course the case.

I'm planning on using The Laser Hive's rear conversion plate, as well as a 240mm radiator where the original fan is mounted, and a Barrow pump/res/block combo. I've got a Corsair TX750M as my intake fan so it'll be running in negative pressure config.

I was just looking for what options work best for a direct install of Catalina on an mATX Z87 board, and what would you reckon would be a good match, GPU wise? I'm thinking a Radeon RX5500 should do nicely, but I'm not sure how well that plays with Catalina.

Also, I need some replacement bits for the G3 case, namely a side panel, top handles and the latching mechanism that sits under the main board. Does anyone have access to a store which sells these, or even anyone who has 3D printable files for these parts?

Any help would be appreciated. It's a bit of an uphill battle, but dangit, it'll work.

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