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Help with error

Help with error

Help: trying to install mac on core i5-1035g4 mini pc. Followed dortania guide and validated with oc validate , open core 0.8.4 am i missing something in boot arg? Or anything else. Thanks

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What is a good cheap laptop to turn into an hackintosh?

As said in the title I'm looking for a very chep laptop I can buy in order to turn it into an hackintosh without too much trouble

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Could not read \EFI\ invalid parameter

When i try to boot into OpenCore, the list only shows NO NAME, and when i go into that it shows 5 errors

Could not read \EFI\ invalid parameter could not find boot options: invalid parameter start_image() returned invalid parameter OC: Boot Failed - invalid parameter OCB: StartImage Failed - invalid parameter

Im trying to boot from my USB where I have triple checked everything, from all my folders, to my bios settings, reformatted and remounted the USB several times, tried different USBs, re-did the EFI folder twice. my hardware is listed as compatible (i7-4790, AMD RX570). Tried doing it on and off ethernet. What am I doing wrong?

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Can your graphic card be fully occupied when you do geekbench 5 test?

Hi, All. I am a newbie here and I noticed when I do the geekbech5, the graphic card is merely used. What is it for? My card is Rx6600, do I miss something.

Below are my environment and devices: MacOS 12.5 Montery Graphic Card: ASUS RX 6600 8G CPU: I5 - 12400F Motherboard: H610M - A Intel card: Intel AX201

In addition, my also tested my MacBook Air M1, and noticed that the graphic card usage is normal.

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I'm trying to take 10870h laptop Asus vivobook gaming does anybody have experience with this model... And also do you have a better suggestion... I'm planning to get 10870h as it's 8 cores...

Do you have a 10870h hackintosh

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BootCamp Struggles

BootCamp Struggles

I followed the OpenCore guide on getting bootcamp set up down to the letter, however I’m getting an “OCB: StartImage failed - Already Started” when trying to boot the BootCamp

My Windows and MacOS are on two separate drives each with their own EFI partitions. One called System (Windows) and EFI (MacOS). I’ve tried moving the Microsoft boot files to the MacOS partition and “BlessOverride”Ing in the config.plist, it but it gives the same error. I don’t know what else to do to get it to work. Any tips /ideas

Some additional information, I’ve set up FileVault if that influences anything? Idk

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[AMD] CLI tool to get current power and frequency

I personally don't use the native macOS top bar, thus the AMDPowerGadget does nothing for me. I created this small CLI to extract the same metrics. Here is an example output. json { "power": 42.80278396606445, "temperature": 50.66667175292969, "max-frequencie": 4199.59033203125, "mean-frequencie": 4188.42919921875 }

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Asus X299 - Support

This thread is meant to be a continuation of kgp's original post for users using ASUS X299 motherboards. The goal is to keep the support for these motherboards alive, publish updates, configurations, hardware, and so on.

I'd like to thank @kgp for his effort so far and hope he'll be back in the future! I wish him all the best.
  • Update your profile with details about your build.
  • Follow the community rules.
/cc @izo1 @djlild7hina

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Updating El Capitan to at least High Sierra

Hi all,

My current music studio PC is getting too old to run certain plugins and software. The choice is to buy a new machine (but funds are limited currently) or updating. Before diving in to all possible and relevant howtos, I was simply wondering if it is just a matter of cloning the system drive to another disk for backup and running the OSX update function? Should I expect some (or a lot) of hickups, or will it be relatively painless? If it requires me to spend days on it, I suppose...

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How to install Hackintosh?

How to install Hackintosh?

I have added the device specification. I use 128gb SSD. I would be super thankful if someone can direct me the steps to install the hackintosh

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Can’t boot anymore into my hackintosh

I have a hackintosh for like 8 months and recently I couldn’t boot anymore into it.

The partition was there and everything seemed to be working, but from a blackout while I was on the hackintosh, it stopped working.

I searched and the only thing I was able to do was to insert the bootable usb and keep there while working on it.If I unplug the usb I can’t boot anymore.

I used opencore and I have macOS bigsur.

Any recovery thing or smt that can help to boot without usb?

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Wi if and Bluetooth install

Hi all.
As per my profile I have a rebuild from mavericks to Catalina. This machine has an installed ssd and a swap ssd. Shut the machine down and disconnect the data lead and move it to the other ssd. One working drive one practice drive works a treat.
Catalina was setup and with Ethernet connected worked fine. Even got the 10.15.7 security 004 and 005 installed.

Followed Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide] on tonymacx86 site for Wi-Fi part and hey good to go. Swapped drives and made...

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Highpoint ssd7204 raid not working


Got an Asus Z270WS with Opencore 0.8 and a Highpoint SSD7204 that works with the Windows side of things but cant get the driver to recognize the card. At bootup each of the 4 nvme drives comes up but I choose to ignore them. Wonder what I have to do to get it working? Noticed that the 1.1.25 highpointnvme kext is loaded in kextstat. Maybe its the DSDT?


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Reasons for updating OpenCore EFI and how to do it?

So Im still using OpenCore 0.6.4 EFI for my XPS 15 7590 running Catalina but Im wondering what are some reasons to update the EFI if I dont plan on updating anythinh further than Catalina and how can I go about it because I feel 0.6.4 is so old?

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Can the Nvidia NVS 510 be used in the Dell Optiplex 7080 (10th gen)?

Hi, I'd like to upgrade my 3 monitor hackintosh setup from my current Optiplex 9010 (3rd gen) using the NVS 510 and running BigSur (OC v0.8.0). I've been unsuccessful in getting this NVS 510 to work in the Optiplex 7080 (10th gen). I can't get any display output when I boot up with this card in the 7080 (using the onboard DP output works fine). Is there something I'm missing? Does this card not work with the 7080 board?

If that's the case, what would be the latest Optiplex that I could use...

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RE: Dell Vostro 260 i5 processor


Does anyone know how to install Sierra on my Dell Vostro 260 i5 Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor PC? I need like step-by-step instructions.


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How do I turn "wired ram" to "unwired ram on Catalina(clover or Opencore)?

I upgraded my computer to 128gb of ram to do video and graphics stuff.

The thing is though, when I go into photoshop and crank up the RAM usage it doesn’t really go further than the 60Gb I had before the upgrade.

So I checked in the activity monitor and noticed that suddenly an enormous amount of “wired ram” was being used. Nearly half of the ram is now “wired" and not available for the applications.

Is there a terminal command or bios setting to make the ram "unwired" and available to use with all applications?

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think osx ventura support Intel Iris XE gpu?

As of now I know Intel Iris xe is not supported by Apple software right now but was wondering if you think it might be supported in the upcoming OSX?

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Is volume control with magic keyboard possible ?

Volume buttons have no effect when pressed. Is there a kext or something to fix this ?

I am on Monterey 12.5, my audio card is a M-Audio Fast Track Pro.


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Not booting after CPU swap.

Not booting after CPU swap.

Hi Folks. I swapped an i7-5930k to i7-6950x. Thought it would be a simple upgrade. It wasn’t the case. Running Big Sur with Clover. It doesnt boot :( I would really appreciate some help! Thank you

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best smbios for r5 5600g and rx 6600?

currently on MacPro7,1 (the most popular one?) and was wondering if there's anything better available

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Enabling Secure Boot in BIOS removes macOS drive from OpenCore

Hi, I recently followed this guide to allow for OpenCore to work while Secure Boot is enabled in my BIOS, this worked fine however after re-enabling Secure Boot my macOS drive disappeared from OpenCore. Windows 11 still shows up and is bootable but I'd like macOS to be bootable as well with Secure Boot on as going into the BIOS each time I swap OS's is a bit of a pain.

I know that enabling Secure Boot is what's causing the issue as disabling Secure Boot makes the macOS drive show up again, which then allows it to be booted from perfectly which leads me to believe that the issue doesn't lie within my config.plist, might be wrong on that though.

I am running OpenCore 0.8.4 on my AMD 3600 CPU in an ASUS PRIME X570-P motherboard.

Any ideas on why enabling Secure Boot removes the macOS drive from OpenCore? Any help is appreciated!

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