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Heat & fan speed 0n iMac 2011- Monterey 12.7.5 -OCPL 1.5

Backlight takes 5 minutes to power on

I installed macOS Sonoma 14.4 on my Acer Nitro 5 and it works perfectly fine, except that the backlight takes like 5 minutes to power on after I boot

I have tried BrightnessKeys.kextand -igfxblr in boot-args to no avail, and I have SSDT-PNLF.aml prebuilt.

Some Specs:

OpenCore 1.0.0

CPU: Intel i7 9750h
GPU: Intel UHD 630


Thank you for any help.

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Bringing MacBook running OCLP at Apple Store.

I recently bought a maxed out 15-inch 2015 MacBook Pro for cheap. I wanted to see if I could get a free battery replacement from Apple as certain 2015 models were recalled in 2019. Luckily my MacBook qualifies and I’m bringing it in this week. I bought an nvme drive for it and was planning on installing it tonight along with Sonoma using OCLP. Would they no longer repair my MacBook seeing it is modified? Would it be best I just wait till the repair is finished? Has anyone had any experience with bringing modified MacBooks to the Apple Store?


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Ryzentosh 14

Ryzentosh 14

Ryzen, Sonoma. Was able to also install Sequoia but downgraded due to BT not working

  • Ryzen 5800X PBO - Beta branch ryzen patches plus AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement
  • RX 6800 - Lilu, Whatevergreen plus agdpmod=pikera
  • OC 1.0
  • 4x8 Patriot Viper Steel 4000 - custom 3600, tight 14's
  • Kinston FURY renegade for Arch Linux
  • Kinston KC3000 for Mac plus NVMeFix (nvme is on the second slot tho, so limited to 2gbps instead of 7gbps)
  • Motherboard Ethernet - RealtekRTL8111.kext
  • Orico BT400 adapter with bluetoolfixup
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Audio Buzzing and Cracking

I can't get audio working for the life of me. I am running MacOS Sonoma 14.5 on an Asus Vivobook with OCLP.


  • i5-4200U
  • Intel HD 4400
  • Realtek ALC 233/3236

I have tried all the layout IDs and found that 28 or 29 work fine. I set it to 28 currently.

The problem is that there is this annoying buzzing in the audio from both the Headphone Jack and the Internal Speaker.

I used rehabman's codeccommander on bitbucket and it worked, sort of... Audio would sound buzzy as always but after putting it to sleep and waking it up, both speaker and headphone work perfectly.

I made a post before and a Kind Redditor suggested I use AlcPlugFix-Swift and my headphones started working fine but no matter if i put laptop to sleep, the Speaker output still sounds buzzy.

Also, when there is no nothing being outputted, there is also strange static noise present in the background.

Buying an External Sound Card is out of the question for me unfortunately. Any help would be appreciated 👍. Thanks in Advance !

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Odyssey G7 (LC27G75T) at 1440p 240 Hz doesn't work

The way this manifests specifically is that the signal keeps dropping out, at least from the perspective of the display. Just to be clear here, 1440p and 240 Hz (including VRR, but whether it's used or not doesn't have any impact) individually function, but it's just when they're combined together that it breaks. Another odd thing that happens is that sometimes when attempting to switch to a different configuration the monitor seemingly turns off completely, however this is remedied by just moving the mouse around, unless attempting 1440p at 240 Hz in which case I have to unplug the monitor from the computer to be able to do anything with it (including accessing its OSD).

I think this is specifically a Hackintosh issue because I couldn't find anyone else mentioning it and it works fine in Windows (on the same hardware, of course).

Relevant hardware (I think):

  • Intel Core i5 12500

  • ASRock H470-ITX/ax

  • Sapphire Radeon RX 6600 PULSE

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CFG lock in bios keeps resetting back on.

Sorry if this is the wrong subreddit for this question.

So recently I followed guides to unlock CFG LOCK in the bios so that I could use throttlestop to undervolt a Razer blade 15 advanced 2021 laptop since the cpu cus runs extremely hot (i7 10875H), and I was successful, went in the bios with ru.efi and changed the CFG LOCK and OVERCLOCKING LOCK bits from 01 to 00, and saved. After that I rebooted, enabled secure boot etc, and successfully undervolted the cpu.

Everything was working perfectly but then the next day I check throttle stop and the voltage controls are greyed out once again, so then I did the procedure and went in the bios editor, and once again, those two bits are now 01. I do not know if this happened after reboot or something else, I didn't have any windows updates nor driver updates, and ofc no bios updates (that I know of, is automatic bios updates behind my back even possible??). I am completely dumbfounded by this, and there seems to be no one talking about this weird issue that I could find.

And yes, I did save the changes, infact I did it all over again a second time, and now after like 12 hours it has reset again, so I am writing here. Any ideas?

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