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hlep with macOS Catalina usb prepare

Hi guys i need some help to make a usb with macOS Catalina for my pc


cpu:i5 2400

mbo:dell inc. idk model

ram:6gb ddr3

more specs by my pc name : Dell optiplex 790SFFif can some one make me a usb on my computer i give him my anydesk id to connect.

help me pls! my discord is !^_^RZWSCOOB^_^!#5827

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Weak keyboard signal strengt in macOS?

Hi folks.

I have this weird issue where my keyboard signal strengt is significantly weaker in macOS.

It seems to be a OS dependent issue, as I have a unRAID setup with a macOS VM and a Windows 10 VM. Both VM's have the same hardware passed to them, the same USB controller with the same wireless keyboard dongle attached (a Microsoft Sculpted keyboard). However, in Windows I have no issues, and can take the keyboard of my desk and into my lap no problem. Doing the same while in macOS result in extreme lag, we are talking 10-20 seconds before a keypress is registred - if ever.

Obviously I don't understand what the problem is, can I change some setting? (this is not a bluetooth keyboard, it have it's own dongle). Or is this just how it is for some reason?

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Easiest way to add a new kext into OpenCore?


If I want to add a new kext into my EFI > OC > Kexts - is the easiest way to place the kext into EFI > OC > Kexts and then use Propertree to perform a File > OC Snapshot ?

It feels right but I wondered if this would duplicate all my existing Kexts found in the snaphot process or it would simply appended the newly added one.



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OpenCore Vanilla, AMD Ryzen, Catalina - Sleep & Handoff Issues

I've had a Clover/Mojave installation running well for the last year on my Ryzen/x570 build, with everything working well, including iMessage/App Store/AirDrop/Handoff/Sound/Fenvi Wifi/BT/Ethernet, except for sleep (doesn't work at all) and Apple Watch unlock (the watch gets added, but doesn't actually unlock).

I wanted to try a new build with Catalina and OpenCore, and I seem to once again have everything working - except for sleep and Apple Watch unlock. I wanted this clean, so I didn't transfer anything over from Clover. Being a newbie and completely new to OpenCore, I followed the vanilla guide and build a custom DSDT using SSDTTime in Win (didn't use a pre-made). I have not changed any USB mappings, as I don't have the slightest idea how to start with this. I never did this with Clover either.

I've read conflicting things on whether sleep even works on AMD builds, with some saying it does and others saying it doesn't. I don't know how to get it to work though. I assume AMD power management is non-existent as well, and perhaps this could have something to do with sleep not working. I tried adding SMCAMDProcessor kext, but had a kernel panic on boot from it, and haven't messed with it again. Any suggestions on how to get sleep working?

Handoff seems much slower than on the Clover/Mojave install, with handoff and AirDrop showing up but taking a long time to function. Any idea how to fix? Also, turning on Unlock by Apple Watch seems to work (it checks), but it doesn't seem to actually work. Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

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Installed 2nd GPU (RTX 2080 for Windows), Windows boot Manager does not show up in the boot options (F11)

Hello, i've just installed a 2nd GPU (Zotac RTX 2080) on my 2nd PCIE slot on my Motherboard, MSI Z390A-PRO. Prior to the install, i could still boot into Windows. But after booting it up, the windows boot manager did not show up. However in Mac OS, i could see my Windows SSD drive being mounted

I did not do anything post installing the GPU into my motherboard..

Please help!

Opencore 0.5.9
Mojave OS
Mobo: MSI Z390A-PRO + i9 9900k
GPU: RX580 (First PCIE Slot)
2nd GPU: Zotac RTX2080
Ram:32Gb Corsair Vengeance

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Hackintosh HELP!

I'm not at all tech savvy, so trying to install hackintosh has been very difficult for me. If someone would be polite enough to give me the files needed for my hardware (CPU: i3-9100F and my mother board: B365 PRO-VDH) that would be appreciated. Otherwise I think I might be able to figure out my EFI files.

EDIT: I just found an iso for 10.15.5 from "" I'll try to use this and my transmac trial.

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First boot keeps getting stuck here. Have waited a total of 20 min.

Broke my Clover hack, recommendations for next steps?

So I've been running a Catalina Hackintosh (dual-boot with Windows 10) with Clover for quite some time now, it's been useful as a work computer during the pandemic. Recently I decided to add another SSD to the system, in the hopes both OSs could access it. Unfortunately the Mac drive could read, not write, seemingly due to NTFS formatting. I opted to try and reconfigure MacOS to allow it, and as part of that process, disabled SIP by setting the appropriate CsrActiveConfig value - something I've done before. Simply launch Clover Configurator, change value, save, and restart. Except this seems to have completely broken my system. It no longer boots all the way into MacOS, instead stalling almost immediately - there's no kernel panic when logging the output, everything looks exactly as it would normally, except it doesn't start up. Additionally, Clover is now loading a couple of different wacky visual themes each launch, and it also lost the default verbose setting. However even when I launch Clover with a USB running my old Mojave settings, I get the same stalling out issue (though not the themes/default verbose issues). Honestly at this point I'm not sure what I can try - if an old working config also doesn't work, what can I do? And why did just saving a change to a single value break Clover so badly?

My system's a Giagbyte H370N Wifi, Intel i5-8400 and RX580, with three drives - an 860 Evo with Catalina, an 850 Evo with Windows 10, and a newly-installed 970 Evo Plus (note MacOS had launched a few times with this drive in place, though). Log output available here, and also the backup config I'm trying is available on request if people need.

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