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plz help me :( #iATKOS #ML2

Idownloaded Mac-OSX-10.8-USB ( niresh version ) on toshiba lap before and work well

two days ago , i downloaded again but this message appear

(Memory allocation error! Addr=0xdeadbeef, Size=0x0, File=hfs.c, Line=732

This is a non recoverable error! System HALTED!!!!)

what do you do to solve this problem ?

thanks in advance





Please help im a noob! #iATKOS #ML2

So I somehow succesfully installed iAtkos ML2 on my Dell Inspiron One 19 Desktop,

Everything is working except for the display resolution and no sound.

Could anyone please guide me step by step? I really beg u cos i want to learn something new?

Please please please help me

PC Config (hopefully correct):

Northbridge Intel G41 rev. A3

Southbridge Intel 82801GB (ICH7/R) rev. A1



Mainboard Model 0J190T (0x00000168 - 0x004D3A80)

Display Adapters


Display adapter 0

Display name \\.\DISPLAY1

Name Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)

Memory size 782 MB

PCI device bus 0 (0x0), device 2 (0x2), function 0 (0x0)

Vendor ID 0x8086 (0x1028)

Model ID 0x2E32 (0x0408)

Performance Level 0



OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 Released for Developer Download #Mac

Apple has released OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 to registered developers. The update to the existing OS X 10.9 beta is versioned as 13A497d and is recommended for all users who are currently running the first version of OS X Mavericks Developer Preview.

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 can be downloaded immediately through the Software Update menu and the Mac App Store.

As found in the App Store, the update weighs in around 1.5GB and is likely the fastest way to upgrade to the latest version. Those interested in making a USB install drive would need to re-download the installation client from the App Store. System requirements appear to be the same as the first developer release.

In addition to OS X Mavericks DP2, an update to Xcode 5 Developer Preview and a second dev preview release of OS X Server is also available.

OS X Mavericks is the next major release of Mac system software and includes over 200 new features and improvements, including tabbed Finder support, enhanced power management, and much more. Mavericks is due for a public release this fall, likely alongside iOS 7. Earlier today, Apple released iOS 7 beta 2.



How to Install OSX 10.8.3 and 10.8.4 #iATKOS #ML2

Need Files

1- (for amd - no need for intel)


3- (for 10.8.3)

4- (for 10.8.4)



How to Install Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and 10.8.4 - YouTube



Recomendations #iATKOS #ML2

Hi All,

I am hoping somebody can give me some advice regarding the best method to installing 10.8 on my PC (if possible)

My system specs are;

Proc: AMD Athlon 64(x2) Dual Core 4000+

Mainboard: ASrock N68C - S UCC (does not support AHCI Mode)

Ram: 3gb

Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7450 1gb

HDD: 1Tb (SATA300)

My HDD is partitioned so dual boot could be a preferred option. I have a stack of old IDE drives kicking about so space is not an issue.

Any advice, pointers gratefully received





I figured it out. It was happening to me too. You need a hacked copy of the mac os x. Thi is the one I used.


intel DX58S0 boot manager list success installation #iATKOS #ML2


I do not understand the the directions provided in the guide. After reading hordes of different post I was able to successfully install IATKOS MLU3 however, the following section escapes me "Restart your computer with iATKOS ML3U USB installer one more time and add your UEFI boot device to your boot menu using Clover Boot Options menu. Now you can boot your computer in UEFI mode from your target device." I can boot the OSX10.8.3 using a Clover disk that I downloaded from Hackintosh Downloads - (here). Thanks it has helped BIG TIME. When I go to restart my system it does not see the UEFI boot loader identifying the hard disk with the operating system.

I am just having a hard time designating the osx drive to a boot list or manager.



TL-WN722N [Atheros AR9002U] driver for mac #Networking

I’m using Windows 7 (Host) and running Mac OSX Lion (Guest) in virtual machine, I want to use Wifi in my Mac OSX Lion but it seems that laptop built in Wifi adapter will not work, so I bought a TP-LINK (TL-WN722N) USB Wifi it work fine on my Host (Windows 7) but again it does not work on Guest (Mac OSX Lion). I tried to reinstall the vmtools but still didn’t work can anyone help me plz?

I found that TL-WN722N uses the [Atheros AR9002U] chipset and it doesnt have any mac driver? so can anyone please help me how to have a working driver of TL-WN722N for mac?