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Mojave -> Catalina upgrade - discouraged!

Trying to update from Mojave to Catalina and feeling very discouraged. I originally built this machine in Dec 2013 with MacOS 10.9 Mavericks. I've upgraded through every OS version through Mojave. I paused at Catalina because it's my music production machine and I didn't want to lose some old 32-bit apps, but now I'm ready to move forward and it's not cooperating at all.

Here are the steps I've taken, please help if you can!

* I've made a bootable clone of my Mojave (10.14.6) startup drive...

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Author: stevej

Big Sur 11.3 Update Broke USB 3


Update but stuck at iCloud sign in screen due to loss of USB 3.x ports (mouse and keyboard). Forced restarted and still no mouse or keyboard. Checked other ports and found usb 2.0 ports working which were off in my OpenCore port mapping kext. Replaced with USBInjectAll but still same issue only 2.0 ports working. My backup 11.2.3 (before I updated today) works fine. I use latest OpenCore with iMac20,1 SMBIOS

Something has changed.:problem:

update: I tested with latest...

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Author: JBX

Safe to upgrade to Big Sur 11.6.2 from 11.6.1?

Has anyone updated big Sur to 11.6.2? any special precautions?

Author: Rajkhand

Inexpensive graphic card suggestion help

My hackintosh grpahic card decided to go the way of the dodo and I need a very inexpensive replacement for the time being, under 400 if possible. Any suggestions?

submitted by /u/lilmonsterita
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Help! - hack the Asus Z9PR-D12 sandybridge

Hello, TonyMacx86 community!

I’m bringing you another budget hack project.

I am currently stuck at this location:

  • CPU: 2x Xeon E5-2620
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 Ti
  • RAM: 24 GB ECC (bios only allows independent memory mode.

My EFI is attached.

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Thanks so much in advance.

Author: caarsonr

Good plan for dual boot hackingtosh mojave and Windows 10?

Hi hackintoshers! I already own a mojave hackintosh, put togheter by my dad(fyi im 14). He put a lot of work in it and was extremely happy with it. I use it almost daily for gaming and watching youtube or netflix. I also like programming/coding a lot(which is one of the reasons for choosing hackintosh). But now i keep running into some games, or other software that want to install, but is only available for windows. So I go searching on the internet for ways to get windows runnig on my computer, dual booting with my hackintosh. Talked with my dad about it, at first he wasn't too happy to hear that i wanted "more", but that is not my point. We figured out a way on how we could do it and i want your opinion on if it is a good one.

At first we would disconnect the drives with the hackintosh on it, for safety(that it surely won't get wiped)

The we would get a hard disk from somewhere(probably 500gb or so). And install windows on it the regular way. That shouldn't be too hard.

When windows is completely setup, we are going to try dualbooting it with the help of clover. I watched a video(, which shows me how to add that seperate drives to the clover menu, along with some tips for clover in general.

If im not wrong, the dual booting should perfectly work at this point, right?

(Idk if u need it but here are my specs of my mac: Motherboard: gigabyte GA-H55-UD3H Gpu: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB RAM: 12GB Storage: 1 ssd, 500GB. 1 HHD only for storage and backups, 1TB CPU: Intel i7 first generation 860, not sure about this one, im on vacation rn.)

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Monterey iGPU DP setup via nvidia output

I am trying to configure Monterey to use iGPU but output signal via dGPU. Is this somehow possible ? What to google for ?

My setup is asus z490-i and gtx1080 and the screen is a samsung g9. I have DP and HDMI connected to dGPU outputs. The mac boots now using hdmi (though the installation process was using DP). In the end I'd like to force DP and disable hdmi. and of course pass the signal via dGPU output. Worst case scenario is I will use second DP and connect it to mobo

I enabled iGPU multi-monitor but then I could not boot anymore.

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macOS Big Sur install bootloop

Hello! I've gotten to the point on my hackintosh were after installing to my ssd from recovery mode and it says to restart to finish, I do restart and then at the OpenCore boot menu I select the install macOS option (which is my ssd), and it shows verbose mode for just a few seconds, just to go black and then reboot into the recovery mode. I've attached a picture of the verbose mode and my EFI folder. Thank you guys in advance!

Author: marloluk

Trusty ol' X58A-UD3R and OpenCore woes

with the new mainframe working stellarly on OpenCore, thought I'd blow the dust off the old X58a-UD3R Xeon W3680 and set her up as a backup/archive server. Even have an XRAID I've attacked with the grinder to use as a case.

But no matter what I do, I can't get it to boot the Catalina installer on OpenCore.

Went through the whole OpenCore guide for Nehalem, and it always KP's with:

CPU 11 has no HPET assigned to it.

Anyone got this old workhorse going with OpenCore?

Author: TijuanaKez