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Optiplex 3050 SFF Success (I3-7100T) using OC 0.8.6 Big Sur

A lower powered version Kaby Lake processor. This machine is so quiet, I can't hear the fan running. The PCIe M.2 SSD works flawlessly at x4. Plenty of performance for a server that stays on all the time. This is a computer that has no comparable Apple product, so no SIMBIOS is a perfect match. Fortunately, WhateverGreen and Lilu handle everything. Strangely, the 'About this Mac' reports a Core i7 processor. Probably something to fix within ACPI, but it's purely cosmetic.

CPU: I3-7100T with...

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Author: 1rocketdude

[Success] MacOS Big Sur on Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3, i7-4790, Radeon RX580, OpenCore 0.6.4

Followed the OpenCore directions exactly. (Actually one mistake because I didn't read the installation directions carefully enough. I corrected on my second try.) I am nowhere near as experienced as many who have done this. It took many hours of reading and research but was worth the effort. This is a clean install on a new SSD because the Catalina installation I had was a mess. (kexts in /library/extensions and in Clover) All kexts are now in my OpenCore efi.

SMBIOS 15,1.

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 3.50.21 PM.png...

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Author: simonsaba

Z490 Au


Is there a way to get the onboard TB work on tnis machine:
Mojave @ gigabyte z490 aorus xtreme ?

I wanna use it with my Universal Audio UAD-2 TB3 (no Apollo, just DSP).

I need to stay on Mojave coz of some specific 32bit hardware I use.


Author: davorr

Installation USB not mounting/accesable in clover boot selection

This is not particularly related to Mojave only. I'm having the same problem with Sierra and High Sierra. When I follow the directions to create the install USB (to a T) it takes about 20-25 minutes and then says it was successful. When I reboot into clover the USB drive does not show to be a choice to be selected. I have an existing El Capitan USB installer and it shows up just fine and installs properly on a partition. So, what could I be doing wrong or is this a system definition...

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Author: reverendjj

Intel X550 and Big Sur

Hello everyone, please help me start Ethernet Intel X550 in Big Sur operating system.

I have an Asus X99-E-10G WS motherboard that has two 10G ports that run on an Intel X550 controller.
In Catalina, everything worked for me, got it working with kexts:
- FakePCIID.kext
- FakePCIID_Intel_GbX.kext
- SmallTreeIntel8259x.kext
But unfortunately SmallTreeIntel8259x is no longer developed and Catalina is the last operating system...

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Author: maxix1234566

Mouse and keyboard aren't working during Big Sur installation.

Using OpenCore (0.8.6), keyboard and mouse work in the graphic menu, but when I get to the installation menu, nothing works. I know that Big Sur made some changes talking about USB ports, but what are they and how do I fix them? I tried USB mapping and adding the patch that was on Dortania but it didn't work. I'm...

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Author: tertaco

Help on sleep mode not working on Big Sur or a sudden restart

Hello everyone!
MacOS Catalina was working fine on my laptop but after updating to Big Sur, the sleep mode doesn't work. It never goes to sleep and when i try to put it to sleep mode it suddenly restarts the mac os. Here I have attached the necessary files.
And also why the latest clover does not show the big sur boot volume rather than the preboot volume?
Any help would be so appreciable

Thanks in advance

Author: ayz9314

Errors while booting to Big Sur in my machine.

I'm trying to install MacOS on my machine

CPU - Intel Core i5-10400f
GPU - GT 710
Motherboard - Gigabyte H410M S2 V2
RAM 16gb DDR4 2666MHz

And it comes up with this error:

#IEB.LD .LFIIN] 0 1 <*<null string)"> <*1*>
"[EB .B.SBS |SZ1 739896
#[EB IB :SHA ] <bc0a873db6d0ea0e3c53e8e613a8cc781a5d3cfe>
#[EB. WL . PWLFNV | ! 1 Err (OxE) <- RT .GV wake-fai lure 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82
#[EB .WL .DTI !] Err (OxE ) <- EB.WL .PWLFNV
# [EB IWL :DT 1 0x10bbb3b1
#[EB.LD .LKCIR .1]...

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Author: Duonic

Catalina crash in boot...

I did follow the guide for installation on a new SSD Sierra. Here's what i get.

Anything i can do?316002772_467275238868451_196788374314058969_n.jpg

Author: Ccuccu