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Spotlight does not work on macOS ventura installed with opencore

Anyone know why spotlight doesn’t work if I click command+ space? I’ve disabled Siri in settings. (Only work if I click on the icon in the upper bar)

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Nootedred working ?

Can anyone tell me that latest nootedred working ? For me it's black screen.

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How to do i back to high sierra

How to do i back to high sierra

OCLP has ben shitty on my Mac. Lagging and unsesebel. The oldest version i Can Pick is “ Big sur”.

When i complety reset my Mac i am also stuck But om “ lion “

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MacMini8,1 allows passkeys use, but no authentication required (anyone can use them on my Hackintosh?)

MacMini8,1 allows passkeys use, but no authentication required (anyone can use them on my Hackintosh?)

Hello everyone, I've had an issue that's bugging me and no true solution or reference found on-line.

Running Ventura latest 13.6.4 on Intel NUC10i5FNH (OpenCore 0.9.5 etc.) and since Montery, I have enabled passkeys (via "auto-fill" as requested via Keychain) on my iCloud account, including my iDevices.

However, from the first use as I remember, the prompt on websites (that support passkeys obviously and on which I have created one e.g. Amazon, in this example) do not prompt me for any kind of authentication.

After creating a passkey on Amazon, eBay, etc. on Safari, which is stored OK in my Keychain and sync'ed across my Apple ID account-linked devices, on my hackintosh I am offered to use the passkey without any method of authentication whatsoever (in view of the obvious lack of Touch ID).

Is this normal, expected? Should I stop using passkeys as my hackintosh is not protecting them?

This Support article doesn't help much, and passkeys apparently are enabled only on latest Touch-ID based Macs. Here it says that 2FA and iCloud must be used, but no mention to non-Touch-ID Macs.

Have you had this behavior? Any tips/solution/advice? I am very puzzled by the fact that my Macmini8,1 declared model offers these... Thanks in advance!

Example of prompt on Safari and Amazon to use my stored passkey

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GPU Compatibility in Monterey using OCLP

Hi, I read through this page around GPU compatibility and came across the agdpmod=pikera boot prompt for Series 5000 GPUs.

I only find threads around this in the hackintosh sub-reddit so I’m not sure whether this also applies to Mac.

My plan is to upgrade my Mac Pro 5,1 to Monterey using OCLP and then getting an RX 5700.

And if this also applies here, is there a guide on how to achieve compatibility?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Stuck on grey screen after Apple logo with cursor

After following Dortania's guide, I tried installing Big Sur 11.2 basesystem.dmg / 11.4 full-offline installer with OpenCore, I get past the Apple logo and end up on a grey screen where I can't move my cursor.

My specs are:

  • Latitude 7480
  • core i7-6600U
  • skylake graphics 520 video controller 14.0" QHD 2560 x 1440
  • 256 GB SSD WDC

OC EFI Structure:

├── ACPI │ ├── SSDT-EC-USBX-LAPTOP.aml │ ├── SSDT-PLUG-DRTNIA.aml │ ├── SSDT-PNLF.aml │ └── SSDT-XOSI.aml ├── Drivers │ ├── HfsPlus.efi │ └── OpenRuntime.efi ├── Kexts │ ├── Lilu.kext │ ├── VirtualSMC.kext │ ├── VoodooPS2Controller.kext │ └── WhateverGreen.kext ├── Tools │ └── OpenShell.efi ├── config.plist └── OpenCore.efi 

Has anyone had luck with this setup? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Nothing happening

So I am trying to boot to the installer trough opencore but when I select 1 (the usb) nothing happens, what can be wrong?

My laptop is elitebook 840 g2 with i5 5300U. I am trying to run MacOS Big Sur.

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OLCP on 12,1 imac and ventura

I have two 12,1 imac's running Ventura 13.6 via OLCP.

I am having issues with the photos app on both machines. I see all photos as a thumbnail fine. when I expand or double click on a photo, it views for a split second and then disappears (goes blank). Additionally, if I choose one of the thumbnails and export, the exported photo is just a black image.

I have rebuilt the photos library a couple of times via Command + Option keys on startup of photos. Doesn't help.

Any advice or troubleshooting hints appreciated.

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