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Hackintosh help

Okay so I’m new at this. I’m currently looking for Ethernet Kext for Intel Realtek PCe I believe. What should I do to go about this. I have a Dell Inspiron 5559. Is there an way to install WiFi on it too?

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Clover saved the day!

Clover saved the day!

First time Hackintosh!


CPU: Intel i7-9700k

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A

GPU: Sapphire Pulse RX 5700XT

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 MHz 2x16GB

Cooler: Noctua NH-U12A


1 TB Sabrent Rocket NVMe M.2 - Mac OS

500 GB Crucial MX SSD - Windows

1 TB 2.5" Toshiba HDD for games on windows

256 GB Sandisk SSD - Ubuntu (Haven't installed yet)

Seagate IronWolf 8TB HDD - My photo editing storage

PSU: EVGA Supernova G1 750W 80+ Gold

Netword Card: Fenvi FV-T919

Case: Fractal Design Meshify C

Monitor: LG 27UD68 4k

Keyboard: Keychron K1

Trackpad: Apple Magic trackpad 2

Mouse: Logitech G305 wireless

Wacom tablet for pen support

After 15 hours of trying to get OpenCore to work, I switched to clover and got the whole hack running in just 2.

I spent days reading over the OpenCore guide and figuring out what I need. After building everything, I tried to boot. On first boot attempt, it gave me an error saying "Invalid OpenCore Configuration" After changing some minor values in the plist file, I tried again and from that attempt onwards, whenever I selected the flash drive as the boot device, it would just reset back to the motherboard BIOS. After doing the whole process from the top 3 times, I just gave up on OpenCore and went to clover instead. Its running super stable now without a single error.

What works:

  • iMessage
  • FaceTime
  • Wifi
  • SleepWake
  • All USB Ports \just not internal usb2.0 ones*

What doesn't work:

  • Bluetooth
  • AirDrop
  • Unlock with watch
  • \For bluetooth, I believe the problem is I couldn't get the internal USB2.0 header to work. That's why its not running. Because the card work on windows. I have ordered a internal to external converter so I'm planning on just plugging it into an external port on back of the motherboard. I'm currently using some random usb bluetooth adapter from my old PC and its working. Although not for unlock with watch& airdrop which I desperately need.*
  • Microphone In
  • \As for microphone, I'm not 100% sure what the issue is. I plugged it in the back port as well as the front port and selected that in system preferences but still couldn't get anything.*


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Opencore Ryzentosh freezes during use

Opencore Ryzentosh freezes during use

I have been successfully in booting into MacOS Catalina with Opencore. I followed the guide and had the config file verified by the sanity checker.

After running MacOS for a while, or if I let it sit and sleep (even if I disable sleep and monitor shut down) it freezes.

I read some posts that it may be USB related. I have tried SSDT-EC-USBX-AMD.aml in the ACPI folder with the files created with SSDTTime with no effect. I have not been able to map the USB ports yet. It seemed a little over my current skill. However I will spend the time if it proves to be the likely fix.

I have also noticed that the Novabench scores are WAY off from the Windows 10 scores.

I have rebuilt the config file and reinstalled with no luck. I would greatly appreciate any advice. I have linked my config file with my serial redacted. THANKS =)

I built the same setup presented by Snazzy Labs:


ASRock X570M Pro4

Radeon RX 5700 XT

16 GB Corsair Vengeance

a PCIe/USB Airport Express compatible Wifi/Bluetooth card

2 M.2 SSDs

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i5 2500k hd graphics 3000

Hi everyone. I would like to make an hackintosh with my i5 2500k that's unused but I don't have any discrete graphics card. Do you think I can do it with high sierra using the hd graphics 3000? I have a 2500k, z77 extreme 4 and 8gb of ram and I've already made an hackintosh with Catalina using this components and a Rx 580 but now I can't use this card because is in my main PC. (I'm sorry for my bad English...)

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Intel nuc help ..

Hi. Couple of questions regarding building a hackintosh with an intel nuc.

With the tall models the nucs have 1x m.2 and 1x 2.5” drive. Could I just use the 2.5 drive with a solid state and then use the m.2 slot for a BCM94352z for WiFi and Bluetooth ?

Anyone have info with compatibility with the new NUC10s w/ intels 10th gen i series?

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Hackintosh Catalina screen error

Hi! I succesfully installed hackintosh Catalina but when I tried to connect to second monitor my laptop's turned off, now it's always turned off unless it's connected with hdmi cable. Dus someone has a solution.

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My Heck of a Hackintosh...

Hi community,

Will this built work with Catalina?

CASE Corsair Obsidian 500 D (MT)
MOTHERBOARD Gigabyte x390 Aorus Ultra
CPU Intel core i9 9900 8 core
GPU Amd Radeon Radeon Pro WX 5100 8 GB
RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (2 x16gb)
WATERCOOLER Cooler Master liquid ml 360r
MEMORY Sasmung 970 Evoplus 500 gb x2
WIFi Fenvi –T919
PSU Corsair RM850W


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Anyone know how to fix/bypass this error? Searched online but didn’t get much luck on how to fix

IMessage & Facetime unable to activate | Opencore | Catalina 10.15.3

No matter what guide I follow, I am unable to activate Facetime & IMessage on my hackintosh build. My specs are:

- Asus Z170 Pro gaming motherboard

- Intel HD 530 Onboard graphics

- Samsung EVO SSD 500 GB

- Corsair vengeance 16 GB

- SMBIOS = IMac late 2015

- Opencore bootloader

  • I am using emulated NVRAM because my motherboard does not have native NVRAM. NVRAM -c returns: "Error clearing firmware variables: (iokit/common) not permitted "
  • I am using an invalid serial number, checked on Apple coverage website
  • Ethernet = en0 & built-in (hackintool)

Whenever I try activating IMessage / Facetime, I get the customer code error. I also tried using an account made before 2016

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Thanks to u/SadMute for the incredible help! Still need a little help though. [2600x/1070]

Thanks to u/SadMute for the incredible help! Still need a little help though. [2600x/1070]

I was finally able to get it booted up with much help. Graphics drivers and all work fine, however, for audio, I can only hear system sound such as the macOS error sound or"installation finished" sound. No sound from apps like Chrome, Discord, etc. Any clue on how to fix that> In system report it shows the proper line in and line out with voodoo, but nothing in programs, Any ideas? Thanks.

  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G11023)
    • 2600x
    • GTX 1070
    • B450 I Aorus
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Intel UHD 620 is getting me mad... (7 MB problem)

Hey folks!
I have a Thinkpad T590 (i7-5865U, UHD 620), I installed a vanilla Mojave (And before also a vanilla Catalina) on it, it works, I mean, I can boot it etc. but... I don't understand how can I make that Video card working.

I'm sure it's possible to use it, somebody in a sort of way did it! But I can't understand what to do. Maybe by injecting another similar card.. I don't know.

Anyway, could someone help me, please?

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I present you my workstation. Thanks for all the help some of you have given me with my first vanilla build.

Opencore AMD lag

I’ve just recently installed macOS on my AMD based system and all through the macOS setup process and now when I’ve finally booted into macOS, the mouse and keyboard have extreme lag. When typing in things it will not register key presses and then quickly type random letters. When I move the mouse it will stutter every few seconds.

My specs are Ryzen 7 2700x, asus Vega 64, 64gb ram, aorus b450 pro wifi. I used opencore for the install and mainly followed the vanilla guide along with snazzy labs recent tutorial video.

I’m not sure if this is a kext issue or something to do with USB mapping? I’m happy to post my config.plist file if that helps at all.

Any help would be much appreciated :) Also let me know I need to provide any more info

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Acer Aspire V5-131

I have this acer laptop (upgraded to ssd 180 gb and 8 gb of ram)

Can i get mojave/catalina running on it? I only hae a Windows PC with a catalina VM

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Stuck while booting Catalina

Previously dual boot with Win10. Now boot missing. Help.

I did a dual boot with windows 10 and managed to use clover manager to switch between OSes.

After a while, I deleted the Hackintosh but held to clover manager to boot into Windows. I had to change the CMOS battery and thermal paste last week. After that, the laptop won't boot into Windows. The usual clover UI doesn't appear on boot. Instead greeted with "Operating system not found" message. And also I can't enter to Bios setup. I think it enters into Bios setup page but all I can see is a grey/black screen.

I verified with live Linux USB that my SSD is healthy and can access the drives.

Is there a way to fix the boot?

Laptop - Dell XPS L502X. Using modded A12 bios for Nvidia 525m graphics.

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Using Opencore 0.5.5. Every action is very slow loading..

macos was successfully installed. I have one big issue though, what could be the problem that every steps i made it will be very slow, the mouse cursing was turning... had to wait quite a long time. It acted up recently even when I was on clover installation. I thought a fresh install might fix it. But using opencore installed also had this issue. Like opening settings, it loads a long time, applying a setting.. open safari.. SSD is new though I specifically just bought it for hackintosh after the old one died. My Windows 10 is running flawlessly though. Please help!

ASrock A320m HDV

Ryzen5 2600

16GB ram

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Are M.2 M Key Nvme SSD to PCIe Adapter AIC supported in Catalina/Mojave?

My motherboard supports 2x m.2 drives and if an NVME drive in is the slot #2 then:

  1. PCI_E2, PCI_E3, PCI_E4 and PCI_E5 slots will be unavailable when installing M.2 PCIe SSD in M2_2 slot.

Does this mean I'd be unable to use a secondary GPU for Qemu pass-through if the M2_2 slot is populated?

If not then would the speed of one 970 evo be hindered much by this adapter, below 2500mb/s and/or is compatible with an OSX KVM?

Thanks in advance!

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macOS on a Dell PowerEdge R720 server?

Any pointers for how to get macOS going on a Dell PowerEdge R720? Spec wise this is probably equivalent to a Mac Pro 6,1. The technical guide says the chipset is an Intel C600.

I currently have a Mac Pro 2012, but I'm pissed at Apple for their stupid feud with Nvidia and their insanely out of touch pricing on the new Mac Pro, so I want to try out a hackintosh. Unfortunately I'm dependent on the accessibility and workflow features of macOS for a disability I have, otherwise I would leave the Apple ecosystem entirely.

The R720 I have has two 8-pin GPU power headers and can accommodate two full-length double-wide GPUs according to the technical guide. I would love dual AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Editions or Vega 64s, but I don't think the budget will allow for that at the moment... but future-wise I want to get into machine learning with the Metal API.

From the standpoint of storage I can put just about anything in there, it's a 16-bay machine, I have a ton of SAS gear, PERC H710, Adaptec 78165, LSI 9207-4i4e, Intel 750 NVMe, Optane 900p, Samsung m.2 AHCI, SATA SSD & HDD, USB sticks, USB to SATA adapters.

For processors I have two Xeon E5-2670 v2 (also have v1 cpus) and memory will be 16x 16GB DDR3 RDIMMs.

For sound I have a USB attached DAC, in particular a S.M.S.L. AD18.

I also have a highpoint USB 3.0 card and a Chelsio 10 GbE NIC I could pull from my Mac Pro 2012 if needed. Currently I have a Broadcom BCM57840S rNDC in the R720, but I could swap that out very easily with an Intel X520 + i350 rNDC.

I'm not sure about bluetooth (keyboard, mouse, and trackpad are all bluetooth). However, come to think of it I think I have a Apple WiFi Broadcom card and PCIe adapter... but, I'm not sure the R720 supports PCIe slot bifurcation to support the WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time... although I can get by just fine without WiFi.

The R720 doesn't support booting from NVMe devices to my knowledge (there might be a way to mod the UEFI firmware to include support, but that's a project in and of itself). I think the best option for boot support could be an Samang SM951 AHCI that I have.

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I finally got this to work!! Thinkpad T420 and MacOS High Sierra!

My Logic Pro Hackintosh workstation with 24bit 96KHz internal Beats audio using an i7 HP Envy TouchSmart. Everything works great except touchscreen which I haven’t gotten working in Catalina yet.