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Anyone running ESXi 5.1 on an Xserve? #Hackintosh

Since I found the Unlocker last week, I've been trying to figure out how I want to add an Apple ESXi 5.1 host to my lab. I recently purchased a late 2012 Mac Mini that I'm using as an HTPC and I can't decide if I want to use it as an ESXi host, then getting an older Mini to use as an HTPC. I have the i7 Mini (4 cores) and running a few VMs on it would really allow me to use its power instead of it being idle most of the time. Another option is getting another <$150 Dell server (2 x Xeon L5420 quad cores, already have 2) to use with Unlocker as a dedicated OS X ESXi host. I can't use one of those for OS X now because they're used to study for the VCP exam, which means I have to use vCenter Server. Unlocker doesn't work on hosts added to a vCenter Server. Another option is getting a 2008/2009 Apple Xserve.

I've been doing a ton of Googling this weekend and it seems that there really aren't any major issues running ESXi 5.1 on the 2008 or 2009 Xserve. Apple's RAID card doesn't work but that doesn't matter to me since I'll be using shared storage. I've also read that it runs great on the new Mac Mini but I've found less info on it than the Xserve. At the moment the Mini seems like the more solid option, but adding an Xserve to my home server rack is roughly the same cost of buying an older Mini. Plus having an Xserve in my home rack would be sexy. I'm such a geek. :)

Just wondering if anyone has ESX running on an Xserve and would love to hear details on it and your experience with it. Same goes for those with it on a Mini too. Still weighing the pros/cons of each and I'm torn. Not sure what to do..


Snow Leopard Won't Boot on ASrock mobo #iATKOS

Fairly recently I built a computer with an ASrock Mobo and an Intel Pentium D 3.4 Ghz processor. As for graphics, it is just the onboard 8mb card. There is 2 GB of RAM. So I wanted to run Snow leopard on it, and I have on a netbook before, but when I try to load SN, it just sits there with the apple logo. This happens with Chameleon RC 3 and 1. Chimera and iBoot don't work at all. When I try to boot in verbose mode, it shows a blank screen. If I try legacy bootloader for 10.6, it gives a kernal panic. Does anyone have any ideas?


ESX 5.1 workstation build for ML VM build. #Hackintosh

Hi - been working on getting an upgrade together for my current workstation. Not having a huge budget and needing as much bang for buck I want to keep as much as possible and replace as little as possible (red goes, green stays):

Asus P5Q Pro Intel P45 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 LGA775 'Yorkfield' 2.83GHz 12MB-cache (1333FSB) Processor

OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Dual Channel Platinum Series DDR2

NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX

Samsung 830 128 GB SSD

Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB 10000RPM SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM

2 - Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB

2 - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA-II

Lian-Li PC-B25B Aluminium Midi-Tower - Black (No PSU)

Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme CPU Cooler (Socket AM2/LGA775)

Samsung SH-S223F/BEBE 22x DVDąRW SATA Dual Layer ReWriter (Black) - OEM

Noctua NF-S12 800RPM 120mm Silent Case Fan - 3 Pin

Hiper 630W HPU-4M630 SLi Certified PSU

The new hardware that I am so far gravitating towards is as follows:

Supermicro X9SRA

Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620

2 x Kingston ValueRAM - ECC Memory - 16 GB - DIMM

AMD FirePro V4900 Professional Graphics

Supermicro SNK-P0050AP4 - Cooler

I would use a number of VM's for development purposes (using RHEL, Windows Server for work) and then ML as my everyday machine (photo editing with Aperture, web surfing, a little video editing).

With little experience on the VMware ESX side any feedback would be most appreciated; specifically around how to get sound the ALC889 working in ML - would it be possible to do iopath/passthrough with sound ?

I have seen evidence of the V4900 GPU working being passed through to VM from ESX here:

and working in ML here:


Finally wireless; I am currently using a Linksys WMP300N - would passthrough be possible here. I suspect not from what I have read plus only two passthroughs are allowed per VM. Otherwise I would be going with this a WUMC710.

Advice would be most appreciated.


GeForce GTX TITAN works in MacPro #Hackintosh

Netkas again did it !!



I have written a special rom for GTX Titan, which allows it to work in OSX 10.7.5 and 10.8.3.

It supports both 32-bit MacPro 1,1/2,1 and 64-bit MacPro 3,1+.

Since it involves several low-level hacks, hackint0sh user won’t be able to get it to work, sorry.

I’ll upload the rom after I fix 5 GT/s issue, so far it runs at 2.5 GT/s.

Posted Image

Posted Image



iATKOS ML3 Development [pic]

iATKOS MLM [Apple Computers]

Here is iATKOS MLM, which is only for Apple computers!
iATKOS MLM >> iATKOS ML for Macs >> Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1 installer for Macs (Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini)
- 64bit capable Macs are supported.
• iMac (Mid 2007 or newer) 
• MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer) 
• MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) 
• Xserve (Early 2009) 
• MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer) 
• Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer) 
• Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)

  • No installation guide 
  • Burn/Restore it with Disk Utility, boot it, install it and use it on your own risk.

Broadcom BCM57785 #Networking

Could a mod delete my previous thread or combine them since all that was wrong i actually have the BCM57785 card....

so i downloaded the files from here....

i know i install the kext with the utility but what do i do what the "master" file?


How to Get Bokeh Light Effects with the iPhone Camera #Mac

iPhone bokeh

Bokeh is a photography effect that creates strong light blurs on any out of focus light, frequently rendered as circular blurry elements where a point of light is visible in the image. You’ll see it often in professional photography as well as more abstract artistically oriented photography, and it can help to create a depth of field and also add some very unique character to photos. But bokeh isn’t just for professionals with expensive lenses and DSLR cameras, you can get that same effect shooting with an iPhone as well. We’ll cover two easy ways to do it, one uses nothing but your iPhone, and the second uses the excellent third party lens attachment known as Olloclip.

For the purposes here, we’re going to focus on casting a strong abstract bokeh effect on everything in an image that is shot with the iPhone, rather than just the background elements as you’d commonly find in macro photography and portraits.

Create Bokeh on the iPhone with Focus Lock

The simplest way to create bokeh effect on all lit elements of a picture are to utilize the iPhone cameras software focus lock feature. Keeping in mind that focus lock is also exposure lock – you can’t separate the two with the standard iOS camera, yet at least – you’ll want to focus lock on something that is roughly the same exposure, particularly when shooting in daylight. For shooting night photos, the exposure lock is less important, though the depth of field remains crucial.

Bokeh in Daylight

Shooting bokeh in the daylight can take some trial and error to get down, but it’s not particularly complicated once you try a few times. The gist of it is to lock onto something very close as if you were taking a macro photo, but then turn arrange the camera to shoot the subject instead, creating the bokeh:

  • Launch the Camera app

  • Find a close object of approximately the same exposure (brightness) as the subject you wish to shoot with bokeh

  • Place the iPhone camera roughly 3-8″ away from that object and tap and hold on the screen to focus lock on that object, you will know it’s active when “AE/AF Lock” appears on screen

  • With Focus Lock on, aim at the subject and take the picture to capture the bokeh effect

With the focus lock trick in daylight, it generally works best to have HDR photos enabled, because it’s often the HDR photo and not the standard image that has the most accurate reproduction of colors while still maintaining the strong bokeh blur that was desired.

The example images below demonstrate this trick while shooting a tree in directly sunlight. You’ll notice the initial exposure isn’t that great, it’s the HDR photo that captures the full bokeh effect we’re aiming for here with better color reproduction.

Initial default exposure with bokeh but overexposed:

Shoot daylight bokeh with iPhone

The better HDR photo with strong bokeh:

Daylight bokeh with iPhone

It may take you a few times to get it down, but it’s very easy once you figure out the proper exposure for the subject. I’m not much of a photographer but get creative and you’ll almost certainly create better pictures than the samples shown here.

Capturing Bokeh at Night & with Dark Lighting

Shooting bokeh on the iPhone is a lot easier at night or in dark lighting, and it’s great for capturing city lights or night scenes in an abstract way. The basics are similar to getting bokeh in daylight, though the HDR aspect is less significant:

  • Open Camera app and tap-and-hold for Focus Lock onto any object away from the lighting source you want to shoot

  • With Focus Lock enabled, aim at your subject and shoot the picture while holding fairly steady – do note the bokeh will compensate for some jitteriness of the lens

We’ll review some user submitted photos for this one (thanks Elizabeth!), which demonstrates the bokeh effect at night when taking a picture of a distant street from a rooftop. Here’s the initial exposure, notice the screenshot is blurred because the iPhone isn’t that great at taking night photos – but we’ll use that to our advantage here – the focus lock is being set on a random dark area of the screen:

iPhone night bokeh

Here’s the final shot of that same road, with a good bokeh blur captured in the image:

Night bokeh photography with iPhone

I takes advantage of the iPhones inability to shoot great photos at night, and instead you end up with a pretty nice bokeh effect.

The focus locking technique tends to work best in low lighting situations, particularly at night.

Thanks to Elizabeth for providing the tip idea and night picture

Capturing Strong Bokeh Effects with an iPhone & Olloclip

If the focus lock bokeh trick isn’t enough for you and you want more professional quality pictures, you’ll need to step it up and get a third party lens for the iPhone. The Olloclip is our lens of choice for this purpose, it includes three lenses: a macro lens, a wide-angle lens, and a fish eye lens. For the purposes of creating very strong bokeh, you’ll want to use the macro lens.

If interested, you can get an Olloclip detachable lens from Amazon at a fairly sizable discount.

  • Attach the Olloclip onto the iPhone camera with the macro lens

  • Point at any far away, well-lit object to immediately see very strong bokeh and take the picture

With the Olloclip trick, you don’t even need to focus or anything, because the macro lens and it’s focal length force everything to blur that’s at a distance.

Here’s a shot of a tree with the Olloclip macro lens attached, the strong bokeh is very obvious:

Bokeh shot with iPhone and Olloclip

I’m not much of a photographer but the Instagram blog shows us this bokeh photo taken with an Olloclip, demonstrating the before and after of shooting christmas lights to get the effect:

iPhone bokeh with an Olloclip from Instagram

Got any other tips for shooting bokeh with an iPhone? Let us know in the comments. Have fun, experiment, and enjoy your iPhone photography!


IATKOS L2 - installation success but get stuck after boot #iATKOS

Hey, I installed iatkos l2 from USB using chameleon bootloader, I choose NVenabler under VGA I did make sure that graphic enabler was off and after the installation is over with success the computer boots into the system starts the intro music and than get stuck and shows me the kernel panic screen.

Computer specs:

Asus P5KPL-AM Motherboard

Dual-core E5200 2.5ghz

2gig RAM Kingston DDR2

Nvidia 7600gt 256mb

500gb WD hard drive

Please HELP!

*UPDATE*: I managed to run it using -x but there is no sound and the graphic card is not fully working.


10.8 - A direct download or upgrade??? #iATKOS #ML2

Hey folks, quick question.

I've successfully built my first Hackintosh but choosing the right OS has thrown me for a spin. Which version will allow me to install OSX from scratch?

10.8??? Or do I have to purchase Snow Leopard and then 10.8 if I so choose???


Moutain Lion ML2, DVD Player is not valid (-70012) #iATKOS #ML2