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Remove installers after generating a new USB drive?

I used one of my other machines to make an OCLP USB install drive, and I get the impression that the downloaded OS installers are still on that machine. Does anyone know how to clear them out? Thanks!

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Hp z800 Workstation Hackintosh

Hi to everyone, and good bless for the new year.....guys today i'm very sick at home with covid, so i wanna try to make a Hackintosh with mi Workstation z800 dual core x5680 24 Gb Ram and nvidia GT 710 2Gb(core GK208 that is fully support in mojave).
My problem is that ....i followed this guide ( so i write here because the post is close.......and i can't have success in create the...

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Update MacOS default apps


I want to know is there is any way to update a default app without upgrade the OS version?
I am on Monterey cause i have intel wifi and the iServices doesn't work with this version.

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Can someone reccomend me a good WiFi Card?

Hi everyone,

I would like to enable Airdrop and WiFi on my hackintosh. It's specs are:

ASUS TUF Gaming B550M

Ryzen 5700X

16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz

RX 580

Ventura 13.6

I've got a spare M.2 Slot, which is a Key M, and a couple of spare PCI-E Slots - 1 1x and 1 16X.

I've seen a few people using the Fenvi T919, but would it be better to find a way to use an offical Apple one?


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i5 10500 + 400 chipset, show be easy right? Not seeing USB on OpenCore boot menu

i5 10500 + 400 chipset, show be easy right? Not seeing USB on OpenCore boot menu

I am using a 10500/Asus H470 TUF Gaming Pro/RX570/Fenvi T919. (Comet Lake)

I am following this guide:

i also checked his EFI folder:

My problem is the OpenCore boot menu is not showing the USB stick. It is showing Windows.

I included my USB stick layout. I don't think i am allowed to share config.plist right?

Any ideas?

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Cannot boot into macOS Installer.

Hi, I made my Unibeast USB with the EFI being Clover, but when I boot into the macOS Installer, I get no activity from the USB Drive, the screen is hanging at the Apple logo, and nothing else. My CPU is a 6 Core AMD Ryzen 5 5600x Processor and my GPU is an AMD Radeon RX 580.

Author: Luna

Hello Can anyone help me?

I'm trying to install macos big sur on hp pro desk g4 400 sff but i cant find any efi folders that work.
Can anyone help?

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Dell G3 3779 Laptop

Hey All

It's been years since I last did a Hackintosh and that was on an older Toshiba laptop. I have my old gaming laptop a Dell G3 3779 laptop I want to do it on. I have no idea where to begin since so many things have changed in the scene since the last time. I am not looking for a handout but if someone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

Thank You

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OLCP 1.3/Sonoma on MacBook Air mid-2015 - lockscreen/login failure

Hello, posting this for guidance and possibly to help others: Despite reinstalling several times this is the only glitch on a otherwise fairly successful and fast working Sonoma install on a MacBook Air with only 4gb of RAM...When the screen goes to sleep the Lock Screen would not recognize any input, and just cycle through the login screen repeatedly. I would have to force a restart. Workaround is to change in Settings to "Login Window shows" Name and Password, rather than List of Users. Still get the attached 'login window quit unexpectedly' but at least I don't have to force a restart. Anyone got any way to stop this? Just based on past glitches with some software, I am wondering if it is due to getting the Canadian keyboard set up due to region - I have tried repeatedly to force it to only have US keyboard but despite deleting the Canadian keyboard, forcing only English - US as language, I still see "Canadian" on the Lock Screen. Just a theory.

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