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help, no boot after install

i am hackintoshing a Lenovo T430s with i7-3520m following this guide i get the os installed and boot in fine, but upon shutting down to get the vanilla .aml from clover boot i can't boot at all into the internal clover UEFI; i just loop back to the BIOS. The usb clover doesn't boot the install either, it flashed the apple logo and then reboots. what am i doing wrong? the instructions aren't super clear.

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Clover Can't Find USB?

Clover Can't Find USB?

I've been following this guide to try and hackintosh my T420. I successfully created an install media, but I still need to change the EFI with clover. I've got Sierra in a VM through VMware, and the mac recognizes it, but Clover doesn't. It only lets me install to my EFI for the VM, not the USB. Clover Customizer the EFI folder too, but when I open it from Clover Customizer, the folder is empty. How can I get Clover to modify the EFI for the bootable USB>

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Love me some Hackintosh... Everything seems to work but I need help from the amazing peeps of this sub (More in comments).

How about you let me by signing the nVidia drivers, I have no iGPU on the 5960X

[Help] Setting up BCM94360CS2 kit - pins not connecting properly?

So I bought this card and this adapter, and they seem to slot in fine, but when trying to connect the antenna pins they "click" into place but come right off when I let go. I can see them fitting in flush with the antenna ports but they just don't want to stay in place. Any advice? Should I tape them down with electrical tape or something? Is it even necessary? Range isn't an issue.

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All USB Wifi For High Sierra/Mojave work for Hackintosh too?

So I currently installed Hackintosh High Sierra on my Lenovo Y700 i7-6700hq, with a millions of problems and even more hours of troubleshooting per week. Now that everything is set and done, I was wanting to add the one basic feature that I would need to efficiently run the Mac which I had installed. So I needed wifi.

BG: I tried to install the Realtek Ethernet Adaptor Kext and other Ethernet Kexts as well, it would say installed succesfully, but when connecting ethernet cable, no real connection was formed so not really sure what happened would like help on that too.

So I am now looking for the USB Wifi way to run internet on the piece of computer.

Tldr: Does any usb wifi that says it will run on mac Os work on Hackintosh as it is basically acting as Mac or will there be complications and chances of not working?? Like for example, these USB Wifi says it will work on mac, would it work on my Hackintosh too??

Note: Also if it is possible can someone help me with the ethernet issue as well??


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Well, I have 3 things. One: what's a good wifi bluetooth solution that is known to work with macOS Sierra and newer UNDER 42$ (that's all I have, I understand it isn't a lot of money.)

Is there a workaround to get iMovie on 10.12.6? I was surprised to see that I couldn't get it (MacApp store is the only iCloud thing I have working besides actual iCloud. I have to wait two weeks for iMessage shadowban to be over before I can use it.

And lastly, is it true that High Sierra and Mojave don't work well with the GTX 660?


i5 2400

8gb DDR3 1333mhz RAM

GTX 660

1 terabyte 7200rpm WD Blue HDD

I'm currently using ethernet shared from my laptop to use internet on my hack.

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Success! i9-9900K, Gigabyte Z390 Designare, RX 580 Pulse, Samsung Evo 970 NVMe, 32 GB DDR4-3200 on Mojave 10.14.2. Thunderbolt 3, iMessage, Airdrop, Quicklook, etc working. (Parts list in comments)

Reinstalling MacOS on mostly authentic Apple hardware

So I have a Mac Pro 5,1 that is all original hardware except for the graphics card (an MSI RX570). It currently has only linux on it, but I would like reinstall MacOS on it. I had planned to boot into the internet recovery mode, but if I hold Cmd+R or Cmd+Option+R while booting the screen remains black until I release the keys, at which point it begins booting the linux installation. Does anyone know how I could get internet recovery mode to boot or if there is another way I can reinstall MacOS?

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I managed to install mac os mojave on my pc but it's so slow but mac os ysomite runs fine and smooth, anyone have idea what's going on???, my specs:i5 750, 8gb ddr3, Pih55z motherboard and gt610 gpu

Maybe you guys can help me?

Is an RX 570 or 580 a worthwhile replacement for a GTX 970?

With the lack of Apple support for Nvidia and the posts about AMD cards working I've been getting tempted to get an RX 570 after seeing