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Reinstalling MacOS on mostly authentic Apple hardware

So I have a Mac Pro 5,1 that is all original hardware except for the graphics card (an MSI RX570). It currently has only linux on it, but I would like reinstall MacOS on it. I had planned to boot into the internet recovery mode, but if I hold Cmd+R or Cmd+Option+R while booting the screen remains black until I release the keys, at which point it begins booting the linux installation. Does anyone know how I could get internet recovery mode to boot or if there is another way I can reinstall MacOS?

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Maybe you guys can help me?

Is an RX 570 or 580 a worthwhile replacement for a GTX 970?

With the lack of Apple support for Nvidia and the posts about AMD cards working I've been getting tempted to get an RX 570 after seeing this post from However my current card is a GTX 970 I've had for about two years, and from the comparison articles the RX 570 doesn't quite seem up-to-par with the GTX 970. For a long time, even before Mojave, I've spent more time on the Windows side playing games though. The most demanding game I currently play is probably Fallout 4. I wanted Fallout 76 but the minimum CPU is an i5-6600K and I only have an i5-6500.

With Nvidia cards I've gotten the impression that the next generation up (previous generation model number plus 90) is around the same equivalent mode, so a GTX 970 is about the same as a GTX 1060, no? Would it be a better investment to go with an RX 580 instead?

I got some eBay gift cards for Christmas and was considering getting one, thinking I can offset the cost with the money I make from selling the GTX 970. What's your input on this?

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Unc0ver Jailbreak v2.1.0 Officially Released

Pwn20wnd has announced that the unc0ver jailbreak v2.1.0 is no longer in pre-release testing and has officially been released. Unc0ver supports jailbreaking iOS 11.0-11.4b3 (including betas).

You can download the latest unc0ver IPA from here. Use Cydia Impactor to install it on your device.

Now that Cydia Substrate has been updated, jailbreakers are advised to install it for improved stability.

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Is it true that i cannot control my Graphicscard Fanspeed?

Hey there, i did quite some research and am surprised that i cannot find anything to make my RX570 more silent.

This is especially confusing for me because i think this is a natively supported card, isn't it?

I am out of options in my UEFI, i made chassis and processor fans as silent as possible, on Linux i have a script that automatically puts the graphicscards fans down when not needed so this is quite satisfying but on macOS (High Sierra), i find the noise quite disturbing... . :(

If there is something i may have overlooked, i'd be quite happy!

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What is the AMD equivalent to the Nvidia GTX 1060 that works on MacOSX?

Apple seems to constantly disrupt things. If I were to switch to AMD what is the equivalent that naively or easily works on MacOSX?

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