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Unable to finish Catalina install - ASUS z490 & i5 10400 with iGPU

Can someone give me some advice on this current install? I'm using "EFI for Catalina" from @Middleman and I can't seem to finish. The install gets to about 2 minutes left and then restarts. I attached an image below of the message that flashes before restarting. After it reboots, if I select my Samsung SSD I am installing to, it will throw up what I'm guessing is an error (2nd image attached). I keep getting that same error if I continue selecting my SSD drive at boot.


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Author: szalayfilm

How to Prepare for Big Sur

As many people have been running system-definitions - the model of Apple Mac your Hackintosh is emulating - which will no-longer be supported under Big Sur, if you would like to upgrade when the time comes you will need make some changes to your config.plist.

I've been happily running system-definition iMac14,2 for many years but this is an old Mac model which will not be supported going forward with Big Sur. So I need to prepare now.

To get this thread started I'll show you what I...

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Author: UtterDisbelief

AMD Radeon RX 580 Updated preparing for BigSur - Opencore update.

It's been a long time since I immersed myself in this world. I needed to upgrade from high sierra, but then pandemic times came, there was no GPU available and I had to stick to the issues with the old software, but NOW, finally! I already changed my GPU to a Radeon RX 580 and I'm preparing for the os update (I'm scared! hahaha).

First, I need to change my system definition (Clover), from iMac 14.2 to iMac 15.1

I have some guides here to follow, but I need to know how I can backup my boot...

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Author: Alcatraz6

Random OCB: Start Image startup

Hello my catalina system is working quite well, however I randomly have this message at statup (screen attached)... a little stressful, has anyone experienced this before ?

Author: lozlab

Stuck at boot


Anyone that can help med I'm stuck at boot an can't boot in safe mode either.
I am running Clover boot loader with internal graphics on Catalina.

Everything worked perfectly for a long time until my kids turn of the power to my pc then the bios got messed up but got it working again by updating the bios and then it worked for a while and now I hade to do a hard restart because nothing was working and know I get get in anymore.


Author: peste

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 reboots at "Pausing 5 secs..." (clover 5123) or at "[EB|#WL|8] 0x01 0x03 22 0x0E" (OpenCore).

Motherboard: H61MLV2 VER.9.0
CPU: Intel E3-1230 v2
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
The attached screenshot shows the clover log. I am using clover 5123 because a higher version of clover results in a blank screen. Can someone please help me?

Author: CuitePiglin

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

I am trying to install BigSur on Microsoft Surface pro 4.
I made it work up to the install screen but can't make it work keyboard and track pad.
It work in clover but when it boot up the bigsur Recovery keyboard/track-pad does not work.
I have 1 USB so another keyboard and mouse out of option and my docking station also don't work on it.
i got the product id and vendor info but can't find the info how to add in it?

Model: Surface Pro 4
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

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Author: shaz385

Feedback and Suggestions for Mojave Build Upgrade

Hi there. I am currently on Mojave 10.14.5 and more and more sites and programs are telling me nothing under 10.15 will be supported. Safari stopped working on a ton of sites long ago, Plex as well, Chrome just popped up the other day saying no more upgrades, etc. This computer used to be my daily driver, Plex server, and security center, and now it's just a Plex server as my M1 Mac Mini does my daily driver stuff. I am looking to do 1 more upgrade and then be done with it since this isn't...

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Author: hackintoshhelp2020

resoltution stuck at 1280x760

Hey i have downloaded Mac os big sur on my sandy bridge system But there is a problem its stuck at 1280x760p and yes i have tryed disable display app but it doesnt work and every other resize app doesnt work either.... could anyone help me?

Author: NicolasH

Clover USB Boot Manager freezes at drive selection.

My hackintosh drive got wiped so i am trying to reinstall it but i keep having the same problem, no matter what i do.

I have set up the USB boot drive for installation and it opens to clover boot manager but everytime I select the install macOS partition it just freezes then and there. Not even a black screen, just frozen with the partition still selected.

I have been fiddling with my drivers, my kexts, my config.plist to no avail and I am thinking now the problem might be somewhere else...

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Author: SlitherSlow

Fan control for motherboards using ITE Super IO, coming in VirtualSMC 1.3.2

I need help with my custom Open Core EFI for ventura

Unable to Boot

I installed Ventura but I'm unable to Boot to finalize the install.

EFI and log.

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MacOS Monterey on hp 840 g2

MacOS Monterey on hp 840 g2

Very happy, because at first it had some screen glitches (fixed), I need to see options and refine it, for example, sound its not working because I still didn’t try more alcid options. Specs: Hp 840 g2 Cpu: i5 5200u Gpu: Intel hd 5500 Ram: 8gb ddr3l Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: intel card (it works both) Touchpad and trackpoint: synaptics (both works) Bios ver. Last available as 10/06/23 Opencore 0.92

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