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BCM94360CS2 + Windows?

Hi everyone. I recently ordered the above mentioned card for my laptop along with a adapter to make it work on a A/E m.2 slot. It hasn’t arrived yet.

Moving onto the important bit, I have dual boot set up. Windows 11 and Monterey right now. I’ve been using this for the past 6 months but now I want the additional features hence I got that card. But someone told me it doesn’t work on windows. Is that true? Coz then I’m screwed. He said it didn’t work even with bootcamp drivers. Has anyone got a card from an old mac for his Hackintosh and also been able to use that successfully on windows?

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MacBook logo is missing

Simulator (Xcode 13.4) only show black screen

Simulator (Xcode 13.4) only show black screen

Hi guys,

I recently install macOS Monterey using OpenCore, everything working well and my GPU was detected, my problem is my iOS Simulator (Xcode 13.4), it only shows black screen whenever I try to launch it both from Xcode -> Open Developer Tools -> Simulator or when running a project.

My last CoreSimulator.log

May 27 14:09:02 192 CoreSimulatorService[714] <Error>: Error Code=405 "Unable to lookup in current state: Shutting Down" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to lookup in current state: Shutting Down} May 27 14:09:02 192 CoreSimulatorService[714] <Error>: Error Code=405 "Unable to lookup in current state: Shutting Down" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to lookup in current state: Shutting Down} May 27 14:13:23 192 CoreSimulatorService[714] <Error>: Error Code=405 "Unable to shutdown device in current state: Shutdown" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to shutdown device in current state: Shutdown} May 27 14:15:39 192 CoreSimulatorService[714] <Error>: Could not register service Failed to lookup 0x44e May 27 14:53:19 192 CoreSimulatorService[714] <Error>: Could not register service Failed to lookup 0x44e 

My Specification :

CPU : Intel i5-4590 @ 3.3 GHz GPU 1 : Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU 2 : NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 Ram : 16gb OS : Monterey 12.1

I have try :

  • xcrun simctl delete unavailable
  • reinstall xcode many times
  • install xcode 13.3
  • Delete and recreate simulator

And none above doing something

Can anybody help me? please

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any new developments towards arm cpus?

Is there any tries to make mac os run on arm chips? Is it even possible ?

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will hackintoch die in the future?

Im super worried that we will not be able to make hackintoches in the future due to the m1 arm chips

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Running into an odd boot issue, won't start without AC Adapter

Hi everyone,

CPU: Intel Core i5 2410M Sandy Bridge

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000

RAM: 8GB Dual Channel DDR3

Motherboard: Lenovo Base Board (40CN30WW)

I completed a vanilla installation of El Capitan on a Lenovo G570, am able to boot into the OS without the USB installer and got most of the important things working and was able to even run updates. Battery is working, shows the percentage and is able to charge. Once booted into the OS I can disconnect the AC Adapter and continue with the battery with no issue.

What part I got an issue with: The problem is that if the computer is shut down and the AC Adapter is not connected, the computer won't even start up. The light for the power button will turn on for a few seconds and then turn off. It won't even start up enough to get to the bios. But once I connect the AC Adapter again (though it takes a few tries pressing the power button) I am able to get back into the OS with no issue.

I have investigated this for some time, I have a secondary battery and ran into the same issue. Both batteries are original to the laptop. I've tried installing Windows 10 and Linux Mint, and did not encounter this same issue with either. I have even done a fresh install of El Capitan with the bare minimum, but cannot figure out what is causing this. I've searched online but don't see any posts relating to this issue. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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Unable to set configuration.

I am trying to download bigsur from (Olar1la) and I followed every single step. My laptop is an asus x441u with intel core i3-7100 and 4gb ram with an 250 SSD storage. I am still stuck with this input and it doesn’t seem to move anymore. I have already modified the BIOS Setting but still, it doesn’t work. Anyone know how to fix this?

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[HELP] Stuck at Boot Installer

[HELP] Stuck at Boot Installer

I have been triying to install BigSur on my PC (using OpenCore). Same one i used HighSierra in the past with Clover.

I have tryied everything i could found to fix other issues i had, but i can't figure out what's wrong this time.

Points of interest

  • ACPI are made by me using SSDTTime easy method
  • Had to use USBToolBox method to fix USB ports


Board : Gigabyte B85M-DS3H

CPU : i5-4560 (Haswell)

Realtek RTL8111

No Wifi-Bluetooth

No external GPU

thx in advance


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i need argument or quirk for USB reset on macOS boot

is there any boot argument (or quirk) to reset all USB devices on macOS boot? seems that my USB audio device need this to work after boot (now i re-plug it after every single boot). it did previously on earlier macOS versions (before Monterey). i detect it by specific click and i am pretty sure that USB reboot on startup is exactly what i need

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Sound is broken after upgrading to macOS 12.4

Sound is broken after upgrading to macOS 12.4

Thanks to the community, I created my build based on OpenCore starting from Catalina and upgraded to Big Sur and then Monterey. It works fine generally.

I upgraded to the latest macOS 12.4 recently. Everything (except sound) works as before. Today when I tried the speakers I found the sound is not playing (I mute them most of the time). I booted to Windows and confirmed the speakers are functioning. It worked well in macOS 12.3 before. After some try it turned out:

  • no sound when the volume bar is turned to the middle or lower
  • low sound with high background noise when the volume is turned to the maximum

I also upgraded the OpenCore from 0.7.7 to 0.8.0. So I tried to revert to the previous 0.7.7 snapshot of the EFI folder. The problem was not resolved. So it seems this is not related to the OpenCore upgrade.

I'm using Gigabyte Z170X UD3 motherboard with ALC1150. I added AudioDxe.efi driver and AppleALC.kext in my EFI.

The following is the audio related settings, which worked before in 12.3. I checked my OpenCore log and found the AudioCodec should be correct:

08:011 00:011 OCAU: Matching PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3)/VenMsg(<redacted>,00000000)...
08:026 00:014 OCAU: 1/2 PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x1)/VenMsg(<redacted>,00000000) (5 outputs) - Success
08:042 00:016 OCAU: 2/2 PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3)/VenMsg(<redacted>,00000000) (9 outputs) - Success

Layout ID

Audio Related Settings

What should I further check / update?

Thanks in advance!

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OCB: LoadImage failed - Unsupported

Can someone kindly help me with this error, i tried to install Hackintosh (MacsOs 11 BigSur) on my Desktop.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4590
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce 750Ti + Intel HD 4600
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Motherboard/Laptop model: Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2
  • Audio Codec: Realtek ALC887
  • Ethernet Card: Realtek

Log Error :

00:000 00:000 OCS: No schema for Security at 10 index, context <Quirks>!

00:000 00:000 OCS: No schema for SerialInit at 5 index, context <Debug>!

00:000 00:000 OCS: No schema for BootProtect at 4 index, context <Security>!

00:000 00:000 OCS: No schema for ExposedSensitiveData at 7 index, context <Security>!

42:389 42:389 OCB: LoadImage failed - Unsupported

i attach the config.plist bellow.


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Hackintosh Window

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and I would like to Hackintosh my laptop. I have tried looking at the communities online to determine if my devices will work. Here is my device's info.

LENOVO Thinkpad T580

BIOS: N27ET45W (1.31)

Intel core i7-8550U CPU 1.80Ghz ~ 2Ghz

Ram 16GB; SSD

Display: Intel UHD Graphics 620

Sound Realtek Semiconductor Corp; Standard PS/2 Keyboard

Hopefully, somebody can help me, please. Thanks for surfing!

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How do updates work with OpenCore?

When installing MacOS throught the OpenCore installer, how do software updates work? Will I be able to install software updates through the normal MacOS/Apple software update? Or will I have to manually download and re-patch through OpenCore? Does it make a difference in terms of minor vs feature updates (ie., an update to the next version of MacOS)?

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Disable f14 f15

How to disable f14(pause) & f15(scr lk) brightness hotkey? i use infinix x1 big sur 11.6.5

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Intel UHD 630 iGPU not showing max resolution and Kernel crash post login

Intel UHD 630 iGPU not showing max resolution and Kernel crash post login

I have a 9700K on top of Asus Z390A motherboard. It is running macOS Monterey 12.4. I removed my 5700XT over the weekend and sold it. It was time to use iGPU.

I plugged my HDMI to the motherboard but it gave a black screen post-Apple logo.

I removed the framebuffer patch for 5700XT and added a patch for iGPU (I didn't think 630 iGPU needed patching. I was under the impression that it is natively supported.)

Here is what patch looks like

Intel UHD 630 Patch

Here it is in text format

<key>PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)</key> <dict> <key>AAPL,ig-platform-id</key> <data> BwCbPg== </data> <key>device-id</key> <data> mz4AAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con0-busid</key> <data> AgAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con0-enable</key> <data> AQAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con0-flags</key> <data> xwMAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con0-index</key> <data> AgAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con0-pipe</key> <data> CgAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con0-type</key> <data> AAgAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con1-busid</key> <data> BAAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con1-enable</key> <data> AQAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con1-flags</key> <data> xwMAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con1-index</key> <data> AwAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con1-pipe</key> <data> CAAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con1-type</key> <data> AAgAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con2-busid</key> <data> AQAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con2-enable</key> <data> AQAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con2-flags</key> <data> xwMAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con2-index</key> <data> AQAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con2-pipe</key> <data> CQAAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-con2-type</key> <data> AAQAAA== </data> <key>framebuffer-patch-enable</key> <data> AQAAAA== </data> </dict> 

It is copied directly from: from the spoiler section at the bottom of the post. It has one pre-built for Z390A.

Here are my boot arguments: keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 alcid=11 igfxonln=1

There are two issues:

  1. I use a monitor with 3840x1200 resolution.


Intel UHD 630 properly detected

It still doesn't show the full resolution in display settings:

Only shows up to 3200 x 1000 instead of 3840x1200

I can select 3840x1200 using switchResX and it works fine. Why wouldn't display settings how it?

  1. And the bigger problem: I get a Kernel panic post login. Usually about 15-20 minute mark. This never used to happen.

following kernel extensions in backtrace:

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I had a problem when i boot the usb.

Hi, I tried to install my first hackintosh yesterday. I tried some solutions what I found on the internet. First I tried to install it with TransMac, but my computer can't see the flash drive on the boot loader. That’s why I decided to look for another solution. After some searching, I found this OpenCore installation guide. I did step by step what they write to make the usb boot pen. But when I restart my computer and load the usb from the boot menu, it does nothing. Only a black screen comes in and then disappears and I return to the bios. I'm looking for solutions, but none work. I tried to set things up on the bios, but I don't know why, there aren't so many options in the bios advanced menu.

I have an ASUS Rog G513 laptop: Ryzen 5 5600h, RTX 3050, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD

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Help Needed Hackintosh on Lenovo Thinkpad E-15 (3rd gen)

Hi Guys, I tried to follow a tutorial to install macOS on this computer, but it was too complicated. Is there any simple guide or strategy I can use to install macOS on that model? Can anyone provide simple steps or a tutorial? Thanks in advance.

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Unable to Install Monterey on i5 10400 with Gigabyte B560M AORUS Pro Motherboard with DP and IGPU Output

Hi there, I am unable to Install Monterey on i5 10400 with Gigabyte B560M AORUS Pro Motherboard. The Display Parameters -AAPL,ig-platform-id with 07009B3E or 00009B3E shuts down the Display and trying out 923E0000 shows the attached error. Any Idea why the IGPU is unable to take any of the Parameters and what is the correct Device ID for Intel UHD 630

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Asus ROG (GL702zc) Ryzen 1700 + RX 580 Laptop Boot fine on Battery, but freezes with AC ADAPTER!

I know most are not aware that some laptops with Ryzen are quite capable for hackintosh. i just got a cheap used Asus ROG GL702zc with the Ryzen 1700(Desktop CPU) and desktop GPU RX 580. I installed Mojave and booted all fine, except that is slows to a crawl with the AC adapter. Pretty much every time I I boot with battery is fine, but as soon as I plug the AC it freezes seconds after. First windows no longer can be dragged and then seconds later the mouse cursor freezes forcing a hard reboot.

Anyone had any similar experience with either intel or Ryzen?

Note: I have another Ryzen laptop with the 2700 + Vega 56 and that one shows no such problem.


CPU: Ryzen 1700

GPU: RX 580 (4GB) (Bummer is not 8GB)

HDD 1:Samsung EVO 860 500GB NVME (Bootable drive)

HDD 2: 1TB 5400 RPM

Ram: 32GB DDr4

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Question about this Wi-Fi Card.

I just ordered this Wi-Fi Card (BCM94360NG) off of Amazon after seeing tons of good reviews and compatibility features (like Airdrop, etc). and was wondering if it’s plug-and-play for macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey? Will I have any issues using Windows 10? I will be installing this card into my laptop.


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help me my bluetooth not working

help me my bluetooth not working

help me my bluetooth not working in macos high sierra 17G14042 am using bluetoot adapter form orico bta-403 and it doesnt work in my hack am using opencore 0.6.4 plz help me how to fix it

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EFI missing

I have (had?) a perfectly working Hackintosh (clover boot) running on a Asrock MB with a Samsung 500Gb mSata drive. All of a sudden, the machine stopped booting. It no longer shows the EFI partition in the BIOS although the drive itself is still detected.

Any clue why this might happen and any hints on how to solve this ?

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