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Trouble with volume formatting.

Hey guys, I'm trying to install hackintosh High Sierra and I'm running into a problem. When formatting disks, following Dortania's guide, I select MacOS Extended (Journaled), then during installation, the disk turns gray and the error "This volume is not formatted as APFS" appears. Ok, I format the disk in APFS, but then the reverse error follows "This volume is not formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Dell Inspiron 3521-0087, Intel Core i3 2365m, Intel Graphics 3000, 4Gb RAM

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Looking to run macOS on my build

Hey guys! Total noob here regarding hackintosh. I currently run a 5950x and a 3080 and was curious to know if it’s possible to run macOS on my gear. Full specs listed below: -AMD RYZEN 5950x -Asus ROG Strix B550-E Gaming -Nvidia RTX 3080 -Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz cl18 32gb

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macOS High Sierra on a Xeon

Intel wifi chipset support?

Dotriana's guide mentions that "great work has been done" on Intel wifi. Does that mean that it is possible to have an intelwifi module and owking wifi on hackintosh? Or is this something for the future? For refernce, I have a HP Pavillion with an i3 1005g1 (same cpu as 2020 intel macbook air) and my wifi card is an Intel 9461.

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MacOs Functionalities

How do I fix the macos properties such us airdrop, handoff, sidecar....? Is there a guide to do it? Or a device that solves all?

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gaming laptop issue with hdmi

Hello everyone,
I'm going to buy a gaming laptop and I will install Hackintosh on it, all that I know is the latest 10th generation Intel gaming laptop available in my country right now is wired the Nvidia card to HDMI directly so it won't work also USB Type c
and using a second screen is helping me a lot so is there another solution instead of HDMI?

for example Asus TUF f15, Asus Strix g15

thanks for helping

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Will this GPU work ? Making sure: Dell NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Ti 2GB

I am on the hunt for a cheapo GPU for dual 2k productivity use. I have checked dortania guide but still jsut want to make sure if this will work. I am looking at a 'Dell NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Ti 2GB'.

Using iMac14,4 on a Haswell 4670k, Catalina. I think I will bump up the SMBIOS to iMac015,1 when I update opencore files. Thansk for the help !

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LG Ultrafine 5k with Lenovo Legion Slim 7 AMD Ryzen Laptop?

I have the LG Ultrafine 5k (the model that you can use with iPad Pros, so I believe this is the latest one).

I picked up an Lenovo Legion Slim 7 AMD Ryzen laptop and am trying to connect it to the monitor. I only get audio and access to any peripherals connected to the monitor, but the computer cannot recognize that a display is being connected. Any advice?

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Will Tiger Lake theoretically work with an external discrete GPU via M.2?

As in title. Have been on OpenCore until I got upgraded to a Tiger Lake laptop.

I am planning on buying a Big Navi GPU and connecting it to the M.2 slot on my laptop via ADT-Link R43SG 4.0 (one of the few PCIe x16 to M.2 adapters). I am quite confident the CPU itself will be supported by spoofing as Ice Lake, but I am skeptical whether OpenCore would recognize the M.2-connected GPU.

From research, it seems an "internal" external GPU via M.2 would be better in compatibility than a TB3.

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OpenCore .8, does not see macOS partition?

I have a rather odd issue? I am working on building Hackintoshes from 2 identical Lenovo T460s. One is up 100% and running fine w/o issue. I pulled a drive from a previous build that used Clover, did a 100% wipe of it from Disk Utility. Then cloned the working machine’s drive to the drive I just wiped as well as the EFI from the working T460. Starting up from a known working OpenCore USB drive as well as letting the OpenCore EFI on the drive also does not see the macOS partition.

My hunch is there was a partition that Clover made that couldn’t be seen by Disk Utility?


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Studio Display Update

This is a short PSA post about updating the Studio Display firmware through a compatible Hackintosh: *It will not work*.

I haven't figured out what doesn't work, but it absolutely refuses to update.

Luckily, the Studio Display can be rebooted (unplug the power, wait 5 seconds, plug it back in) and it'll be functional again.

Updating via a real compatible Mac works and the update takes less than 3 minutes to complete. I personally used my M1 Pro Macbook.

If you don't have a real Mac or access to one through a friend or family, avoid installing the update until someone figures out how to do it successfully.

I hope this helps someone.

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Problem With

Problem With

Hello friends. I previously was able to use this script to download the recovery image but today all day I have been getting this error.

I tried running the same script on Debian and I still got the same error.

I would appreciate it if anyone can help me out with this issue.

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Are there any EFI changes required for DDR5 vs DDR4?

I've seen some guides about some of the Gigabyte z690 boards. Some of them are for ddr4 though (Gigabyte seems to duplicate their boards in both dd4 and ddr5 flavors). Are there any additional changes required to make a successful build if the same board by gigabyte if a guide is written for ddr4 but I want to go with ddr5 variant?

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