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My First Hackintosh

Help Resetting my Hackintosh - Fresh Install


I had bought my Hackintosh build pre-built for me and I never got to learn how to troubleshoot it using clover.

Does anyone know any tutorials that I can follow that can show me how to reset. What information would you guys need from me to best help my situation.

Thank you guys ahead of time! I'm not trying to revert back to windows. High Sierra is awesome.

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10.13.6 Success (i3-7100, 24GB DDR4, PNY GTX1060 3GB)

ASRock RX580 GPU | Mojave

Hi, anyone can confirm if ASRock Phantom Gaming D Radeon RX580 8G OC GPU works with Mojave OOB?

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Anyway to enable trackpad gestures in probook 6570b?

I am using the rehabmans patch for the build. The only thing missing is that the gestures dont work properly. there is no zooming in and out. to swiping from the left or anything. I saw a post on, it claims to fix the problem. I have a synaptics touchpad. when I used the kext in L/E, my trackpad stopped working all together. I used it in clover/kexts, it changed nothing. What should I do. I actually need the zoom in and out gestures.

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I installed mojave and was able to boot multiple times, now it just stops at this. Monitor is connected to my rtx card (for booting), i was going to switch to the rx560 card i just installed when it finished. No image appears when connected to the other card.

[Question]: 970 EVO & power management in hackintosh laptop

Hey guys,

Can someone using a 970 EVO nVME SSD (with the new firmware Samsung released fixing Mojave compatability) in a hackintosh laptop confirm if the SSD goes into lower power modes?

I'm using a 960 EVO M.2/SATA drive since the nVME drive I had before (Toshiba) wouldn't go into a low power mode at idle. But I'd like to go back to NVME.

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Can someone help me?

I have season 1 files and i install Fortnite S1, but i can only sit in the lobby and i can't play a match(if I try to start a game it gives me an error message), so can someone know a method for found a matchmaking?

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Better to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra or to Mojave? (less hassles, better 32 bit app compatibility) Mainly upgrading because of Xcode 10. Thanks in advance!

Apple to Unveil App Store for Apple Watch, iPad Home Screen Enhancements, New Apps, More at WWDC 2019

Apple is planning to announce numerous software updates next week at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference, reports Bloomberg. There's also a chance Apple could use the event to preview its much anticipated Mac Pro.

With watchOS 6, Apple is expected to reduce the Apple Watch's reliance on the iPhone. The smartwatch will get its own App Store, new apps like calculator and voice recorder, as well as additional messaging features.

The iPad will also get some updates to improve functionality with enhancements to the home screen and new features for using multiple apps at once. Developers will gain tools to help port iPad apps to macOS. It's believed that eventually one app binary may be able to run on all iOS and macOS devices.

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Vanilla install stop sign at 60%

Vanilla install stop sign at 60%

Hi there!,

I'm new to Hackintosh machines and I ran into a problem that I need some help with.

I used the Morgonaut "vanilla" tutorial to instal of Mac OS Mojave on my system and it displays the apple load screen as shown but when the bar reaches about 60% it shows the stop sign.

Also when I disable the inject Intel in clover boatloader before selecting a disk, the bar reaches about 95% and at that point the screen just goes black. No error and it does't reboot or come back on again.

Can you help me figure out what is going wrong?


MB: Asus Prime z390-a

CPU: i5 9600K (coffee Lake)

SSD: Samsung EVO 860

GPU: Intel UHD 630 (Igpu)

Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB DDR4 DIMM 3200 Mhz


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How usable is VSCode on Hackintosh

I have Sierra High on my laptop, but have glitches all over Vscode when ever I run it. Atom too is unusable.

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Atheros AR5B95 + MAC Spoof = WiFi DEAD?

Hi there, just installed & got a Atheros AR5B95 to work on my device. Tried on both Mojave & Sierra with multiple apps, whenever i try to spoof the MAC address, wifi is broken (still active & seeing hotspots but can't connect to them or connect but not internet). I must fix this, please help me, thanks :)

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I found some kexts about this card but its hella old any how to about this usb wifi adapter?

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Looking for a WiFi network card

I have a Lenovo B50-80 which has an intel network card and AFAIK there are no drivers for it. I’m looking for a replacement because I need WiFi. Any suggestions?

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Only 1280x1024 resolution


Hello, already sorry for my english, I'm french. So I'm going to put the dexu version (English and French)

So, my problem is that my resolution is blocked at 1280x1024 (it seems to me) and I can not change it.

Have installed the drivers etc but nothing is done.

I installed mojave, I uninstalled it because of this problem, and I tried with High Sierra, but nothing changes, I watched tutorials etc but I do not touch.

Nothing solved my problem. Please help me I do not know how to do it anymore.

My configuration: Motherboard: MSI 270-A-PRO Graphic: ASUS GTX 1060 6GO & 1050TI Processor: I5 7600K


Bonjour, déjà désolé de mon anglais, je suis français. Donc je vais mettre les dexu version (anglais et français)

Donc, mon problème est que ma résolution est bloqué à 1280x1024 ( il me semble) et je ne peux pas la changer. 'ai installé les drivers etc mais rien n'y fais. J'avais installé mojave, je l'ai désinstallé à cause de ce problème, et j'ai essayer avec High Sierra, mais rien ne change, j'ai regardé des tutos etc mais je ne touve pas. Rien n'a résolu mon problème. S'il vous plaît aidez moi je ne sais plus comment faire.

Ma configuration:

Carte mère: MSI 270-A-PRO

Graphic: ASUS GTX 1060 6GO & 1050TI

Processeur: I5 7600K

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Apple Increases App Store Cellular Download Limit From 150MB to 200MB

Apple has increased the App Store's cellular download limit from 150MB to 200MB.

The limit was previously raised from 100MB to 150MB in September of 2017.

If you're concerned about additional data use you can turn off the option to 'Use Cellular Data' for automatic downloads from the iTunes & App Stores menu in Settings.

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Mostly Successful Mojave Hackintosh (MSI B250i/i5 6500/Asus RX 580)

Mostly Successful Mojave Hackintosh (MSI B250i/i5 6500/Asus RX 580)

I built this machine for my office late last year using the vanilla guide, and while the experience has been mostly smooth, I'm having a couple of consistent problems that I cannot solve despite several different troubleshooting steps (shifting machine definitions, adding FakeSMC/WhateverGreen). My specs are as follows:

Motherboard: MSI B250i

CPU: Intel i5 6500

GPU: Asus AMD Radeon RX580 Dual Fan

Memory: 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2133MHz

Wireless: Apple BCM94360CS2

For kexts, I have installed:









My main problem is this: every day when I boot up the machine, it works. Then (after a random period of time) everything except the mouse cursor freezes and I have to hard reboot. After that, it tends to work all day. I have no idea what else I can do to fix this. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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First Hackintosh Success [Dell Inspiron 3567]

First Hackintosh Success [Dell Inspiron 3567]

Got my first Hackintosh working.

Laptop : Dell Inspiron 15 3567

CPU: i3-7100u @2.4Ghz (no turbo)

GPU: Intel 620RAM: 4GIGS @ 2133 (although bios states it as 2400)Storage: 240GIG Kingstone UV400 + 1TB Segate HDD (Using Harddrive caddy)

Installation was super simple (just like windows) since I used pre-made image.

Whats working?Idk im still figuring out. Its my first Mac OS device.I need time

Whats not working?WIFI, Ethernet, iMessage, Facetime, Location Services & Siri so far identified.

Also have a weird issue with my cpu frequency... Once it goes to a higher clock speed. it stays at that frequency and never goes down. Fan starts blowing at full speed and never stops. However when I sleep the laptop and turn it back on. frequency goes down until next time the same thing happens over again.

If anyone know how to fix any of those errors.Please do let me know.

And also If anyone know a mini usb wifi dongle that I could get to work with MacOS without much of a pain. please let me know the model number.(Im fine with cheap low range 2.4Ghz ones)

Thank you author of & @arsradu @OddAnkylosaurus @RamiTrainFan @Dreamwhite from reddit for helping me with my first hackintosh :)

EDIT: Added a SS

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Ethernet possible on 10.6.7? (GA970-DS3P)

hey! I'm running SnowLeopardAMD (courtesy of ) and I'm having some trouble getting Ethernet working on my system. I understand that 10.6.7 is old, and doesn't have much driver support for newer hardware, but I thought I may give a shot asking someone if they have experience getting this to work. Would something like a USB WiFi adapter or maybe a PCI/e ethernet/wifi adapter work? My system specs are as follows: CPU: AMD 8350 black edition Mobo: GA970-DS3P RAM: Corsair 1337mhz 16GB GPU: RX 570 4GB Sapphire HD: some WD 250gb SATA I had laying around (ran disk checks it's perfectly fine)

I had a search for the chipset this motherboard uses for the ethernet but I wasn't really sure what I was looking for. Something like Realtek 81xx LAN? I hope I've given enough information, any help would be really appreciated!!

(ps: 10.6 is vital due to the compatiblility of PowerPC programs (I intend to launch my old Logic 4-6 files from 2004!)

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I Need A Cheap Hackintosh Please Help ME 😝

What Is The Best Hackintoshable Computer I Can Get For £50 Because I Have A Maximum Budget Of £58

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