Q. Where can I get OSX DVD/SW ?
A. From Apple stores and online Apple App Stores (or) Look out for Amazon links in the site.

Q. Get me a download/torrent link ?
A. Try the Search Bar

Q. What is a Retail Install ?
A. Retail install is the one where you use original OSX DVD/SW.

Q. I am new to Hackintosh, where should I begin ?
A. You can start by looking at the Hackintosh Wiki in the site.

Q. I am planning to build a new computer for hackintosh, where to start?
A. You should start by looking into the HCL (Hardware Compatability List).

Q. I already have a computer, how to make a hackintosh ?
A. Start by looking into the guides to install OSX.

Q. I have installed iATKOS, iDeneb, Hazard ..... ?
A. We can give you links for download those pirated OSX distros.

Q. I installed OSX using tools from tonymac ....?
A. one-click installers are not supported here, it would make you lazy and you would not be able to fix your errors by yourself.