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Z370 or Z390?

Well, the question speaks (or asks) for itself. In the sense of maximum utility from Hackintosh.

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BCM94352hmb on Catalina 10.15

BCM94352hmb on Catalina 10.15

Hi, I have upgraded from Mojave 10.14.6 to Catalina 10.15.2, and suddenly I saw that my wifi isn't working. I checked through google, and forums but didn't find how to solve this problem.

Pls help me to get my WiFi work

My kexts folder:

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Moving from RX 480 to RX 5700 XT Asrock H270 ITX/AC

I wanted to play some newer games on my HTPC hackintosh but I had an MSI RX 480 4GB that was aging and wanted to upgrade to a 5700 XT. Bought the Gigabyte Gaming OC 8GB version. Purpose of this post is to laugh at myself, jot some notes down, and help anyone in the future who has this motherboard or similar problems.


  • CPU: Core i5 7600
  • Motherboard: ASrock H270 ITX/AC
  • RAM: TeamGroup DDR4-2400 16GB RAM
  • Old Video Card: MSI RX 480 4GB
  • New Video Card: Gigabyte Gaming OC 8GB
  • PSU: Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold
  • SSD macOS: Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB
  • SSD Windows: SanDisk Extreme Pro 240 GB
  • HDD Storage: Apple HDD 500 GB (salvaged from my Late-2014 Mac Mini)
  • Case: Cooler Master Elite 130
  • Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 120
  • Wifi/Bluetooth: BRCM94360CS2 with a NGFF(M.2) Key A/E Adapter


  • Had an already working OpenCore, USBMap
  • Made sure kexts were up-to-date including Lilu and WEG
  • Added the adgpmod=pikera boot flag
  • Made sure I had a backup "known good" EFI on a flashdrive

What I should have done

  • Install the new card
  • Reset the motherboard CMOS
  • Boot into Windows SSD and update the VBIOS from Gigabyte
  • Used OpenCore's reset NVRAM function before attempting to boot into MacOS

What actually transpired

  • First, after installing the new card, my motherboard did not detect anything in the slot. I was able to use IGPU in Bios/Windows. Swapping back to my RX480, system worked.
  • Reset the CMOS! Short those jumpers.
    • Finally able to POST with HDMI plugged in via video card
    • Windows detects and installs card fine, able to play the game Control on High settings. Yummy.
  • Booted into macOS
    • I can see the initial boot apple logo progress bar, but when the display initializes I got only a completely black screen (different than my TV's "no display connected" error)
    • Good thing I have a backup Macbook Air and Screen Sharing turned on, able to do some troubleshooting...
  • Reset NVRAM with OpenCore
    • Cool the card now outputs after boot and I can access my macOS desktop!
    • Bad news bears: no video during post or reboots between OSes
  • Weird audio hissing/popping/video stuttering
    • YouTube videos, Twitch, files directly off of my NAS...
    • Good grief what the heck! It's completely fine in Windows. What is going on here?
    • There's some kind of weird audio clock issue. I have a wireless USB headset and microphone device, and my soundbar. I usually use a Multi-output device in the Audio MIDI Setup app to output audio to both devices so I don't have to switch manually. When I messed with the sample rate sometimes my audio would output at a lower pitch or get more poppy.
  • I Changed my SMBIOS from iMac18,3 to iMacPro1,1
    • Not sure if this was necessary, but I was changing lots of things to try to get rid of the audio problems
  • One Day Later...
    • Maybe the power table is messed up in Mac OS. Wait... you never updated the card's VBIOS!
  • Boot into my Windows SSD and update the 5700 XT's VBIOS
    • Gigabyte website says, on the new BIOS "Reduce the GPU temperatures by increasing the default fan speed." It fixed more than that for me!
    • Audio problem solved!
    • The card now outputs during POST and OS Boot as well as reboots in-between the OSes!
  • Huzzah!

I also did a lot of other junk like disabling onboard audio and AppleALC.kext since I never really use onboard audio this seemed reasonable. Fiddling with the IGPU settings in BIOS, and many more useless things. All told, took me about 3.5 hours to figure everything out.

I hope someone in the future finds this to be helpful.

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Future of 3rd gen Threadripper chips on Hackintosh

The third gen threadripper chips have been out for a "while" now, and on the official

amd-osx website, it is stated that it will boot but has chipset issues, and won't work very well.

Is there any update to this, or will there be an update to this in 2020?

Some background:

I am building a hackintosh with a 1080ti, high sierra 10.13.6 for light tensorflow training on macos, just in case I lose access to my campus's gpu cloud. (I had this problem before, and it wasn't fun. I will lose it when I graduate too, which is also not fun!)

I also want a lot of cores due to some other operations I will be performing. Thus the decision to build with threadripper. The hack won't be built for a year or so, so I was wondering about its future.

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RX580 power consumption issue


I recently bought an RX580 pulse GPU, for my High Sierra hackintosh system. My problem is, that memory runs 2.000mhz all the time, and the idle power consumption is 90W. How can I lower it? What could possibly cause this?

Thank you!

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Some warning in console

Hi guys,

Im running HS olarila in my desktop with i5 6600 with no any eGPU.

its working perfectly, except with sleep and one issue. every single minute, theres a warning code in my console:

iMac[1] ([1040]): Service exited with abnormal code: 1

iMac[1] ( Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.

is it okay? Im afraid if my hardware will brick lol


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Converting to OpenCore was harder than I thought but I recommend it.

Catalina 10.15.2 on thinkpad P53s without graphic acceleration

Hello, I am able to install Catalina 10.15.2 on thinkpad P53s using vanilla guide (already patch HD620 iGPU), but there is no graphic acceleration. Here is my EFI, please give me some help.


For dGPU, I already disable it follow this guide:

Thank you and good day.


CPU: Intel Core i7-8665U Processor (1.90GHz GHz 8MB)

GPU: NVIDIA Quadro P520 2 GB GDDR5/ intel UHD 620

RAM: 16.0GB PC4-19200 DDR4 Soldered 2400MHz

SSD/ HDD: 1TB SSD Samsung PCIe

Motherboard/Laptop model: Intel Coffee Lake-U/Y PCH rev. 30/ Thinkpad P53s

BIOS: Lenovo version 1.60 (12/30/2019)

Screen: 15.6 "FHD IPS AntiGlare LED Backlight 1920x1080

Ethernet Card: Intel I219-LM

Wifi/BT Card: Wireless Intel AC adapter 9560 2x2ac with BT5.0

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