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Help with mac os Big Sur vm to external hard drive

Hello I was able to boot into vmware fusion on my Hackintosh with Big Sur, I want to clone the vm hard drive to an external. I have no idea how to do it, I want to boot my laptop with that external hard drive

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First Time Hackintosher...

Minimum requirements

What is the minimum requirements for MacOS X BigSur??

1)CPU (AMD and Intel) 2)Ram 3)GPU (AMD and Nvidia) 4)SSD or HDD??

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HELP Building a Powerful / Quiet Hackintosh

Hello all,

I'm a narrator and I'm looking to upgrade my current MacBook Pro into a Hackintosh for audio editing (also able to play games as well if possible.)

My goal here is to find something essentially extremely quiet (my current mac gets up to 4000 RPM's while recording sometimes), that can run Adobe Audition or Pro Tools recording for multiple hours. I use an Apollo and my space is completely acoustically treated, it's much more comfortable than an isolation booth and why I'd rather invest in the best unit to allow me to move to and from my work stations as quickly as possible, as my acoustics are pretty much perfect. Unfortunately, that means keeping the unit in the same room (since there is only one room). I know Bequiet Fans are an option as well as Fractal Define Case but would love help on other options as well as the CPU, GPU, Motherboard, etc.

Can anyone provide suggestions with various price points involved (Middle of the road and more Expensive). I would love any and all insights you might have on my venture here to eliminate fan noise from recordings with also having a powerful computer.

Thanks and best regards,

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Does anyone else feel like they shouldn't use Hackintosh as their main setup? (Unwarranted concern/feeling) What are the long term cons of Ryzentosh?

This might sound a bit strange, so I'll preface this by saying that.

I have Windows on my main computer (3900x / 5700xt) and dual booted with Catalina (OC). MacOS feels smooth and runs super well! Everything works except handoff , airdrop etc; (I don't have Wifi Card installed). But I can't help but feel I shouldn't dive in and use the hackintosh as my main OS due to it not being "official". I guess the feeling comes as if I won't have the full performance or something, I'm not sure. Or as if there is a downside I am not seeing yet, I just stay away from using it as a main OS.

As strange as this may be, I guess I wanted to ask, is there any long term (or short term) cons or annoyances to stop me from using it as the main OS? Should I dive in and be happy with it as I much prefer MacOS (I have Macbook, ATV, iPad Pro, iPhone, Apple Watch etc;). I am using AMD 3900X although it seems to work flawlessly in regular use (haven't really tested performance apps).

Is there a noticeable performance hit in some apps like Adobe suite? I've heard LR doesnt work, but it seems to work for me.

Also am I a bit insane for my thinking? haha

Please help me dive into Hackintosh and enjoy the hard work of this awesome community!!

Also for those who dual boot, when do you tend to switch back to Windows? What for?

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Trackpad not working on Lenovo Ideapad 320s 14IKB

I was previously using clover with Catalina and on that everything worked very good, now i shifted to OpenCore everything is working on laptop except trackpad, from windows is searched that my trackpad is "Microsoft HID" and i have tried all the VoodoI2 kexts, seperately like VoodoI2CHID, VoodoI2CELAN, VoodoI2CSynaptics but trackpad won't work. Previously i was using VoodoI2CHID on clover and trackpad was working very fine.

Kindly help me in that, a little help would be appreciated.

I have attached my OpenCore EFI Folder

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Getting nvidia drivers to work with high Sierra

My laptop is HP pavilion 15 ab032tx

CPU - i5 5200u (HD5500 iGpu)

dGpu - Nvidia gt 940m (maxwell)

My any means (supposedly web drivers), is it possible to get the dGPU working in High Sierra with OpenCore?

I already have a working hack with catalina using clover, thinking of migration and experimenting

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Lenovo G570 system random freeze on Catalina

Hello there:

I have already installed hackintosh for Catalina.

But I got big trouble that I can’t solve it.

The situation is hackintosh will random freeze when it is running, it’s like crash or system lock.(see photo)

The mouse still can move but click nothing happen.

Sometime mouse is rainbow wheel.

If just put mackintosh there and do nothing, it won’t be happen.

I try two version for High Sierra and Catalina.

Does someone know how to solve this problem.Please help me.

I appreciate your help very much.


Laptop: Lenovo G570

CPU: intel i5-2330m

Ram: 4g

SSD: Seagate barracuda 240g

Wifi: AR9285

Graphic: intel hd3000


Clover efi:

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