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Intel NUC11 and 11th Gen CPU

Hello, I'm experimenting with Big Sur for "Nuc 11". It works with the attached "EFI", but the mouse and keyboard do not work

Author: endera

I lost my clover boot screen after cloning with CCC

Panic mode enabled :)

This is weird...

I was struggling to create a bootable clone of my Catalina hackintosh with CCC. I'ver got a Designare Z390. The hackintosh itself ran smoothly for the past 3 years but I wanted to try an update so I thought hey, why not make a clone of it and play on that. What did I do ???!! :)

Enventually I managed to have a booting clone. I went in the task settings and ticked everything that was in "include". That should be the default thing the cloning process...

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Author: theclaw

[SUCCESS] Dell Precision Tower 7910 * E5-2699V4 * RX5700XT * Opencore 0.8

I would like to share my config if it helps anyone else.

Model - Dell Precision Tower 7910
Processor - 2x E5-2699 v4
Memory - 256GB (8x32GB) Samsung DDR4 2130MHz
Graphics Card - RX5700XT
Wi-Fi/BT - Broadcom BCM94360CD

* Big Sur 11.6.5

Big Sur 11.6.5.png

* Cinebench R23 Score: 23237

Cinebench R23.png

* Geekbench 5 Score: 16358

Geekbench 5.png

Author: nhonguyen.80

How to make a perfect clone of my boot disk?

Hi everyone. I'd like to clone my Hackintosh boot disk for a simple reason: I want to install the Apple system updates in the clone disk, in my second Hackintosh, before doing it on the fully functional HD of my first hackintosh.
Put simply, I would like to have two identical disks that can boot the same way, so that I can test the compatibility of updates first on one disk, the "second Hackintosh", and then on the other. I cloned the system disk with Carbon Copy Cloner and then the UEFI...

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Author: crybbio

MacOs Big Sur - Hackintosh - Gigabyte Z590I - SSD high wear level


I've been successfully installing Big Sur 11.2.3 on my system as the following:

  • CPU: Intel i9-10900
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590i Aorus Ultra
  • RAM: 64GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR4-3200
  • Storage:
    • ADATA SX8200PNP 512GB
  • Bootloader: OpenCore 0.6.7
  • SMBIOS: iMacPro1,1

Everything works, bluetooth, wifi, sound and video. Debug is disable. Bluetooth is spamming log with some...

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Author: maxxx

Haswell/Big Sur Boot Loop Help Needed

I'm working on getting Big Sur running on a Haswell system with the following specifications:
  • Motherboard: GA-Z97X-UD3H
  • CPU: Core i5-4690K/Haswell with Intel HD Graphics 4600 iGPU
I could not get any self-generated SMBIOS's to work, so I am using the ones found here:

I followed the Open Core install guide, and made it to the installer. First reboot during install went ok, and with about 20 minutes left, it rebooted...

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Author: tastic

Catalina not boot after system definition change

Catalina stuck booting after i changed the system definition on clover.
Below the error on verbose mode

Author: accelito

Nvidia GT-710 DDR-3 2-GB.

Hello! And tell me, is this Nvidia GT710 DDR3 2-GB video card, will it work with osx catalina?

Author: killmymac

Moving to Mojave on new SSD


I’m planning on updating my ancient Yosemite daily to Mojave.

It’s a Gigabyte GA-Z77 DS3H V.1 / i7 3 series / GT640 GPU

It’s currently on Chameleon/Multibeast with a SYSDEF of Mac Pro 3.1

I was wondering if I changed the SYSDEF (to which one I don’t know) I could then upgrade to Mojave?

Then could I clone the drive to the SSD?

Else: The original plan...

I have a ‘ known good’ Mojave Unibeast stick, which was my original plan. The only issue I may have with that is I don’t think...

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Author: NikeWarp

Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF Monterey

hi does anyone have efi for this model Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF


Author: terminator2022

"Photos and videos are curated when your device is connected to power"

I am running Catalina 10.15.7 on clover with 14,2 definition and my photos library will not download from the cloud since the system believes it is not connected to power. Is there a configuration options to fix this?

Author: rudimania

Can't enable DP port

Hello, I wondered if someone could give me some pointers to enable my DP port? So I used opencore for the first time and installed Bigsur. I was surprised my Nvidia 760 had metal support :) My other OS is 10.10 with clover and that is perfect with all graphics working.

So I am not using internal just the gtx760 card. At the moment it outputs to HDMI fine, but when connecting my DP monitor it's just blank. Hackintool shows the card with 4 outputs.

Not sure where to go from here.


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Author: MrB

opencore black screen after verbose

Hi Im Having Issue With booting the installer im keep getting not signal here my config pls help me

Author: heyaim

stuck in preboot trying to install OC-Big Sur alongside Clover-Mojave

hi there,

i'm trying to create a clean install of OpenCore Big Sur to run alongside my current Clover/Mojave installation (each on seperate SSD).
if everything works well i'm planning to only keep the OC installation.

i've created the OC boot USB and followed the dortania guide - all based on converting my current clover install into OC, including the system ID, kexts, DSDTs (usb mapping) etc.

i'm getting stuck on "Failed to bootstrap SB NVRAM values - Invalid Parameter" in preboot when...

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Author: ryoushi00

updating Mojave to Catalina using working EFI

hello there,
after several years with a working Mojave install, i'm trying to update to Catalina.

i've created a bootable Catalina install USB because I wanna make sure everything is working before commiting.

in my current install i have the following drivers (BIOS) - apfsdriverloader.efi, SMChelper.efi and under UEFI - apfsdriverloader.eif and EmuvariableUEFI.efi.
the kexts i have in Kexts/Other are : appleALC. FakeSMC and its sensors, Lilu,WhateverGreen and USBports.kexts where i...

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Author: ryoushi00

Black screen half way through initial install of Catalina from USB

I am following Caseys Gigabyte Z490 vision D build and have run into a problem. I made the usb installer correctly I think but when I choose install mac os from opencore , I get the apple symbol and progress bar very slowly and then just goes to black screen. I am using IGPU. As I was following the Bios settings , there was one that was unavailable to me . See below.

Also- I started this build to replace my old build as I needed Thunderbolt going forward. I also wondered about the...

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Author: deckyruby

Someone helps me with audio on Asus P8H61-M LX3 R2.0

So for start I have Hackintosh BigSur on I5 3470 with OpenCore works just Ethernet and I tried literally EVRYTHING to the audio works.
And nothing works. Someone can help me with this?

Author: GabrielKLBr

msi edge z790 wifi

hello everyone,

im trying to make an efi and boot my big sur hard drive with my new mother bord, i can choose the hard drive, the apple logo appear but unfortunately the boot ain't finish and nothing appear and finally the system reboot.

if you can help me you are welcome, can you show me what i need to change on my bios, my objectif is booting on every system i have and use whatever green with my cpu output.

thank you

Author: samosss