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tplink bluetooth 5.0 UB5A adapter on hackintosh

tplink bluetooth 5.0 UB5A adapter on hackintosh

so uh, macos says it works but none of devices are popping up. which kext should i use for it?

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Is there any new updated guide for z390 aorus master and i9 9900kf?

Hello i assembled my pc back in late 2019, so i have aorus master z390 and i9 9900kf, xpg d60 3200mhz 32gb ddr3, Amd rx 5700 8gb, 1 tb ssd for mac and 1 tb for windows, i built my hack following a guide long back which was specifically for z390 aorus master but since then the bios version has updated and i want to know if i can follow the same guide now again if i have ti go back to hack or if there's an updated one? Or if there's a universal opencore guide the most stable one that i can now follow to install mac again? Also which mac os would be most preferable for my build? I'm a little behind on recent hackintosh updates, also an intermediate kinda guy when it comes to hackintosh, Some extra info on how to keep it stable would be really appreciated, I'm a music producer and hence the need,

Thank you already.

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ThinkPad E460 Hackintosh Help (With OpenCore. I've seen enough posts talking about Clover and I refuse to use it as a beginner)

I'm planning to turn my ThinkPad E460 into a dual-boot Hackintosh (bc I also need to use Windows). And since I'll be using OpenCore, first I need to know:

  1. Which version will my laptop run? (i5, Intel HD Graphics, 8GB RAM, 446 SSD)
  2. How much time does it take?
  3. Besides OpenCore and a macOS Installer, which other software do I need?

I'm asking here, because I think I'd rather get advice from personal experience rather than a random article on the internet that barely teaches me what I'm doing. And if someone could recommend me a channel where I can look up for more info, I would be very thankful.

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BCM943602CS issue on Sonoma- Help!

Hi Hackintosh community,

I recently upgraded my system to 0.9.5 OC on Ventura, tried the update to Sonoma, and now my wifi is no longer working. I currently have BCM943602CS, using an m.2 adapter. Any solutions for fixing wifi issue/ other network cards to consider that work with m.2 on my asrock z390 mini itx motherboard?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Can I install hackintosh on i7 13620H laptop?

I already have some experience with hackintosh but never tried to install it for devices newer than 10th. rn I have Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 2023 with i7 13620H and I'm wondering if there is smth like Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide or anything that I can follow and learn from but for the 13th Gen

Thank you in advance 🙏

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Acer Aspire 5 (A515-45) hackintosh possible?

Me and my friend are trying to hackintosh his laptop it’s an acer aspire 5 a515-45 to be exact CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 5500u (zen 2 17h) GPU: AMD APU I’ve been trying for the past few months the most successes I had with was Catalina as far as I know I need usb x and cpur ssdts And fake ec laptop for Catalina I’ve also gotten some nvme assert fails errors. If anyone had any success with this exact model can someone share their efi folder? Thanks

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Thinkpad T480 trackpoint it jumpy

Mapping USB ports on AMD

Is there any simple tool for mapping USB ports on AMD? i've looked it up for USBinjectall kext with hackintool but they say it will not work with AMD, so i was loosing hope. Anyone can have any idea? Thanks in advance

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Mac SSD not appear on bios

I have finished copying my EFI folder to SSD but I could not boot from SSD

My SSD also doesn’t appear on bios

Any solution?

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Searching a good Wireless Card


After years of headaches, I managed to set up my Ryzentosh with an iGPU (post will follow later)

Unfortunately, I have the problem that I don’t have a Wifi card or dongle and I transfer myself to my PC via tethering USB. I am therefore looking for a wifi card that works with macOS and that also supports AirDrop etc. I have an AMD ryzen 3 3200g with Vega 8 and an MSI B450 Pro-VDH Max so mainboard.

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How to Make Generic USB Bluetooth 5.0 CSR Dongle Works on Sonoma

How to Make Generic USB Bluetooth 5.0 CSR Dongle Works on Sonoma

This dongle used to be plug and play on Big Sur on below. But now on Sonoma need some modifications on kext to make it works

Generic USB Bluetooth 5.0 CSR Dongle

What you need :

Intel Bluetooth firmware :

BlueToolFixup :

Please map your USB first.

Steps :

  • Modifying IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext
  1. Extract
  2. Open 'info.plist' on IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext with plist editor.
  3. Search for "IntelBluetoothFirmware_9560"
  4. Change idProduct value to 1
  5. Change idVendor value to 2578
  6. Save

Modified IntelBluetoothFirmware_9560

  • Modifying config.plist
  1. Copy IntelBTPatcher.kext, modified IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext, IntelBluetoothInjector.kext, and BlueToolFixup.kext to your /EFI/OC/Kext folder.
  2. Open your /EFI/OC/config.plist with plist editor.
  3. Go to 'NVRAM>Add>7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82'
  4. Add new key/sibling named "bluetoothInternalControllerInfo", set type to Data, set value to "00000000 00000000 00000000 0000"
  5. Add new key/sibling named "bluetoothExternalDongleFailed", set type to Data, set value to "00".
  6. Do an OC Snapshot.
  7. Make sure all kext that you copied before were enabled except IntelBluetoothInjector.kext. Important! disable IntelBluetoothInjector.kext otherwise your system won't boot.
  8. Save your edit.
  9. Reboot your system.

Your USB dongle should work now.

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I don't understand why this I searched for this but useless 😭

I don't understand why this I searched for this but useless 😭

Specs PC 1. I7 8700k 2. Z390 gaming x 3. uhd630 4. Ram 16 I tried to install venture with latest version of open core config but still stuck in this error

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my dream came true.

my dream came true.

failed before bc of my radeon r9 370, bought a new gpu and now its fire!

amd ryzen 5 2600

16 gb ram

asus radeon rx560

gigabyte b450m s2h

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