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i7 6700k, 16 GB RAM, RX 5700 XT, Gigabyte Z170-UD3

Catalina Bluetooth

Hello all,

I recently made a Hackintosh on a Matebook X Pro, and everything works great except for bluetooth. I was about to install RehabMan's BRCM patch, but then I remembered that I don't actually have a Broadcom Bluetooth (Part of my Intel wifi card. I can get it running doing some funky stuff with VMs, but I need Kexts for it to work properly) device. I also found the guide confusing as to what Kexts to install(Do I install the NoPatchRAM and the PatchRam?). I'm also running on Catalina and I remember reading somewhere that Apple changed Catalina's Bluetooth, so I wanted to check and make sure I'm even installing the right Kexts. Does anybody have any insights?


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Any luck updating Ryzen Vanilla to 10.15.1


I have an OOTB working system under Ryzen using OpenCore and the vanilla method. I want to update to 10.15.1 as it allows me to purchase a 5700xt to replace my current 980ti / rx 470 swap rigamarole I am going through now.

Anybody under Ryzen / B450 chipsets have luck?

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How to boot my Hackintosh without my USB key ?

(My partition is in APFS)

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Will literally pay someone a consulting fee to hop on a call and troubleshoot with me...

Hey folks, been trying to hack my PC for about a month now to no avail. I’m usually pretty good at this stuff but there are just so many variables to work with...


Gigabyte z390 aorus pro WiFi mini itx

Corsair dominator 3200

Radeon Vii

Just looking for a mentor who I could have a 1:1 conversation with so I could hopefully finally hack this thing.

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Need some advice before building a ryzentosh for christmas

I am planning on building a Ryzentosh for a christmas gift. The person mainly use Adobe Lightroom and Unity.

  • Should i go with an AMD GPU or a NVIDIA GPU ?
  • I read that all Adobe software doesnt work on a Ryzentosh, is this true?
  • Which version of macOS should i install (high sierra, mojave or catalina). I would prefer the newest but which one has the best compatibility?
  • I am building a Ryzentosh to someone who will have no idea that this is not a real Mac, is it completely unrealistic?
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Switched to iMacPro 1,1 from 18,3. Now having a lot of sleep issues.

Switched to iMacPro 1,1 from 18,3. Now having a lot of sleep issues.

Specs: i5-8600k, Gigabyte Z370N WiFi, 16gb Ram, Sapphire Pulse RX 580, 1.25tb Fusion Drive over 970 EVO 250GB m.2 NVME and 1Tb 860 EVO SSD

When I switched SMBIOS I redid my USBMap.kext but I've still been having a lot of sleep issues. As in, my computer goes to sleep but then wakes up and stays awake. I figured maybe it's because I upgraded to Catalina? And that may be the final cause but another thing I realized is that when I redid my USBMap.kext, I never redid the EC and USBX tables for my ACPI/Patched folder. So I figured I'd give that a shot before blaming it on macOS. Anyway, when I went to redo using the tables I got this nice message:

Processing img wuquh62e4vv31...

Anything you guys could suggest? I'm at a loss here. Thanks.

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USB 2.0 Not Working

Recently, I got a hackintosh working on Catalina, and I realized that Bluetooth isn’t working. Turns out, all usb 2.0 devices will not work. I need help bringing it back up. Thanks.


CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X


RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz

MOBO: ASRock B450M Pro4

WIFI/BT: Fenvi T919

CASE: Cooler Master Silencio S400

OS: Catalina 10.15

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Guide for Ryzentosh with Nvidia GPU - High Sierra

I am looking for the best guide for running High Sierra with a Ryzen CPU and Nvidia GPU. Also, last time I did it, I had absolutely terrible performance (< 60 fps in minecraft... everything to the lowest), so was that a bad on my end or it has to be that way?

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