Kernel Panic On High Sierra 10.13.6

Hello! I tried last night to install Hackintosh High Sierra 10.13.6 on my old PC. But I had issue like kernel panic. I tried with safe mode and Apple Logo appear then my PC reboots automaticly. I have tried with no kexts and one million parameters nothing work! Here is the PHOTO of kernel panic. Here is my PC:

  1. Intel core i3 540
  2. NVdia GeForce 210
  3. 2 HDDs (One is MBR 320GB with Pardus [Linux] other one is GPT 500GB with Chromium OS) NOTE: I want to install on 500 GB!
  4. BIOS DDR3 Motherboard (American Megatrens)
  5. I have 16GB Sandisk USB Stick

Please help me! I want Hackintosh for XCode and need fast! Thank you!

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