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Upgrading to Mojave; I am currently on 10.13.6 with a 750Ti. If I upgrade the GPU (link below) and then update my hackintosh throught the Mac App Store, would it work?

UHD 630 on 8086k not working

Hello again, I've previously made a post about not being to install due to legacy shim, but since then I've been able to install fully and boot via HD. The biggest hurdle next for me is to get graphics acceleration working on my system.

MOBO: ASRock Z390 Pro4

CPU: i7-8086k

GPU: GTX 1080 (dGPU), UHD 630 (iGPU)

RAM: 16GB Corsair LPX 2667

STORAGE: 250GB Samsung EVO 850

I've tried via Vanilla install and Headkaze's guide for framebuffer patching, but no luck so far. I'll attach my EFI folder here (I've redacted SMBIOS info but it is set to iMac18,1 all according to vanilla guide):

BIOS settings are iGPU first, connected via HDMI and 32MB shared memory (allocated to iGPU).

Getting MacOS to read UHD 630 graphics but it says only 14MB of VRAM available, and obviously the animations and stuff aren't smooth. Thanks for any help/insight!

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IDC: iPhone Shipments Fell a Staggering 30.2% YoY in 1Q19 to 36.4 Million [Chart]

Worldwide smartphone shipments were down 6.6% year over year in the first quarter of 2019, according to a new IDC report. That means vendors shipped a total of about 310.8 million units in the quarter, a decline for the sixth consecutive time.

In 2018, smartphone shipments dropped 4.1% over 2017, which was inclusive of a first quarter that was down 3.5% – just half of what the market experienced in 1Q19. This quarter's results are a clear sign that 2019 will be another down year for worldwide smartphone shipments. The only highlight from a vendor perspective was Huawei, which made a strong statement by growing volume and share despite market headwinds.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that Huawei is laser focused on growing its stature in the world of mobile devices, with smartphones being its lead horse," said Ryan Reith, program vice president with IDC's Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers. "The overall smartphone market continues to be challenged in almost all areas, yet Huawei was able to grow shipments by 50%, not only signifying a clear number two in terms of market share but also closing the gap on the market leader Samsung. This new ranking of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple is very likely what we'll see when 2019 is all said and done."

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what smbios should i be using now?

So i built my i5 8600k with gigabyte gaming 5 mobo before the current mac refreshes came out and it is still using smbios as 18,1 and i was wondering what should i use now a new mac mini 8,1 i7 8700B smbios or a new imac 19,2 i7 8700B smbios

also i dont even see options for new i5 models in clover config

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Broke College Student Interested in Hackintoshing(is that a word?)

As the title implies, I'm a broke CS undergrad who wants to build his own Hackintosh that'll work post install with almost no issues. While I don't mind saving up to $1000 for it, I would rather not. If you guys can help with a build, that'll be awesome! :)

Also, GPU would be great to have since I'm interested in developing iOS apps

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Moving Hackintosh to NVMe SSD from SATA SSD... How can I retain all my data in the move?

Hi there everyone.

I just ordered the WD Black SN750 500GB NVMe SSD after researching around online and confirming that other Hackintoshers have the exact same SSD working in macOS. I was previously planning on buying the Samsung 970 EVO Plus, but after some research I've found that model to not function properly with macOS. I saw the advice to opt for a 970 EVO Pro instead somewhere either on this forum or another Hackintosh webspace, but I wasn't willing to pay the extra price premium for minimal performance differentiation. Reference below...

Samsung 970 EVO Pro 512GB @ $167.99:

- Read: "Up to 3500MBps"

- Write: "Up to 2300MBps"

WD Black SN750 500GB @ $104.99:

- Read: "Up to 3470MBps"

- Write: "Up to 2600MBps"


As the title suggests, I've ordered my first NVMe SSD and want to move all my existing data over to the new drive once it arrives. I'd like to mirror EXACTLY my current 250GB SATA SSD right over to the 500GB NVMe SSD if possible so that everything is as if nothing changed.

How can I do this without data loss? What's the best method?

Thank you for reading.

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HWMonitor has killed my install

Hi all, I had a perfectly good hackintosh working fine except for one or two issues up until an hour ago when I installed HWMonitor with all options checked in the customise box. This I think, installed a new fakeSMC and now I cannot boot after restart. I get to the clover options, select my boot and see Apple logo for one second before it restarts. Trouble is I cannot figure out out to debug. I don't have the clover config on a usb. I am running i8700k, Asus prime ii z370 mobo, sapphire pulse rx580 8gb graphics, 32gb ram. The reason I wanted HWMonitor is because the fans on the GPU were not running at a min speed and would kick in to high gear all of a sudden being very noisey so wanted to check the temps.

Can I disable some kexts in clover or boot to safe mode or replace my config file?

If you need any more info to help please ask. Thanks.

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External USB DVD drive not seen

I'm not sure if this is a normal issue with Hackintoshes, but I recently tried using a portable USB DVD drive with my Hackintosh, but it doesn't seem to be seen by the machine. It get power, opens and closes, but when a disc is inserted it doesn't mount and Disk Utility doesn't see it.

Can anyone help with troubleshooting steps to see why this isn't working and how I might be able to get it going?


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Is there anywhere i can get Mojave 10.14.0-10.14.3?

I keep having issues booting the installer for 10.14.4 and i was told that 10.14.3 and earlier worked just fine with DosDude1's patch. Problem is i cant find any standalone installation media for 10.14.3 or earlier at all. Is there any chance someone can give me a download of theirs or point me somewhere i can download it?

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TP-Link TL-WN823N Working MacOS 10.14.4 (Driver V3)

Hi all, I just wanted to make a quick post stating that this WiFi adapter is working on my NUCintosh build with 10.14.4.

I downloaded the driver from here:

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Troubleshooting panic at install

After wiping my hard drive and installing Mojave via clover, I get a panic when trying to boot up.

Boot into my USB > boot macOS install from base system > format HDD as MacOS Extended Journal then install > reboot into USB > boot macOS install from HDD > panic.

I've found very little info about my CPU/iGPU in my searches so that's likely where I'm going wrong. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!


I'm following the internet recovery install from the sidebar:


I'm unable to scroll up and see more output. It also loads too fast to read before this point.

My setup:
Intel Xeon 1246v3 (Haswell)
Intel HD P4600 graphics (iGPU)
ASRock h97m Anniversary motherboard
2x8GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 RAM @ 1866Mhz
1TB 7200rpm WD Blue hard drive

My config.plist:


Thank you!

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GTX750 ti ?

Got this card as a gift, the Sentey iteration / 2GB DDR5. Did a bit of google-fu and found out it should be possible to get it working with Hackintosh.

I have a Mojave install that works fine, but can't get it to boot with this card.

Could anyone share a basic config for this card (especially the graphics & PCI settings on clover) so I have a quick reference of how it works for other people? Doesn't matter if you are using HS or S or Mojave just want to have a quick look.

Thanks in advance!

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Apple Reports Q2 FY19 Earnings: $58 Billion in Revenue, $11.6 Billion in Net Income

Apple has reported earnings for its fiscal 2019 second quarter ended March 30, 2019.

The company posted revenue of $58 billion for the quarter, a decline of 5% from a year ago, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $2.36, down 10%. Despite being lower than the year ago quarter, Apple beat expectations of $57.49 billion in revenue and EPS of $2.37.

Apple says international sales accounted for 61% of the quarter’s revenue.

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Does 10.13.6 High Sierra support the latest version of Xcode?

Wondering because coding on my laptop is a pain in the ass and my desktop has two monitors but a 980ti

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Facebook Messenger is Coming to Mac and Windows

Facebook has announced that its bringing Messenger to Mac and Windows. The desktop Messenger app is in testing now and will launch later this year.

The company also announced a faster, lighter app, the ability to watch video with others, a dedicated space to discover stories, and more...

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First Hackintosh Build! Dual Mojave and Windows 10

Another "Hackintosh Mojave won't boot, [IGPU] Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry #"

I'm having the same issue as this post and I think it might be a bad either framebuffer, device-id or not properly injecting (or well not injecting) the Intel GFX in the config.plist.

Mobo: Gigabyte Z370M DS3H CPU: i5-8400 GPU: AMD RX 580 Sapphire Nitro + SE

I've set the hackintosh to be an iMac18,3 and it was working great with the AMD and iGPU working side by side until I updated OSX a little bit ago. (Gonna avoid doing that from now on).

I think I would know how to fix it (redo the config.plist) but I don't know how to access the file since the computer isn't booting. I also stupidly don't have a backup (or clone) of the drive (which I will be doing sooner than later).

I am able to boot off of my installer flash drive and run commands through terminal that's available there. I can mount the boot drive and access the EFI partition. Is there a way that I can pull the config.plist off of the computer to edit it? I want to look through all of the settings with the Clover Configurator to make sure I'm not missing something.

Thoughts on how to recover the file or just update it on the machine via the bootable clover flash drive? Or is there another way to boot it to make it work?

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Overriding DEP on a real Mac with Clover bootloader?

I saw a post on r/mac about from a Redditor that seems to have purchased a MacBook Pro that was previously enterprise enrolled and requires activation, presumably based on board/serial and SMC checks.

If this is the case, wouldn't that technically mean one could override this activation process by using Clover Bootloader on a real Mac?

Did I just buy a stolen MacBook Pro?

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General Stability and Experience with these parts for music production

Hey, i'm planning on building a hackintosh this month for music production - So stability is number one priority.

My question to you guys (if you own any of the parts listed below) is to please let me know how your experience has been with them so far.

I would also like to know if any of you have experience dual booting Windows on another drive; I've heard it can cause problems and tinker with drives not even associated with Windows..

And for other music producers - How has your experience been so far? Im still considering going with Windows but im currently running a Macbook Pro and i would like to able to sync files and projects with no hassle.

im using Ableton Live (Using Focusrite Scarlett - Planning on upgrading to UAD Apollo Twin)

Thanks in advance!! Comments are highly appreciated!

Intel - Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor

Gigabyte - Z390 DESIGNARE ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

Kingston - HyperX Predator 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory

Samsung - 970 Evo 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive

Asus - Radeon RX VEGA 64 8 GB ROG STRIX Video Card

be quiet! - Straight Power 11 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

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first hackintosh build! dual boot mojave and windows 10