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Thermals/Fan Speeds?

Hi! I was running a game while screen-recording the other day, just as a test. The performance was terrible. I later realized that my fans weren't revving up, and temperature sensing programs had false thermals for both my CPU and GPU. Is there any way that I can get my system to detect the correct temperatures so that it can keep them cool?

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Can't get any port to open with my GA-Z68XP-UD3 ethernet.

My macbook died, so I brought my work pc (hackintosh) home from the office. Both of these are on El Capitan, used NordVPN, and were on routers set up by me.

What I don't understand is, why the "port is closed" on the hackintosh at home. Transmission worked fine on my macbook on the same network, Yet the hackintosh can't connect to anything.

I'm curious if it has to do with the wrong device id? maybe need to edit the DTST line? I was having trouble getting my ethernet recognized at first, so I think it's possible I don't have the exact id.

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Build Question

Thank you in advance!
My current equipment: -CPU:Ryzen 5 1500x -Mobo: ASRock AB350 Pro 4 -Case: G5

As I start to plan my build, I am currently looking at a good yet affordable video card. I do not game and just plan on using it for everyday use and light photoshopping. Any recommendations on good/ affordable video cards that would suit my needs.

Thank you!

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Need a Little Bit of Help

Hey Everyone,

Before I start here is my PC

i5 4590

GTX 970


ASROCK Z97 Anniversary

8GB Ram

Ok so for the past year and a half I have (had) been running a Duel-Boot system of Windows 10 and El Capitan on the same drive no issues whatsoever. Yesterday night though by mistake I fucking quick-formatted the Mac Partition from Windows :/ .

Luckily, my Clover bootloader is there but now I need to reinstall OSX/MacOs and since I am going to be starting fresh I was woundering if I should go ahead and install High Sierra or regular Sierra. Also, would my bootloader cause any issues or would it work fine?


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Successful first build; USB 3 questions

Can I run OS X High Sierra?

Hello guys it is the first time that i'm attempting this so I would like your thoughts and wisdom. My system is: CPU: intel core i3-4170 3.70ghz RAM: 8gb of DDR3 motherboard: asrock H81M-VG4 R2.0 GPU: Amd R7250-OC-2GD3

Can I run Hign sierra and if yes what should I look out for IF NOT what is the latest os x version my pc could run? if any

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Compatibility of Current Desktop?

Edit: a word

Hey everyone, I have a desktop I built about a year ago, and am wondering how compatible it would be with MacOS Sierra (or High Sierra).

The main specs are:

Motherboard: MSI H110M ECO (

CPU: Intel i3-6100 (Skylake) (

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 470 (N/A) Wireless card: TP-Link AC1900 (

I've done some research, and it appears that the Motherboard and CPU are supported out of the box, but the graphics card had mixed results.

Dumb question, but if it all is compatible, do I just follow the Vanilla guide in the sidebar? Would I need any special kexts not mentioned, especially for the graphics card?


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[Success] High Sierra 10.3.1 on Coffeelake (i5-8400)

Thank you to all the people in this group, I have managed to dual boot High Sierra on my build along with windows 10. Hackintosh runs on SSD while windows on HDD

My Specs:


Processor: Core i5 8400

Ram: Kingston HyperX 8Gb DDR4 2666MHz

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6Gb (Nvidia Web Drivers running great)


I do need some expert help on this issue, I have been unable to use WiFi. I have been using tplink tl-wn727n on my windows machine but it seems to not work on hackintosh no matter what kext files I try. Someone please guide me for the right wifi adapter for my build, also please let me know if anyone was able to use wifi using my adapter make.


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Apple A1314 Wireless Keyboard on Windows PC

Hello community! I bought online an Apple A1314 to use it with my windows PC. I was wondering how I can map the layout to match microsoft's default keyboards, including the shortcuts. Is there a windows driver for that? Thank you!

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