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Clover bootloader stuck at logo with Catalina

Hello Folks,

I searched several Threads through google and found probably the same issue at other users, but none of their solutions were satisifying.

My Clover installtion is stuck at the boot logo with the error shown in the file. Does anybody recall a solution for this kernel related issue. I remember, that when I installed Catalina on VMWare I had to add the following parameter to the vmx file:

cpuid.1.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0001:0000:0110:1010:0101"

Do I have to add the same value...

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Author: TheBestUserNow

Not creating bootable USB


I'm trying to get my hackOSX going again after I broke it a few years back... been lasy and running on windows as well as a straight MBP.

I'm thinking to put it on Catalina as that's what I'm currenty on on my MBP.. separate question - should I just skip Catalina and go straight to Big Sur, Monteray or Ventura? I'm on a (pretty old now) Haswell set up with a 4770k processor.

I have "csrutil" disable and checked the status to confirm that.
I've run Unibeast several times now using...

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Author: BakeTheJakeCake

Strange display issue

Hi everyone.

I have a working dual-monitor setup with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760.
Until short my monitors consisted of 1) some AOC 21,5" (1920x1080) monitor and 2) an quite old Acer 22" (1680x1050).
"Until short" means, the second monitor (the Acer) died a couple of days ago and I replaced it with an PB Viseo243D (still had this somewhere in storage).

Now, my issue is: MacOS does not seem to recognize the new monitor but thinks that the Acer is still connected and thus I cannot change the...

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Author: sodom76

Big Sur 11.7.4 Permissions denied

I've loaded 11.7.4 onto my imac 14,4 gen 4 gigabyte z97. Installed on a WD black 850 2 tb nvme on a pci card. Everything went fine except I cannot change read & write permissions for the drive and therefore cannot even copy a tiny file onto the drive. get info shows - system, wheel, everyone and only system can read & write? I didn't have this problem running 11.6.5 on a regular ssd.
Anybody know how to fix this so I can use the remaining 1.75 tb on this drive?
Thanks, Al

Author: ac69

Struggling to get Catalina upgrade working on clover or opencore. 9900K Z390 rx580.

I had a happy high sierra install for the last few years. I finally need to upgrade it so just purchased a Sapphire RX580 to replace geforce 980ti.

The rest of machine is intel 9900K on Gigabyte z390 aorus pro, Samung Evo 970 ssd.

I have tried Clover and Opencore - neither working

(1) Clover - Booting but no screen
I eventually managed to get the high sierra to install after various attempts at upgrading clover and the kexts.
It now boots with clover 5119 but the monitors do not work...

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Author: tommytastic

Mojave Installation Fails on Skylake Computer

My "Mini-ITX 2" Skylake computer (listed below) is running Monterey 12.6.3. I have two 1 TB SATA drives. I want to downgrade this computer to run Mojave 10.14.6. I have made a Kingston Traveler USB 2 flash drive Mojave installer using Apple's "createinstallmedia" tool. I have repeated this procedure 3 times. Once from my computer at left (running Mojave 10.14.6), once from my "Mini-ITX 1" High Sierra computer, and finally from the "Mini-ITX 2" Monterey computer. Every time I try an...

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Author: wstrohm

Problem with HD4600 7mb Mojave / ga z87x-ud3h Intel 4770k

Hello! i have successfully installed Mojave but i can not get my graphics to work fine.
The Intel HD4600 shows only 7mb on the description.

Any ideas?
Thanks so much i am a newbie...:)

Author: mrcrowly

GA-Z87X-UD3H 4770K HD4600 and Mojave OSX

Hello! i am planning to install Mojave on my computer. I am currently running Maverick. Is it possible with my hardware components?
Thanks so much! I am an amateur.

All the best.

Author: mrcrowly

Blackscreen OC 0.7.6, ASUS Z490

I'm trying to install Big Sur on my PC (see account hardware). I use OpenCore 0.7.6 and the Dortania guide for desktop Comet Lake config.
I select Install macOS Big Sur (external) in OC menu. When the Apple logo is going to appear the screen gets black (no video signal).

What I tried:
1) AAPL,ig-platform-id 07009B3E and 00009B3E
2) BigSur and Catalina
3) iMac20,1 and iMac19,1

- EFI folder (removed)
- last loading screen

Please, help. Thanks.

P.S. It...

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Author: MagTux