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MSI Laptop Hackintosh compatibility

Hello everyone,

Recently I was interested about installing Hackintosh on my MSI GP62 MVR 6RF. Here are the main specs:

Intel Core i7 6700HQ

GTX 1060 3 GB

Intel WIFI card

Killer GB Lan

Here is the link for other specs:

Is anyone had experience with same MSI laptop, and is there are any downsides of motherboard compatibility?

I would be really thankful for anyone who can help.

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Kernel panic cpu X caller clobbered statistics

Kernel panic cpu X caller clobbered statistics

Hi everyone.

I have an issue when booting my Open Core. I have a kernel panic like this: panic(cpu X caller 0xffffff801c884e0f): "addInterruptStatistics call for index 0 would have clobbered existing statistics"@/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ is for the cpu number which is different every time.I searched a lot her on Reddit and on the web but I didn't find any way to solve this. I'm joining a screen shot of the panic.

Here is my configuration: Gigabyte Z490 Vision D + Intel i7-10700K - 3,8/5,0 GHz + Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 5700 XT 8Go + Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 2x16Go + SSD Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 1To + Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 + Gigabyte P850GHM 80 Plus Gold.

Thanks in advance.


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Verbose not working

I can't get the verbose mode to show up. I do have "-v" (without quotes) in the boot args. I do hold cmd-v (tried ctrl-v and Winkey-v as I have a PC keyboard), no dice. Always the Apple logo and no verbose output. What gives?

EDIT: Jesus Christ I need to reset NVRAM in order to get the boot args working.

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Catalina to Big Sur feat. the Clunkpad

Laptop dgpu

Any amd dgpu on laptops compatible with big sur? And what laptop would fall in that category that they would work?. I did find that the laptops can't have switched mode for the dgpu and igpu.

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GPU/VMEM stuck to full speed when 2nd display connected

RX 580/i9 10850k on Asus Z490-p, Big Sur 11.1, OC 0.6.5. When 2nd display is connected (DP or HDMI), there's no power management on the GPU. It's stuck at max frequencies (1340/2000 MHz) at all time. With only one display connected, it downclocks properly up to 300/300. Tried Radeonboost.kext to no avail (it did help with this issue earlier in Catalina).

Any tips?

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Flickering laptop screen (comments)

[Help] How to daul boot OSX & Linux wiht Legacy mode on same drive

Now I have installed OSX El Capitan & Linux mint on Legacy bios.

I can't dual boot.but previously I installed windows 7 or 10.

I am able to dual boot with OSX and I am also testing install windows 7 & Linux mint.It can dual boot as well

but I can't daul boot.To install OSX & Linux mint, can someone help me? What do i have to do.All this I installed under single ssd 128GB

If I boot osx I can't boot linux because it doesn't show an linux icon on Clover.And if I can boot linux, I won't be able to boot osx either.

When restarting it, it will cycle into only Linux.

My PC Spec


CPU : Intel Pentium E6600 3.06ghz

LGA 775 package

Core™ 2 Duo

Ram DDR2 6GB

Graphics : Nvidia GT710


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Is macOS Catalina still good as a daily driver OS in 2021?

I know Big Sur is out but when I installed Big Sur earlier this week it just ended up in a bootloop, so I installed Catalina instead and after some troubles it finally worked. Because of my past experience with Big Sur, I've decided that right now I will stay on Catalina. Is Catalina still alright to use as an OS? Or should I try upgrading to Big Sur?

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