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Catalina 10.15.1 WiFi problem


i installed on macOS 10.15.1 on my HP EliteBook 9470M. Somehow the WiFi card needs 2-3 Minute (it’s greyed out) until it is able to connect to a WiFi. (Bluetooth has no issues) I had no problem on Mojave.

My kext file which I’m using right now: - AirportBrcmFixup - BrcmBluetoothInjector - BrcmFirmwareData - BrcmPatchRAM2 - CodecCommander - HDMIAudio - IntelMausiEthernet - Lilu - USBInjectAll - VirtualSMC - VoodooHDA - VoodooPS2Controller - WhateverGreen

WiFi + BT card: BCM94352HMB

Edit: Cannot connect to a WiFi.

Had someone the same issue?

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HWMonitor with VirtualSMC.kext ?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get HWMonitor to work. Right now It only reads the temperatures of my Harddrives.
To make the other sensors work I've read that you have to load the regarding kexts (SMMSensors.kext, LPCSensors.kext, GPUSensors.kext, CPUSensors.kext, ACPISensors.kext).

Those kexts seem to be used together with FakeSMC.kext (bundled with FakeSMC in the repo).
My system is setup with the VirtualSMC.kext though.

Is there any way to get HWMonitor to work with VirtualSMC.kext?

Thanks :-)

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Cheapest (efficient/silent) dedicated GPU with native Mojave Support?

Hi lovely people,

I'm looking to get a dedicated GPU to use it instead of my UHD 630 iGPU.
While the UHD 630 works fine, I'm experiencing some framedrops on 4K on heavy animations from now and then.
Totally alright, but still room to improve (coming from High Sierra with a Nvidia 1070TI).

While GPU Buysers Guide is a great place to start my research, It doesn't really tell me about the sweetspot between:

- Price (used)
- Compatiblity (native on Mojave, Catalina)
- Efficiency/Noise (Fan stop, passive cooling, ...)

All I need the GPU for is a smooth MacOS experience on two 4K screens, no heavy rendering or gaming. I would imagine this use-case is pretty common.

I do you have any advice?

Thanks :-)

Right now I'm looking at a MSI AMD R7 260X in my neighbourhood (25$). Go for it or get something newer like a RX 460?

Thanks a lot

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[HELP] Hackintosh Prime and Netflix not working in Safari

Motherboard: H310m i5 8400 RX 580

Mac OS catalina 10.15.1 working nice I am having problems with two things

  1. USB 3.0 ports are not detecting usb 3.0 devices but can detect usb 2.0 devices

  2. HDCP seems not working in safari as Netflix and prime video are not playing

Any working solutions?

Thanks in advance

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Ryzen 5 3450GE with Vega 11 graphics

Has anyone built a Hackintosh with Ryzen processors with integrated graphics, like this Ryzen 5 3400GE? I suspect it's not possible since there are no Macs I know of using those graphic chipsets. Those would actually be perfect for cheap Mac mini like replica.

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[Question] can i install Mojave for checkra1n jailbreak?

Hi. I’m completely new to this hackintosh thing. I have Hp envy x360 touch core i7 5th gen with 8GB DDR3 and 1TB hard and GT930m nvidia graphics card. Is my machine compatible to run mac OS mojave?

2nd question is that I’ve seen a YouTube video and he said i have to install mojave first and then reinstall windows 10 to dualboot. Can i just make another drive from my C drive and install mojave in it instead of reinstalling mac os and then windows whole again? Thankyou so much in advance. Your help would be much appreciated :)

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Can't sign in on App Store on Catalina

Hi! I've been trying to update some apps from the App Store, and I noticed the app doesn't let me sign in giving me some general error on the lines of "Error: Could not sign in". This also happens through the Music app.

After signing out of the app, it doesn't let me sign in back, and it doesn't give me the error anymore, it just pops up the Sign In prompt again.

These are my build specs and kexts loaded:

MOBO: ASRock H110M-g/m-2 SSD: Kingstone 240GB (Catalina), Team L5 Lite 240GB (Windows 10) CPU: i3-7100 @ 3.9GHz w/ 8GB DDR GPU: Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB Kexts: Lilu, WhateverGreen, AppleALC, FakeSMC, IntelMausiEhternet 

Thank you very much for your help!

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Is it possible to hackintosh this new PC i got for final cut use?

Motherboard: Aorus x570 Pro WiFi

Ryzen 7 3700x

Radeon RX 5700 XT

32gb 3200Mgz G.Skill ram (8x4)

PCIe 4.0 1tb NVME corsair drive

As title says, I am Mac user that is going PC but if possible I would like to keep a MACOS boot drive for some light FCPX use.

Where do I begin research for it? Thanks in advance

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Will an RX580 work with inject intel and a 0x12345678?

After updating from High Sierra to Mojave I am now running into an error where Mojave will only boot when Inject intel is selected with a fake id of 0x12345678 anything else will cause a kernel panic.
I am waiting for my rx580 to arrive would it work with my intel issue or I have to figure that out first?

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