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Catalina don't boot from USB

Built from scratch OpenCore.
0.7.1 with the latest kexts.
Created the flash drive with createinstallmedia.

Catalina from appstore.

Nvram reset.
On startup it hangs after creating ram disks.

PS. Big Sur boots and installs without any problems.
Catalina don't ((

My laptop:

HP Probook 4740s

CPU: i7-3632QM (Ivy)

RAM: 16 Gb

Graphics: Intel HD4000, 1600 x 900

Audio: IDT 92HD87B2/4

SDD: ADATA SU800 256 Gb

Ext. monitor (HDMI): Philips 223V, 1920x1080

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Stuck on ACPI Error

Stuck on ACPI Error

CPU: Intel Core i5-10300H(Comet Lake)

GPU: Intel UHD 630

RAM: 16GB DDR4-2933

Laptop: HP Pavilion Gaming 17 cd1023ur

Audio: Realtek ALC285

Ethernet: Realtek RTL8168/8111

WiFi/BT: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201

Hi there
For a very long time i have been trying to install Catalina on my laptop. All my attempts were unsuccessful
Because every time it stuck on ACPI error: [_SB_.PCI0.XHC_.RHUB.HS14] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND

I create DSDT.aml with SSDTTime, I thought problem with it
Also I tried to disable rhub.hs14 with custom SSDT, but nothing
Please help
I tried many boot variations, I really dont know what to do

More details:


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Tip: Slow Chrome, try this

I noticed my Chrome was chugging it after switching to opencore and upgrading to big sur.

I have an i9 and 5700xt, neither which should be a problem, but things just werent as smooth as they were on Clover+Catalina.

Try this:

  1. Go to chrome://flags
  2. Change "GPU Rasterization" to disabled.

For some reasons, and I'm not sure if it's opencore, big sur, or the version of chrome. But disabling GPU Rasterization, really put a stop to some chugging I was experiencing.

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Can i hackintosh Lenovo ideapad 300 17-ISK

Hello i wanna ask can i hackintosh my Lenovo ideapad 300 17-ISK? Bere are the specs:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4405U 2.11 GHz


GPU: Intel HD 510

Second GPU: AMD R5 330M


I'm new at "Hackintoshing".

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Inspiron 5567 / i7-7500U / 12GB RAM / HD620

Inspiron 5567 / i7-7500U / 12GB RAM / HD620

I just have one problem.... =/

When i turn on my Wi-Fi, my bluetooth goes wild and theres a lot of interference (on bluetooth side) and i cannot use 5G Wi-Fi (returns password incorrect error). With the Wi-Fi on, my Ethernet cable stops working too (i lost my ip and i get an Self-signed ip)

I cant use AirDrop (I didnt test messages or FaceTime, but AppStore works)

But.... everything else is working!! I even uploaded some iOS builds to TestFlight some days ago

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Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina on Alienware X51 R2

Hello everyone , I hope you are actually enjoying ur day,
So, I want to dual boot windows & Mac OS on my gaming rig but I don't know if I can,

So actually my hardware is :

MB : Alienware one

MB Chipset : Intel® H87 Chipset

CPU : Intel® Core™ i5-4460 quad core at 3,4Ghz overclocked

GPU : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750Ti 2 Go GDDR5

Wifi : Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n DW 1506 (I'm planning to buy a bluetooth dongle for airdrop and my airpods)

RAM : Corsair Balistics DDR3 2 x 4go (8go for total)

Audio : Codec ALC892 Realtek integrated

Ethernet : Integrated on the motherboard

the x51 r2 have a lot of configuration so here is mine

have a great day, bye!

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Can someone help me fix audio on my dell latitude e6500?

I installed macos high sierra 10.13.6 on dell latitude e6500(intel c2d p8700,4gb ram, nvidia quadro nvs160m,idt92hd71 audio) and everything is fine except audio. I got patched applehda for my idt92hd71 and also got hdaenabler in my efi folder and s/l/e folder. Set layout id in config.plist to 13 which is default by this patched applehda and also applied dsdt patch for idt92hd71 that i read somewhere that i need. It detects audio output and detects when i plugin headphones in but no audio is coming out from speakers or from headphones. How can i fix this?

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HP ProLiant DL385 G7 Catalina

HP ProLiant DL385 G7 Catalina


  • CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 6238 (24 core)
  • GPU: ASUS Radeon RX 470 4gbUSB: 2.0 ( Works with XLNCUSBFix.kext & usb 1.1 speed )/ 3.1 ( Works OOB USB 3.1 card - exegate exe-313 )
  • HDD: 320GB WD Black ( With usb type-c adapter )
  • RAM: 64gb ddr3 eec reg (16x4gb sticks in 8 channel mode)
  • Audio Codec: USB Sound card (cm108 chip) + type-c to jack3,5 with dac ( Works OOB )
  • Wifi: NoName 802.11ac NIC USB Adapter ( RtWlanU1827.kext + RtWlanU.kext + Wlan APP )

Not work:

  • Ethernet Card: NetXtreme II BCM5709 Quad Port ( Kext not found )
  • Sleep: not work on any OS
  • SAS: HP Smart array p410i

Bootloader: Clover EFI 5138OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H2) + Windows 10 Pro

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Lenovo Yoga 530 Catalina Success. Core i7-8550U(kabylake-r). Ram 8GB DDR4. 512GB NVMe.

Hackintosh on my weak system

I have a laptop, specs are AMD A6 7310 with R4 Graphics and 4GB DDR3 ram, as of now, it's little impossible for me to upgrade it, what is the latest version on Mac os can I run, all I'd like to do is a little taste of MacOS, no vd editing, maybe programming, mainly web browsing, can I dual boot it with my win10? Please help me

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EFI Problem Hackintosh

Hello Community,

I followed Dortania Open-core guide did everything according. But when ever i boot to install the macOS it is extremely slow . Trackpad, keyboard, SSD detection. everything is working. Its just extremely slow. Can anyone help All the information is Below.

EFI Folder Link GDrive: Google Drive

My specs:

  • Lenovo Yoga 530
  • Intel Core i&-8550U (KABYLAKE-R)
  • 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
  • Samsung MZVKV512HAJH-0001 NVMe SSD
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-3165

Thank you In advance <3

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black screen after upgraded my OC to 0.7.1 (NUC8i7BEH)


before 11.5 with OC 0.6.4 seems everything fine. before days i upgraded to 11.5 then upgraded OC to 0.7.1. Many errors occured fighting to solving them as much as i could, after all disappeared NEW Black Svreen came up and i gave up :( !
My device as shown on profile.

More info:
- Hackintosh installed on External SSD (samsung T5)
- there were no Tools+Resources and added both
- config.plist i changed all what i found diffrences to Docs/Sample.plist

- Kexts updated to...

Read more

Author: iSalalah


I did some searching on here on the above card but could not find any suitable answers. Has anyone managed to get this card working with Big Sur 11.5 as yet. I got myself one today and it boots BS but Graphics Acceleration is only 5mb so makes it unusable.

Author: suren6791

Asus F555LD running macOS Big Sur

Dell Optiplex 3040 Shuts down after installer boots

Dell Optiplex 3040 Shuts down after installer boots

So I have a dell optiplex 3040 here that i've been trying to get mojave going on for a few days now, and so far as far as i can get the installer to boot is seemingly all the way through, it goes to a white screen with a movable mouse, and then an apple logo with a bar that goes to about 95% before freezing, and then a minute or two later the machine just powers off. No reboot, no panic, it just shuts down. Any ideas?

CPU: i5-6500

GPU:MSI GT 710 1GB / Integrated Intel HD 530 (not used)


Model: Optiplex 3040 SFF

EDIT: Realized i had appleDebug set to false. Enabled that and it shows this now before shutting down:

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Trying Monterey on Yoga 12 with Stylus

Hello all,

Tomorrow I will receive a Yoga 12 with Stylus. I hope I can combine the success of:

(working stylus)


Does anyone have a Yoga 12 with Stylus working?

Wish me luck :D

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I am going to install macOS on my PC with AMD FX-8350, 8 GB ram and GT730. Which macOS version is compatible and how will I install it. Please help me….

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IOAudioFamily Kernel Panic - Z490 UD + 10600k - Big Sur 11.4 - please help

Hi guys!
This is the first time I have had a build crashing and automatically rebooting when trying to open Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.6

Z490 UD
Thunderbolt 3 - GA Alpine Ridge
I5 10600k
RX 580 MSI Armor
64GB Crucial Ballistix 2400
WD 500GB m.2 SSD x 2 (01 SATA + 01 Nvme)

I appreciate any help. This type of interpretation goes way beyond my humble knowledge. I kind of understand the problem but have no clue of the solution.

I've collected the attached info about it.

Thanks!!! :)

Author: e12



successfully installed MacOS BIG SUR on my msi mortrar b550


256 gb ssd 1TB hdd

8gb ram

intel hd graphics 630

intel core i5 7400 kaby lake

everything working fine

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Dell XPS 15 7590 freezes during macOS install

Hello everybody,

Need some help troubleshooting a freezing issue. I can boot from the USB and reach the macOS recovery/install screen. It either will freeze right away or I can get through formatting my disk through Disk Utility and start running the installer until it freezes a few minutes in.

CPU - i7-9750H

GPU - Intel iGPU UHD 630

RAM - 16 GB DDR4

SSD: Samsung 970 Evo NVME

Laptop Model - Dell XPS 15 7590

I am using the files provided by pmdevita (

Per the instructions I've used GenSMBIOS and created new SMBIOS keys for my config.plist as well as removed "brcmfx-aspm" property and enabled the "AppleXcpmCfgLock"

OpenCore Log File - (

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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"Please connect to power..." in order to update to 11.5.1

"Please connect to power..." in order to update to 11.5.1

I'm getting "Please connect to power before continuing updates" when trying to update to Big Sur 11.5.1. I'm running Big Sur 11.5 on a Ryzen Hackintosh in QEMU/KVM with OpenCore. Am I missing something related to power management? Is there a way to disable this?

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TPM 2.0 activated on BIOS, but cannot be detected in windows with OpenCore bootloader on my Thinkpad T460.

I am on OpenCore 0.7.0 version. And rocking a dual boot with macOS Catalina and Windows 10. Recently activated the TPM 2 and SecureBoot feature in BIOS. But windows cannot detect the TPM 2 status. If anyone faced or solved this problem please respnse. Thank you.

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