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You Can Now Use Transporter to Upload App Previews to iTunes Connect

Apple has announced that developers can now use Transporter to upload app previews to iTunes Connect.

You can now use Transporter, Apple’s command-line delivery tool, to upload app previews to iTunes Connect. Transporter integrates with your content management system to deliver your app metadata in bulk using XML, which is especially useful for adding and managing multiple localizations.

App previews demonstrate the features, functionality, and user interface of apps using footage captured on device. You can have up to three app previews for each language your app supports, and each preview can be up to 30 seconds long.

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GPU Recommendation - Budget Dual Screen

Hey everyone, I am looking to help a friend expand his PC out to be able to support dual monitors. So I am looking for some GPU recommendations.

Below is the PC we put together for him:

Usage: Internet Browsing, Forums, Watching Videos, Fusion 360, Photo Editing (No Gaming).

Ideally looking for something that is sub-£100 and really ideal if it is passive cooled to keep it quiet.

Thank you

Amazon Replaces Alexa With Celebrities in Super Bowl LII Ad [Video]

Alexa loses her voice in Amazon's new Super Bowl LII ad.

The commercial, posted in full to YouTube today, features CEO Jeff Bezos and celebrities including: Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, Chef Gordon Ramsey, and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

The one minute and thirty second ad will air during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LII on February 4th just five days before Apple's new HomePod arrives in stores. The Super Bowl is watched by over 100 million people and advertisers are paying in excess of $5 million for a 30 second spot. Amazon is likely hoping the exposure will help it maintain strong Echo sales and fend off competition from Google and Apple.

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The Wi-Fi hurdle..

Hi everyone,

Almost got my hacktosh online..

The last thing I am trying to do is getting Wi-Fi working..

My motherboard is the H270N-wifi, with Intel dual band 802.11ac, dual band wireless 8265

I tried installing drivers for network off if multibeast but they don't seem to work..

I also have a usb cisco/linksys AE2500 adapter.. I am trying to get one or the other working. But upon tons of searching cant really find anything.

Does anyone have any advice or kexts I should be using? Thanks so much

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The final HD3000 glitches removal brainstorm!

The Intel HD3000 is an old (and crappy) chip that is natively supported on macOS but many users experience some graphic glitches (weird horizontal flickering lines, garbled icons, etc).

These are the solutions I've read and tried on my system:

  • Modify and inject a custom EDID via DSDT or Clover. I used one of a MacbookAir with the timings and display size of my own.
  • Get 8GB of ram or more. I have 8GB and I tested 2 borrowed sticks of 8GB for a total og 16GB and still got the glitches.
  • Set a custom resolution of 1360x768 instead of 1366x768. No luck.
  • Use slide=0 as a boot argument. I've even calculated my correct slide value (on Clover's forum) and my slide=39 doesn't allow me to boot.
  • Use an alternative memory driver for Clover UEFI. I've switched from OsxAptioFixDrv, to OsxAptioFixDrv2 and 3. Even AptioMemoryFix.
  • Do an EC reset (remove battery and press power for 30 seconds). No luck either.

The point of this thread is to exchange ideas on how we can get rid permanently of those glitches.

It's very annoying that I can use the laptop for a long time without glitches and sometimes like a minute after I turn it on, the glitches appear.

My specs: Asus U46E, Core i5 2430M, Atheros 9385, ALC269, 256GB SSD. High Sierra 10.13.3. Clover r4394.

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UAD apollo firewire audio interface issues

hey guys, just upgraded my hackintosh to sierra which was a pain in the ass. now i noticed my audio playback was having some very slight but noticeable momentary dropouts so i updated my uad software to the newest version and now i'm getting the "driver version mismatch" error. I tried uninstalling and deleting kexts and reinstalling and that didn't work. Someone told me to delete the uad2system.kext but it's not there...any help would be greatly appreciated

submitted by /u/krombopulosmichaelRL
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I got stuck on boot. What I need to do?

I got this message what I need to do?

Welcome to Clover 4045 scan entries

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Wistron to Start Assembling iPhone 6s in India?

Wistron may start assembling Apple's iPhone 6s in India soon, according to a new report from Reuters.

The company is close to signing a deal to purchase land in India's tech hub of Bengaluru and will likely invest $157 million to develop the site, two government officials say. ICT Service Management Solutions, the same Wistron unit that assembles Apple's low cost iPhone SE in India, has been looking for about 100 acres in the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Wistron is likely to use at least a part of this land to set up new assembly lines for Apple, the sources said. A third source said Apple was likely to start assembling its iPhone 6s models in India via Wistron soon, as it looks to cut costs and diversify its production base beyond greater China.

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