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Dual Boot Windows/MacOS Build

This is my first Hackintosh build, and my first PC build in about 8 years so I'm fairly out of the loop with the community.

I'm looking at building a PC that can double as a home studio work machine in MacOS, and a PC that can do some light gaming in windows. The plan at the moment is to split the hardrives, 1 sata and 1 HDD for each side of the system.

I'd read on another thread that you can load 2 separate GPUs for each system, so I plan to use onboard graphics for the MacOS.

I just wanted some advice on the build, if there is anything in the build that won't work, or any advice to make the system more efficient or "better".

Here's the link to my build:

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Pain Free Big Sur 11.6.8 Install on Yoga 730 13ikb!

Only thing I changed out was was the wifi card to a $15 Intel 9260.

Everything else was stock including the Samsung PM961 OEM SSD. I was very surprised that everything went without a hitch given my SSD and wifi card.

The only thing things that doesn't work is my bluetooth (tbh the BT on this thing sucks anyways) and the brightness only has 4 true steps.

I used dragonflylee's config and only swapped out the wifi kext.

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Success installing Monterey on ThinkCentre M92 Desktop

Success installing Monterey on ThinkCentre M92 Desktop

I have only two problems, I use a WIFI stick, it's a TP Link TL823N, the internet works in other applications, except those that depend on iCloud, and the other problem is that I have no sound. Can someone help me ? Thanks!

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Question about Dortania Guide "Fixing Sleep: Preparations"

In the Dortania Guide "Fixing Sleep: Preparations" they have you use these terminal commands for testing, but don't tell you how to undo them when you're done:

sudo pmset autopoweroff 0 sudo pmset powernap 0 sudo pmset standby 0 sudo pmset proximitywake 0 sudo pmset tcpkeepalive 0 

Do I just change them all to 1?

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Some OCS schema and OC vault errors..

Some OCS schema and OC vault errors..

I have fixed this issue with u/tkashkin solution.


I'm getting the following messages while making my hackintosh. What i'm doing wrong? I think that every error occurs to one thing which is bad.

  • OCS: No schema for Quirks at index 0, context <root>!
  • OCS: No schema for Security at 1 index, context <Entries>!
  • OC: Configuration requires vault but no vault provided!

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600. I'm using official documentation and i'm following AMD Ryzen tutorial. I have an Optional vault set, Quirks under Root is present.

I have used OCConfigCompare and it told me:

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Can’t get trackpad, shift key or wifi to work. HP ENVY x360

CPU: intel i7 8550U GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 RAM: 16GB Laptop: HP ENVY x360

I’ve tried adding kexts manually and nothing happens, I even tried reinstalling macOS like 3 times. Everything works plugged in, though.

Laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port, but I’ve connected via usb c adapter and it works flawlessly. Same with external keyboard and mouse. Is there anything I can do to fix it? I’ve installed via clover

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Ryzentosh Monterey - Ventura

Ryzentosh Monterey - Ventura

Hello, I share my EFI ryzentosh folder


  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • GPU Rx 570
  • 48 gb Ram ( 2 x 8 - 16 x 2)
  • 240 gb SSD
  • MSI B450 Gaming Plus
  • WIFI & Bluetooth fenvi t919

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OpenCore 0.8.3 - MSI CX61 2QC with Monterey

OpenCore 0.8.3 - MSI CX61 2QC with Monterey

Laptop Make and Model: MSI CX61 2QC

Chipset: Intel HM86

CPU: Intel Core i7 4712MQ

RAM: 16 GB (2x8) DDR·L 1600Mhz

iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600

dGPU: NVIDIA GeForce 920M DDR3 2GB

RAM: DDR3L 1600MHz

Audio Codec: Realtek ALC269

Ethernet Card: Qualcomm Atheros AR8161

Wi-Fi/BT Card: Realtek RTL8723AE

HDD: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB

BIOS revision: E16GDIMS.709

Not working:

  • Wi-Fi/BT card
  • Sleep
  • dGPU
  • Internal speakers (but headphones and internal mic work)