Realtek 8111 not working during Catalina installation (OpenCore)


The guide I'm following:

What part I got an issue with:

See picture. Also, it is not recognized in the Network Utility.

Things I've tried:

  • Most of the Realtek RTL8111 kext from the dortania guide. I always check my config plist to see if it's there.
  • Changing the ethernet cable. I'm using an internet switch but I wouldn't say that's the problem
  • Editing the info.plist inside the RTL8111 kext and changing network-root to root, according to similar posts
  • HoRNDIS . I don't think I've installed it properly though. Do I need MacOs to install it? I've extracted the .pkg and then the payload and then just simply put that kext inside my kexts folder, deleted the RTL8111 kext, and checked it showed up in my config plist. I connected my phone via USB (I've tried 2.1 and 3.0) and turned on tethering. Still nothing.

Things I'm going to try:

  • This post
  • Realtek RTL8125 kext (I don't it's going to work, but I'll just try)
  • BCM94360CS2 (found one second hand for 15€ near me) with either this adapter or this one. I'm not sure if my motherboard supports A/E keys, mine just says sata m.2. Will this work out of the box?
  • Buying a PCIe network card just for the install I just don't know which one. Later on I'll be swapping it for either a BCM94360CS2 or one of those usb wifi adapters I already have (tp-link TL-WN725N, says it has Mac support)
  • Iread something about changing the order of the RTL8111 kext inside the config plist, but I can't find the post I read. I think they suggested putting in right bellow the Lilu and VirtualSMC in the config plist.

I will be posting any updates for future reference, it seems people have a lot of problems with the RTL8111.

Also this is my first hackintosh and I've read X99 is not great for beginners.

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