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silly question but why can certain CPU's hackintosh but others cannot?

Of course I undersand the whole, "Apple only used C2Ds and I series Processors", but why can older CPU's like the Pentium 4 hackintosh but my Laptop N3530 cannot?

Just a wonder, can anyone please explain?


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I have successfully installed Mac Big Sur beta 5 on my PC. But as you can see there are many options on OC boot. How can i remove unnecessary options?

I have successfully installed Mac Big Sur beta 5 on my PC. But as you can see there are many options on OC boot. How can i remove unnecessary options? submitted by /u/pheamakara
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I need some help with my laptop that panics (Acer Swift 3)

I need some help with my laptop that panics (Acer Swift 3) submitted by /u/Vaugerbird
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Intel Power Gadget lockups - pin a warning here?

Newer builds are locking up machines, even real Macs, and at startup (causing much headache and pain). Version 3.5.3 was the only older version that worked on my Hackintosh (Mojave/i7-8700). Intel have removed the download, but they are available all over the place.

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Best PCI ethernet card?

Hey folks... I've been fighting an issue where my built in Z370's built in ethernet will not negotiate above started randomly about a month ago and all I can think is that it's hardware failure or some obscure Catalina update. I've tried manually setting the interface, I've replaced the cables several times, I've even replace the switch.

Given that a new card is really cheap, I think I'm ready to just go that route - anyone have a favorite PCIe card they like that works with IntelMausi?

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Choppy audio when using zoom

Having an issue with audio...

I don't use my MOBO's built-in DAC, but I've always used an external one. No matter which interface I use, it seems to always have the following issue. Whenever I am streaming from YouTube, using VLC, or listening to Spotify, the audio is perfect. However, when I switch to a "calling" program such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, the audio will initially work well, but then get progressively choppier. It sounds like a bitrate issue, but even when I change the buffer size and rate in Audio MIDI preferences, the issue fixes for a while, but then returns to being choppy after a few minutes. The issue is the same with any audio production/recording software which kinda defeats the purpose.

As all my university courses are online, this is extremely irritating and I find myself dialing in to my meetings on my phone, which is fine, but less than ideal.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Build Details:

  • ZD170X-UD3
  • Intel i7-6700K LGA1151 Processor
  • 32GB ram
  • Radeon RX 580
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KP/PCI/BL | X99A-II 6800K GTX660 | OC

Short Flex: I have installed OC on my Lenovo E590, everything is working besides battery indicator and bluetooth. itlwm was performing better when it was configured using a text editor and not HeliPort. Got it working using the Titus OpenCore guide plus builds / EFI clones for the E480/490/580.

Moving on. Been losing my mind. Let's just

  • CPU: i7 6800K
  • GPU: Geforce GTX 660 (GK106)
  • RAM: 2x8 GB G.Skill Ripjaw
  • Motherboard/Laptop model: ASUS X99A II (rev1.03)
  • Audio Codec: Realtek however, not required due to USB DAC.
  • Ethernet Card: Intel I218x
  • Wifi/BT Card: Asus PCE-AC68
  • What guide/tool followed:
  • What part I got an issue with:
    • Just booting! OpenCore / Clover runs fine but OS X recovery:
      • freezes at PCI configuration begin and fails to progress
      • some kind of kernel panic
      • EndRandomSeed / EXITBS
    • [1] is the main guide I followed with regards to my hardware. I wanted to follow the last one (X99A2+6800K+GTX980TI) as that is almost identical to my rig, but would prefer to stay with OpenCore.
      • KGP has provided the relevant SSDT files here but I don't understand what / how to use those.
    • [2] appears to be useful... but I don't know how to put any of the data enclosed in code/quotes into ProperTree.
      • I found a small section in Dortania advising to use a text editor as a hack-y solution which took me right to where I am now.
  • What files/config I am using: last used config.plist
  • Extra Info: I feel like KGP has made it really simple but it's not making any sense to me. I have already disabled CFG-lock as per all of those threads lol
    • The config.plist I have pasted is the latest one, and results in a panic on my system. This one is vanilla, with everything downloaded / compiled / tested in the last 10 hours.
    • Oh yeah I have also tried using npci, alcid, and nvidia related boot arguments to no avail

Lastly. Clover would be fine but if it's being phased out, I'd prefer to find a solution on the superior platform.

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BCM94352HMB Wifi Trouble?

I have a Thinkpad T430s, and I bought a BCM94352HMB Mini-PCIe Wifi card, yet I am really struggling to get it to work in Catalina.

Kexts Folder

I tried setting Fake Device ID of Wifi to 0x43BA14E4 as a part of this solution, to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Nicest hackintoshable Z490?

Hi, I'm building a new PC and looking for a Z490 board that'd cause minimum trouble when running macOS. Requirements: USB C, DisplayPort, M2, minimalistic look. Best without WiFi, which I just have no use for.

I've seen lots of people use Gigabyte Z490 Vision D quite easily, so that looks like a safe option. Built-in WiFi though and, while pretty aesthetic, it's still kind of flashy.

The Asus ProArt Z490 Creator looks great to me, super clean with no extraneous functionality. I've heard that it doesn't work that nicely with macOS though.

Do you have any experience with these? Or do you perhaps know some other fitting options? Please share!

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What am I doing wrong? I installed my killer e2500 kext, but Ethernet doesnt work in installation!

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Installation Troubles - Catalina 10.15.6

I am having issues booting my Hackintosh USB. I have got High Sierra to show the "macOS Utilities" screen in the past but was unable to use any features on the page. I have tried googling this issue but I think I am having issues identifying the significant error code. Any pointers at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • CPU: Intel i7-6700k (Skylake)
  • RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 16 GB
  • GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 Ti
  • Drive: WD Blue 500GB SSD
  • USB: SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit
  • OS: Windows 10 (I am comfortable using Linux if it is easier)


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OpenCore vs. MultiBeast

Greetings frens! I have a question that bugz me so I wanted to address it to this community. I will call things with their real names, so if I penalize any rules, forgive me. First timer.

Long story short - long time hackintosh user. UniBeast and MultiBeast seems to work best for me.



CPU i7 4790 (non K version)

MOBO AsRock Z97 Anniversary

RAM 32 GB Corsair 1333/1600 MHz with XMP1.3

GPU Asus Strix RX 470 8GB OC

Works like butter. As I am in many hackintosh channels and subreddits etc. I see rise of OpenCore. I read that it's the ultimate way to bring macOS to its potential. I've watched some basic OpenCore installations and I get the fundamentals behind it.

My question is how big or small of an improvement I will get if I successfully manage to install it? Not that it's not good right now, but I feel I am not covering all components to their potential with tonymac...

I'm using it generally for music making and some web surfing. All SSDs and HDDs crossing, Fusion Drive and RAIDs are possible if needed. Thank you if you're taking the time answering.

PS: This post was in a FB group but it wasn't for hackintoshes so I just copy paste it here. May have small irrelevant details that are not needed here. Too lazy to be polite again :)

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the clover directory isn't showing in the EFI directory after mounting the partition

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Blank screen issue during fresh Catalina install with an RX 5700 XT

I'm doing a fresh install of Catalina on a new build following the tonymacx86 guide. I can get to the Apple logo screen, but when the loading bar is a little over half full my screen cuts to black and then the computer restarts 5-10 minutes later.

Here are the last lines of verbose mode before it cuts out:

All of my parts were pulled from the tonymacx86 compatibility list:

Mobo: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi

CPU: Intel i9-9900k

GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT

When going back and rereading their buyer's guide, I noticed that it said the RX 5700 XT will only work on Catalina 10.15.2+. My Catalina install software was downloaded from a MBP running Mojave 10.14.6. This may be a dumb question, but does the OS X updater download 10.15.1 to install, or does it default to the latest patch (I believe 10.15.6)? If it is 10.15.1, what's the best workaround to get it up and running so I can update to 10.15.2?

Edit: Of course the answer to finding the software version shows up in a Google search right after I post, it looks like it's the installer for 10.15.6. I think that raises more questions than it answers though, since the RX 5700 XT should be compatible with this version. Any thoughts on what could be causing the issue?

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Does it matter which RAM I take for my hack?

Is every RAM compatible with macOS?

I'm going to get a new PC and have 2 options: 1. 16G (2×8G) XPG DDR4 - 3600MHZ CL18 GAMMIX D30 BLACK 2. T-FORCE 16G (2x8G) 3600 Mhz DARK ZA BLACK

Also which one of these is better for gaming?

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OC6.0 Toshiba Radius 12 p20w-c Catalina 15.6 in stalltion

OC6.0 Toshiba Radius 12 p20w-c Catalina 15.6 in stalltion

Have you guys fell into this situation?

sometimes core panic;

sometimes stuck in logo with 10% of progress bar;

sometimes went to attached situation and ,when clicked "installtion" , popped up an alert window showing "corrupted installtion image".

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ENABLE READ RIGHT ACCES IN SYSTEM FOLDER IN BIGSUR(and please don't ban bcs it will be the same in final release)

Please share easy steps

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Help with OpenCore. Stuck when booting Big Sur installer

Help with OpenCore. Stuck when booting Big Sur installer

CPU: Intel core i5 4th
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400
RAM:12GB dual channel
Laptop model:Lenovo G50-70
Audio codec:AppleAlc
Ethernet card:RTL8211
Guides:official OpenCore dorotania documentation
Config files: config.plist self-made

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Catalina 10.15.6 Graphic Glitch

Catalina 10.15.6 Graphic Glitch

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I installed hackintosh (Catalina 10.15 after that updated to 10.15.6). Everything seems fine until I try to play couple of games.

When I run a game, no glitches spotted but when I start a video on youtube (Some music) or friend shares screen in discord it starts insanely glitch.

Tried many things like:

  • Installing nvidia cuda drivers
  • Injecting nvidia through clover

How I installed Hackintosh:

  • Mounted Catalina on 32GB USB flashdrive through transmac in Windows, booted up erased my SDD to Mac OS Extended, and whent through all instalation process.
  • Installed Clover Configurator

Here are the photos of PC specs and graphic glitches:

I have added SSD Samsung 850 Pro 128GB

P.S. I'm new here and I'd really apreciate for your help!

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Keyboard and mouse not working in macOS Catalina in VMware player

I've followed this guide and installed macOS Catalina in the VMware player on AMD CPU. It boots fine and I even got VMware tools to work. The problem is that a keyboard and a mouse are working about 1 out of 100 times, it's pretty random and I can't understand how to get it to work. I'm trying to use a PS/2 keyboard, USB keyboard, and USB mouse.

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Installation Panic

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monitor 24' 1080p high sierra best choice ?


I installed catalina (opencore 0.6.0) but fonts is blurry. Every trick were unsuccessful :(

What do you think for non retina display the best solution is high sierra to have sharp fonts?

Hardware info:

16GB ram

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Saffire Radeon RX580 Pulse (Lite Edition) - Graphics Glitch

Hi All,

I have recently got my system up and running and everything is working great after following MikeMods 'Everything Works' guide to Asus z390, although his component are different -

The one remaining issue which I have been unable to solve is the issue of a graphics glitch when booted into macOS which randomly stutters when moving the mouse, moving a window or scrolling across the dock. At times the issue resolves itself, then it seems to come back randomly for no particular reason. This is happening on all outputs of the graphics card (2 x HDMI, 2 x DP). I have searched all over Google and this forum and despite many people experiencing something similar, I have never come across a fix when carrying out the recommended steps.

I have pasted below a link to my EFI folder if anyone has the time to check it through. As far as I know, I have completed most of the steps that others have recommended - is there anything else I could try to help narrow down the issue?

I do know that the issue is not the mouse, as this works fine on a MacBook Pro. This is also happening on all 4 of the outputs of the GPU (2 x HDMI, 2 x DP). I have whatevergreen installed - assuming this is still needed?

Framebuffer = Orinoco
Platform ID = 0x3E980003 (Intel UHD Graphics 630)
InjectIntel = Yes

My motherboard is the Asus Maximus Hero XI (non-wifi)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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New to hackintosh, inquiring for advice.

So I have interest in installing a dual boot macOS (mojave) on my current PC specs: CPU: ryzen 5 3600

Mobo: B450 Tomahawk max

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3600mhz

GPU: RTX 2070 super *

4 boot drives to choose from: 1tb NVME Samsung evo 500gb Samsung SATA SSD 2 traditional HDD (1tb, 2tb)

So I've done a little bit of research and realized my GPU is incompatible, on the grounds of lacking driver support. I have tried to follow this guide:; when I try to boot from USB media and restart, in the clover interface I get the 'prohibited sign' [🚫]. I presume this is because of my graphics card, although I am unsure. Can anyone confirm or deny these suspicions and provide help in regards to this issue? Is there a way to work around this with my 2070 super?

My intended use case for macOS is purely to utilize facetime/iMessage services without buying an actual apple device, given my hardware is this possible with any version of OS X? If there are any links/resources available to help me that would be amazing. Furthermore if this is not possible with my current graphics card, can I use my old AMD radeon HD 7970 as my display output and use this as a work around? If so please let me know and also let me know what version of OS X is in my best interest given my situation (with links to resources if possible please and thank you). Thank you in advance for your time, and I especially appreciate any and all help!

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Z490 motherboard and comet lake processor builds help

Hi. I am very new to hackintosh and would appreciate any help.

I was originally looking at coffee lake but when I looked into the 10th gen processors it seemed better to future proof my system.

I am struggling to find good info on an easy comet lake build that isn’t too expensive. Ideally a motherboard under £200 would be great.

Can anyone help me out with suggestions and links to a build?

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Hackintosh Guide 2020: Hardware [ i9 9900k / 5700 XT / Z390 Designare ]

Hackintosh Guide 2020: Hardware [ i9 9900k / 5700 XT / Z390 Designare ] submitted by /u/zakaghbal
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Is a Ryzentosh laptop possible?

If it is possible, has anyone tried with the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14? I'm considering buying one amd would enjoy having both Windows 10 for gaming and macOS for productivity (I like the Notes app mor than MS Word for writing, I wanna try FCP etc)

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Cannot boot Into Opencore

Cannot boot Into Opencore

I am unable to move past the initial logs. I am always ending up at this screen with scrambled logs

My System config :

OEM: Dell 7567

CPU: i7-7700HQ

GPU: intel 630 HD

I've followed the OpenCore guide completely and my config.plist passes all sanity checks.

I have a legacy boot and ACHI turned on in BIOS

If anyone has faced the same issue or knows the solution, please help me out. Thank you.

Here is some of the last boot logs

45:343 00:908 AAPL: [EB|`LD:OFS] Err(0xE) @ OPEN (System\\Library\\PrelinkedKernels\\prelinkedkernel.development)

45:850 00:507 AAPL: [EB|`LD:LKC] BPDK,!R -> (System\Library\PrelinkedKernels\prelinkedkernel)

50:045 04:194 AAPL: [EB|`LD:LKFS] } Ok(0)

50:555 00:510 AAPL: [EB|`LD:LKC] } Ok(0)

51:462 00:907 AAPL: [EB|#FWFM] 0xFF1FFF7F

51:969 00:506 AAPL: [EB|#FWFT] 0xFF0FF57E

52:874 00:904 AAPL: [EB|#CSR:IN] 0x00000040

53:381 00:506 AAPL: [EB|#CSR:OUT] 0x00000040

54:287 00:906 AAPL: [EB|`BST:FBS] {

54:795 00:507 AAPL: [EB|`BST:FBS] BA.ADSZ: 0

55:699 00:904 AAPL: [EB|`BST:FBS] BA.KSDSZ: 0

56:206 00:507 AAPL: [EB|`B:WFDW] Err(0xE), 0 @ LocHB 71B4903C-14EC-42C4-BDC6-CE1449930E49

57:111 00:904 AAPL: [EB|#LOG:DT] 2020-08-31T10:56:21

57:619 00:507 AAPL: [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] 2020-08-31T10:56:21

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Stuck in boot screen panic "cckprng_init_gen: Generator has already been seeded"

Stuck in boot screen panic "cckprng_init_gen: Generator has already been seeded"


I am stuck on this error when trying to install Catalina 10.15.6:

I followed and running OC 0.6

My hardware:
CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Motherboard - ASUS Prime X570 Pro
GPU - Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT
WiFi - fenvi FV-T919 PCIe
SSD - Samsung (MZ-V7E500BW) 970 EVO SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe

Here is my EFI tree:

And a zip of my EFI:

I made sure all my kexts were latest version, I patched from

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

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Hackintosh a ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW

So I've searched through past posts on here, but the users on the past posts didn't seem to report any updates on their hackintosh attempts on an ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW (

I'm interested in Catalina if that's even possible.

Does anyone have this laptop or similar with some success?

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MacOS stuck in boot screen

MacOS stuck in boot screen

This is a few seconds after i boot from the USB and select the Install OS Catalina partition.

I have a MSI Z390 A pro motherboard, with a i5 9400 and 16gb ram.

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How can I install Mac OS on HDD keeping my windows installation on my M2 SSD and have a dual boot?

Ok so, I've tried to install hackintosh with Clover for windows, well after installation it just didn't boot to ssd. Neither to Mac OS. So I'm wondering, is there any way to install it on HDD and windows on SSD and use both? Thank you.

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Ivy Bridge-EP - can I use XCPM for power management?

Have a Dell T3610 with an E5-1620 v2 CPU, is there a way to enable XCPM or am I stuck with AICPUPM? Everything I can find online mentions Ivy Bridge-E is compatible, but nothing about Ivy Bridge-EP, and I haven’t had any luck making it work.

Also wondering about SMBIOS choices - MacPro6,1 would be closest in general for this machine, but I have a RX570 and wondering if iMacPro1,1 would be more beneficial to get best value out of the GPU?

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Lenovo G570 hackintosh help

I am trying to install macOS Mojave on my G570. I haven't installed Hackintosh before so I am a complete noob. So far, I managed to boot the installer but the trackpad and keyboard weren't working. Can anyone send me the working kexts and config plist if you have the same device?

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Is single iGPU (intel UHD 620) passthrough possible using KVM?

I want to give a MacOS KVM a try, and I am on a arch linux host.
As my laptop has only one integrated Intel's UHD 620 GPU, Is that possible to passthrough iGPU to MacOS KVM?
Thanks in advance!

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Installation stuck at 15-16 minute remaining intervals.

Installation stuck at 15-16 minute remaining intervals. submitted by /u/Jitterdoomer
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Is it possible to run macOS and Windows 10 simultaneously from separate drives?

Hey guys,

I have macOS and Windows 10 installed on separate drives that I can boot on startup, but I'm wondering if it's possible to boot both simultaneously? Could I possibly boot the Windows 10 drive as a VM in macOS or something like that?

I would very much appreciate some help from you guys. Thanks in advance!

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Is an AMD hackintosh likely time support Docker in the near future?

I just bought an AMD 3900X and setup a hackintosh but unfortunately it does not support docker. So I have had to move to Ubuntu.

I was wondering if there was any status on this or am I to hope that Apple one day uses AMD cpus?

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the clover directory isn't showing in the EFI directory after mounting the partition

after mounting a partition on my virtualbox vm and opening the partition the clover directory isn't showing any advice. i'm trying to make apple id and icloud work.


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