How to install a Wifi/Bluetooth card (BCM943602CS)?

I just achieved my first Hackintosh installation and it works pretty well, except my Wifi/Bluetooth card which is not recognised.

I bought a BCM943602CS card and installed it in the M.2 slot of my Asus Z490-I motherboard using this Wifi Card to NGFF Key A/E M2 adapter.

How can I check if my PC actually recognise the Wifi card? I didn't see anything in BIOS.

Should I install something to make it working (such as a kext)? If I understand well, the card I bought is recognised by default by macOS, and does not require any additional installation.

Or maybe should I install AirportBrcmFixup and BrcmPatchRAM, as explained in this section of the guide: When and what kexts to use

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