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Bluetooth and some Usb ports aren't working after changing my SMbios

Bluetooth and some Usb ports aren't working after changing my SMbios

i disaabled sip and reset nvram but it didnot work

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Stuck at selecting the installer/looping back to this selection screen. (MBP 2012, trying to get Ventura)

I’m following along in this video below and having this looping issue where I can’t get past the installer selection. Specifically stuck at 10:30 in the video. I hit the installer, the loading bar shows showing 20 ish min remaining, it restarts after completing, and then I get right back to this screen. If I leave it alone on that screen for a few seconds, it goes back to the screen on 7:55. From there, I manually hit restart to get back to the 10:30 screen. If I manually hit the installer again, it reboots infinitely back to 10:30. There’s no restarting automatically several times like he mentioned, if “Iet it go” it just goes to 7:55. I’ve tried repeating steps from 7:55 and that doesn’t work either. I’m not sure what’s happening. Should I try to clean install back to Catalina and try this all over again (if I’m able to), and if so, how do I do that?

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Framework 16, hackintosh possible?

I’ve pre-ordered a framework 16 with the best config possible.

CPU : Ryzen 9 7940HS GPU : Radeon RX 7700S RAM : 32Gib DDR5 5600MT/s

Now I know we have been able to get Ryzen APUs and Radeon GPUs to work with openCore. I’m not sure if the 7th gen mobile APUs and GPUs in specific have kexts and acpis that can get them to work.

We’ve gotten AMD framework 13s to run OpenCore, can the 16s run them as well? If yes, will it be possible to run it with hardware acceleration? Can we get the dGPU to work in macOS as well?

For context, I’ve got an i7 10th gen Asus TUF f15 rn dual booting Ventura and Win 11, everything works including the onboard keyboard and trackpad(except for the 1650 dGPU). I’m looking to see if I can continue dual booting once I get my hands on the framework 16.

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Upgrade from Big Sur to Ventura

Hi guys

Using Opencore and having a fully functioning version of Big Sur, can you just update to Ventura or do you need to rewrite the EFI and have other issues to deal with?


Tons of Questions after Installing Ventura on My old Asus K45A Laptop

Tons of Questions after Installing Ventura on My old Asus K45A Laptop

First time install hackintosh ventura

  • CPU:i3 3110m
  • GPU:Intel HD 4000
  • RAM: 8gb ram
  • Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model:
  • Audio Codec:Realtek alc296
  • Ethernet Card:RTL8111
  • Wi-Fi/BT Card:AR9485

Installed Successfully

Questions now:

  1. I can't see my boot usb on finder

I want to move my usb efi to my efi drive to complete boot mac without usb

My hackintosh can't recognize my bootable usb. I already use usbtoolbox map my usb on Windows. Why does it only recognize my USB mouse and not recognize my bootable usb?

  1. I want to fix my igpu driver & show below image

  1. I try to setup my boot-arg

But i opened opencore configurator. doesn't show anythingg

my efi:

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RTS5227 PCI Express Card Reader issue

RTS5227 PCI Express Card Reader issue

i'm using i5-4210U laptop which has a realtek RTS5227 pci express card reader,im using 0xFireWolf's card reader kext with its realtekcardreaderfriend kext,everything is working fine but i dont know why system report on mac pci devices its showing type is unassigned also in hackintool too,as they shown in the attached pic,if any one knows whats wrong please share.

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Ventura Build ThinkCentre M910q Install Problems

Hey guys I am following Dortania's guide, I have managed to fix quite a few installation errors but here is where im stuck now. Loading the usb installer I get to a point where it has a bunch of vm_shared_region_start_address() failed errors. It eventually gets to a point where it just black screens and then there is no input like the computer is not even on. Thanks in advance guys I really appreciate it I've been going at this for like 2 weeks now lol.

System specs:

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BootCamp with Opencore

Hi, i have a question,

I have a 2017 27” iMac, and i am planning to install opencore on it when macOS Sonoma releases. But i also have a bootcamp partition on it, and my question is if you can still boot into the bootcamp partition after the installation of the opencore efi.

Did anyone try this out yet?


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