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Needing to upgrade my Motherboard.... help!

mobo: MSI H170I Pro

Graphics card: GTX 960

processor: Intel i7 6700K

Above are my current components in my hackintosh build. unfortunately, I am in need of more PCIE slots so that I can add a USBC connection to my computer, and my Motherboard only has only slot, currently occupied by my GPU.

My current OS is High Sierra, my SSD backs up regularly to another drive, and everything runs pretty smoothly so far I just need to know:

  1. What are ideal Motherboards for this so I won't need to upgrade for a while?
  2. Will I need to go through the whole installation process again?
  3. Should I upgrade my processor and GPU while I'm at it?

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WhateverGreen & HDMI out on MSI GL72M 7RDX?

I recently switched to using WhateverGreen to handle my graphics, which does seem like the way forward for Hackintosh setups. The problem I've run into was that in my previous IntelFixup, Inject Intel setup HDMI out worked just fine. But since making the change it no longer works. As WG is kinda new and I find a lot of builds still use the other methods, I've struggled to find anyone else experiencing this problem in support forums. Most thread tend to be worried about HDMI audio, which isn't a biggie for me since my monitors are just DVI. I cleared a big hurdle yesterday with this build with getting the laptop to genuinely go to sleep using the HD 630, so HDMI out is the next on my hit list.

If anyone wanted to take a look at my build files, they can be found here on GitHub.

MSI GL72M 7RDX Components

  • Core i7 7700HQ
  • Intel HD 630
  • GeForce® GTX 1050 with 2GB GDDR5
  • Intel® HM175 chipset
  • Realtek ALC898
  • 17.3" HD display 1920x1080
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Is there anyway to get my web drivers for High Sierra (17G66)?

I can't seem to find these bad boys anywhere.

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hi guys can anyone recommend a decent gpu that will allow me to run iracing on oculus rift? I want to spend as little as possible really, thanks.

Rx590 and high sierra compatibility ?

Hello guys, So i just built my gaming system,and need to do some dev work in xcode.I tried installing hackintosh.

My system is. : Ryzen 2600 Rx590 sapphire nitro+

So,i tried installing mojave but had problems about randomseed couldnt boot it up. Then i tried the unofficial image of highsierrav3,it installed i followed all steps. When i try to boot it shows black screen.Ati injector is selected,and id of my card is already in configs.

So what should i do to pass blackscreen,is mojave a must ?


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Successful NUC 7i7 install, but flashing screen after sleep

Everything works perfectly on this little pc under the latest build of Mojave, however, after waking from sleep, the screen has random flashing (white noise) and, maybe unrelated, my Bluetooth mouse (Apple Magic Mouse 1), will randomly drop.

A restart makes everything happy again.


Tried power cycling monitor and pulling HDMI and plugging it back in, to no avail.

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Monitor momentarily shuts off while loading macOS. Any idea why?

I'm able to boot-up fine. I'll turn on my computer, it'll go to the Clover Boot Loader, and then the apple logo will show and the load bar will start. About half-way through the loading process, my monitor will shut off momentarily and then turn back on. Then the system will continue to load macOS as if nothing happened. It's slightly annoying but not the end of the world. If I could fix it though, that would be amazing! Any thoughts on why it could be doing this and how to fix it? Thanks!

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Electra Jailbreak of iOS 11.4.1 Updated With Support for A7 and A8 Devices

The Electra Team has announced an update to the Electra1141 Jailbreak which brings support for A7 and A8 devices.

Electra 1.2.3 is now available for all devices on iOS 11.0 - 11.4.1! threadm1ll has been replaced with v1ntex so A7 & A8 devices now jailbreak properly on 11.2 - 11.4.1! Also fixes an issue where the initial respring could sometimes fail.

Newly supported devices include the iPhone 5S, 6(Plus), iPod touch 6, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad mini 2, 3 & 4.

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Vega fan speed

So I’m running 10.14.2 on mojave using vg_tab to set the fan speed on the vega. The fans seem to fire up fine and while running luxmark I stay below 75° (usually around 69-72). The problem is the fans never spin back down even when the card returns to 29-32° at idle. Any thoughts?

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Best option for high end Mojave Hackintosh?

Looking for recommendations of a laptop to buy and to install Mojave..

15 inch size, (not too big not too small) User replaceable SSD / HD. (Maybe option to have two drives SSD and HD)
Good hardware build quality
Good results when installing Mojave - everything works when I carefully follow the directions of a decent write up to convert machine to a Hackintosh.

Lower priority
-Don't care about cost.
-Not overly concerned about thinness and weight. Apple too much focused on this at expense of repair ability

Most importantly I want to get away from Apple's poor repairability/upgradeability and avoid soldered in SSD drives.

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Apple Estimated to Have Sold 14.5 Million iPads Last Quarter [Chart]

Apple sold about 14.5 million iPads last quarter capturing 26% of the tablet market, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

The global tablet market contracted 1% in Q4 2018 ending the year 6% lower with total shipments of 173.8 million units. However, it's believed that the market may be on the path to recovery with Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and Microsoft having a good fourth quarter.

Apple iOS shipments grew 10% year-on-year to 14.5 million units in Q4 2018, pushing its worldwide market share to 26% of the Tablet market. By growing double digits, Apple added 2 percentage points to its market share year-over-year. Apple is attempting to remake the computing market with more mobile iPad Pros for productivity while offering lower priced iPad slates for entertainment. The product mix tilted toward iPad Pro due to the launch of its newest products in that line and boosted ASPs to $463 this quarter from $445 in 2017. Meanwhile, Android shipments fell to 32.9 million units worldwide in Q4 2018, down 6% from 34.9 million a year earlier and up 35% sequentially. Market share fell 3 percentage points year-on-year to 60% as many branded Android vendors find it very difficult to compete on price in the wake of Apple lowering its iPad prices. The slate market is particularly sensitive to price and the Android segment is dominated by Slate models.

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USB Installer Stops at "End RandomSeed"

My Hackintosh worked perfectly with High Sierra. I'm trying to update to OS Mojave, so I created a bootable USB and installed clover onto it. Ive made sure ththoat Osxaptio fix and EmuVariable is not deleted; they're in the folder. Clover doesn't seem to see any of my texts, like FakeSMC.kext when I am about to boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've been on this for a week now.


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Hackintosh boot drive keeps failing