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Almost Done! Specs in the Picture. MO is a TUFF Gaming B550 Plus Wifi II. Just waiting on my BC card to arrive in the mail and I'll be all good and done!

Monterey install trouble : “A required firmware update could not be installed”

Monterey install trouble : “A required firmware update could not be installed”

So I am installing macOS Monterey and it installed the first half, and after the first restart, it boots up to a screen saying that a required firmware update could not be installed. I’m not quite sure why. Dell Latitude E5450 i5 5500U 8gb RAM MacBook Pro 12,1 SMBIOS Things I did after this: - I changed the SMBIOS to another serial and board number (still MacBook Pro 12,1) - I changed AdviseFeatures to True - I kept UpdateSMBIOSMode as custom and changed the CustomSMBIOSGuid to true

Even after doing this the problem hasn’t been solved. Does anyone have any solutions for this? MacOS Big Sur is installed successfully however with its own EFI. (Is it possible that this EFI is interfering with the one in the USB installer and causing this problem?) Thanks in advance

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iMessage Troubleshooting after Open Core Install to Ventura OS

iMessage Troubleshooting after Open Core Install to Ventura OS

Hi OpenCore! I recently upgraded my mac mini (late 2014) to macOS Ventura (13.6) and everything has been great except the iMessage error that you see attached.

Oddly enough, I only receive this error when trying to send a message (red exclamation point) from about half my contacts with my other contacts working with no issue. Before the opencore upgrade, I did not receive an error from any contact. Has anyone seen this error before?

If not, would a clean install of open core macOS Ventura work? Some additional context, I use BlueBubbles on the same physical mac and it was motivation to upgrade to Ventura OS.

Some help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

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updated my late 2011 mac book pro to ventura and web pages wont load.

Im connected to the internet but i cant get anything to load, firefox says unable to update system incomoatable.


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dual boot with nvndia GPU

Hey guys, I have a 2080 and dual boot Ventura and windows.

is there a more elegant way to to keep my 2080 in my system without having to disable it?

it's my gaming computer so I will prefer not having to reenabling it in the bios every time I switch back to windows. maybe I way for macOS to automatically use the igpu and ignore the 2080. thanks in advance,

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Ventura on Acer Nitro 5 via OSX-KVM - Next steps

I got macOS Ventura mostly working on top of Ubuntu 22.04 on my Acer Nitro 5 (11800h + 3060) thanks to OSX-KVM, but still have a few problems I hope you guys can give me a hand with:

  • In Safari, websites will render for a fraction of a second, then most content disappears. Links and textboxes are still there, just invisible. This happens with GitHub and Google, but not Reddit.
  • While the graphical performance is better than I expected, I wonder if it can be pushed a little further, even just increasing VRAM (7MB). Note that neither GPU is compatible with macOS, which (I think) means pass-through is out.
  • I would like macOS to be an option in GRUB, as I don't plan on using it together with Ubuntu. If this isn't possible, could I have the launch script be an icon on my desktop.
  • Trying to update to the Sonora Beta, I get an error shortly after it is downloaded. Apparently booting in Safe Mode fixes it, but I get the forbidden sign screen on safe mode.

Thanks in advance!

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Upgrading from RX 580 to RX5700XT

Hey everyone, I'll be upgrading my GPU soon and wanted to know if there's anything I should change before doing so?

I'm using OpenCore

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Hi! RX Vega 56 become Crazy

I have this issue. I have MSI RX Vega 56 8GB, it is a native Apple GPU also to Hackintosh too. But I was testing it and, I don’t know, I think when the vram is full. The GPU could enter in to the stress and the fans start to the max speed. The display is shutdown.

Anyone had this fail too?

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OC post-install configs not being applied at boot, despite working previously

Full build info:


  • Monterey/Opencore 0.9.X [Dortania]
  • i7 10700K CPU
  • Deepcool LS720 CPU cooler
  • Gigabyte Z490M
  • Corsair Vengeance Pro 4 x 16GB
  • WD SN750 500GB (macOS boot)
  • WD Blue SSD 500GB (win boot)
  • WD Blue SSD 1TB (macOS storage)
  • WD Blue SSD 1TB (win storage)
  • Sapphire Nitro+ RX6600 XT (currently out for second RMA)
  • Fenvi FV-T919
  • Corsair RM750e 750W PSU

Context: - Had a working hack in March this year (Monterey, OC 0.9.0 or 0.9.1), was in the final stages of signing OC and putting the keys into the BIOS but had to put it aside to concentrate on uni for a few months using Windows only.

Fast forward to now, I have time off and wanted to update OC and resign the keys before putting them into the firmware. So I grabbed OC 0.9.4 debug and went about replacing the OC files in a copy of my EFI on a flash drive. I also updated my kexts using Lilu and Friends, then finally did a snapshot of the OC folder for the config.plist. I booted from USB, there were no issues, so I replaced the EFI on my boot drive (kept a backup of the working EFI before doing so).

Problem: - On boot, the GUI and boot chime were absent. OC vanished from the BIOS boot priority menu. The default sound output in macOS reset to headphones rather than internal speakers. The debug file output has ceased despite all debug configs being left in place. Verbose boot output indicates 2/4 drivers are being found (previous logs from working EFI show all 4 drivers being picked up by OC on boot). I tried rolling back to my known working EFI. This did not fix any of the issues (completely removed the EFI contents and replaced with the known working EFI).

Resolution/troubleshooting attempts: - double checked the GUI, audio, debug and picker configs in the plist; all were fine - double checked all OC files used were from the same OC model; all from 0.9.4 debug - double checked all resource files were up to date; all from June 23 - updated Propertree and redid the snapshot; did not help - double checked snapshot had correctly selected drivers and kexts; they were all correctly placed and configured - double checked EFI file structure; all correct - restored older known working EFI onto boot drive; issues persisted despite problematic EFI being completely erased first - reattempted booting from USB (with newer OC 0.9.4); all GUI, chimes and sound working perfectly from USB. This was true for the older EFI (0.9.1 I think) as well

Conclusions: - OC 0.9.4 is not the problem as restoring to working EFI based on OC 0.9.1 did not resolve the issues. This suggests to me something related to the drive itself, perhaps the EFI partition, particularly since the USB did not encounter the same problems. - OC configs appear to not be applied during start up despite being present e.g. No debug files are being generated. Therefore, either something is preventing OC configs from executing correctly or Windows has gotten its grubby bits into the EFI partition during its last update

Point of the post: - Any suggestions on what to try next to troubleshoot? It's difficult when I can't get OC to generate debug files!

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Does anyone know which SMBIOS I should use for Dell Xps 13 7390, i7-10510U, UHD 630?


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Ventura Installation problem - MacBook Air 5,2 Mid 2012

Ventura Installation problem - MacBook Air 5,2 Mid 2012


I followed all the steps to create en USB installer of Ventura, but when I boot on EFI then launch the Ventura installation I'm facing this screen.It means in English "This MacOs Ventura Installer copy is broken and can't be used to install MacOS"

Anyone as a solution ? Thanks

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The Clover system does not show Windows or Mac

My computer which is an Intel Zeros computer was originally running Windows 10. I added the Clover system to my PC around early 2019 and it has been running fine however now Clover does not show either Hackintosh or Windows. This is a first for me as last time Clover did not work properly Windows was still showing and only the Hackintosh did not show because a hard drive failed.

Thanks in advance

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Ryzentosh in Ventura 13.5.1

Ryzentosh in Ventura 13.5.1

Hardware Specs:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4600G
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics
  • RAM: 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
  • MoBo: Gigabyte A520M K
  • Ethernet: RTL8111
  • WiFi: TL-WN725N

What works:

  • WiFi (probably)
  • Sound (maybe)
  • Graphics Acceleration (Thanks to NootedRed)
  • Ethernet
  • USB (partial)

What does not:

  • Bluetooth (no adapter)
  • AirDrop (mostly because of the WiFi adapter)
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