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Any tips on creating an SDST for an Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 card on a Gigabyte Board?

Hi, I'm a little lost on this and it seems like my google attempts and searches aren't really leading me to a good spot to help create an sdst or kext, etc what is needed to get this to work. Having issues connecting a Universal Audio device and this seems to be what is needed. If anyone can help point me along in the right direction that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Fix Maxwell Nvidia Drivers in Big sur

How I fix Maxwell Nvidia Drivers in Big sur? Any Idea?

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Need help trying to figure out this audio prob.

After waking up the laptop from sleep when playing songs the audio will be fine after a few mins after all of a sudden there will be no audio then if I want the audio back I will have to open the sound setting and go to the mic in System Pref

I'm on Monterey oc and Kexts all the latest stable version

Specs - CPU - i3 - 10th Gen (1005G1)


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Having issues with [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] trying to go from Big Sur 11.2.2 to Monterey, OC .6.7 to OC 0.7.8

I tried downloading OC 0.8.2 and got stuck with that, so I thought it was because the Dortaina guide is for 0.7.8. I follow it, and now I'm getting stuck with [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] and nothing in the guide appears to be helping. I'm on an i5-8400, ASUS H310ME-R2.0 with 24 GB DDR4 and an 8 gb RX 580

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GIGABYTE Z370P-D3 Opencore i5 9400F RX470/RX570/RX480/RX580

GIGABYTE Z370P-D3 with OpenCore 0.7.2 no iGPU with AMD RX4XX or RX5XX GPU

use Imac 19,1 and edit the serial numbers in the config marked EDIT_HERE

i personally use opencoreconfigurator to download all the drivers kexts and SSDT patches






Author: theruck

Which is the best SSD Nvme for 12900k Hackintosh ? (500GB)(PCI4)

Slow USB transfer rate

Hi. I have been using opencore 0.7.4 with big sur with no issues at all.

Last week I've decided to upgrade both my OC and MacOS. Gathered the new kexts, set my config.plist file and installed Monterey smoothly. It works flawlessly but with one problem. Write and read rates on my usb external drives are very slow. It does not matter whether if it is an ssd or a mechanical disk.

I've just used the exact acpi folder that I use with big sur. What could it be wrong? Here is my OC folder: [Screen-Shot-2022-06-20-at-16-28-22.png](

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No HDMI signal after verbose but then restarts a couple of seconds (MacOS 13.0 Beta)

Welp I'm back here again. Recently, I updated to MacOS developer beta 13 and I've might've bricked MacOS (I'm not sure if I have)

When I boot into MacOS, it shows the verbose but right when the verbose is finished doing it's thing it doesn't send a signal to my HDMI monitor but then strangely restarts a couple seconds after. Can anyone explain? I have the video link below. Thanks!

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Keyboard and HDMI issues on ASUS laptop - Monterey 12.4

Hi everyone,

I successfully installed Monterey on my Asus FX553 laptop, almost everything works fine, I just gotta deal with a couple issues

The HDMI port on my laptop is not working. Built-in monitor works fine, but when i connect the second monitor to the HDMI nothing happens (it works fine on windows).

I already tried looking around on the guide and various threads online but nothing helped so far.

Then, I need help disabling the laptop's keyboard. It doesn't work because of an hardware issue and having it on only means risking accidental presses which would lead to random keys acting up and making the whole system go nuts till I reboot it.

On a Macbook, you'd normally use Karabiner Element for that, but the on board keyboard is technically recognized as an external device (ITE Device) as you can see in this screenshot so that didn't work.

Thanks in advance for any help!



Model: ASUS FX553vd

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ

GPU: Intel HD 630

OpenCore: 0.8.1

SMBIOS: MacBookPro14,3

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[Succeed] Install macOS Monterey 12.4 Build 21F79 on Dell Inspiron 3670 Built-In Desktop

[Succeed] Install macOS Monterey 12.4 Build 21F79 on Dell Inspiron 3670 Built-In Desktop

The Specs:

  • Motherboard : Dell OEM Motherboard
  • CPU : Intel® Core™ i3 - 8100 @ 3.60 GHz
  • iGPU : Intel® UHD Graphics 630
  • RAM : 1x8GB DDR4 2133 MHz
  • Audio Codec : Realtek ALC867
  • Ethernet : Realtek RTL 8111/8168 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet
  • WiFi /BT : Atheros AR9565 Combo Card
  • USB Chipset : Intel Chipset
  • Card Reader : USB Card Reader
  • Display: Toshiba TV 32"
  • Resolution : 1920px x 1080px
  • Storage : 1x WD Black SN750 SE M.2 NVMe SSD 240 GB
  • Bootloader : OpenCore r0.8.2
  • macOS Version : macOS Monterey 12.4 Build 21F79

Confirmed Work:

  • QE/CI of Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Intel QuickSync
  • Audio Jack
  • Power Management
  • All USB Ports
  • Ethernet
  • Sleep, Restart and Shutdown
  • HDMI Video Out
  • HDMI Audio Out
  • etc;

Not Worked:

  • Atheros AR9565 (disabled)
  • Card Reader (not tested)
  • etc;

What/Guide Tool Followed :

  • AppleALC to find supported code of ALC867


What Part I Got The Issue :

  • -

Some documentation:

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[HELP] How do i go back to windows?

I just installed macos on my laptop and wonder can i go back to windows if i need to and how do i? i am not sure that the windows 10-11 installer can read macos extended or apfs, help!

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stuck on "RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes)" open core 0.8.1 debug on intel x79

Need help creating a USB Installer to upgrade a Sierra system to Catalina

Hello. I need a little help. I am presently running MacOS Sierra fine together with an Ubuntu installation on this system. The main OS for the system is Ubuntu, but Sierra is installed on a secondary partition and I use an old UniBeast High Sierra Installer USB that I had created when I thought to upgrade to High Sierra to boot up the MacOS. I am trying to upgrade MacOS to Catalina. I have successfully downloaded the "Install Catalina" app. I have downloaded UniBeast and MultiBeast for...

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Do the RX 6400 or 6500XT work currently on OC 0.7.8?

Or otherwise, which are some good performing graphics cards on a 200-250 dollar range that you would recommend?
I'm looking to make a small hackintosh with some spare parts and would like to keep it as low profile as possible, while also keeping Monterrey and future versions in mind.

Only info I can find about this is very old data, would appreciate newer info or other card recommendations.

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Cant boot

So after setting up all drivers, ssdts and config.plist I cant boot. After selecting the 1. No Name option on the Opencore bootloader I get

Could not read \EFI: Invalid Parameter Error: could not find boot options: Invalid Parameter start_image() returned Invalid Parameter OCB: StartImage failed - Invavalid Parameter.

I was about to boot macos 12 Monterey. And in the config.plist I didnt see the option for Allownvramreset, it just wasnt there.

Any help is appreciated.

I did set HideAuxillary to true but no luck

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Is there a sub (or tutorials) like this for putting iOS on an Android device?

Just wondering

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I updated to OC 0.8.1 but hackintool still tells I'm in 0.6.5 should I ignore this?

27/4k extened monitor hdmi Resolution problem, just 1920 × 2160?

27/4k extened monitor hdmi Resolution problem, just 1920 × 2160?

laptop: t480, i7-8550U

openCore: 0.8.2

video output: hdmi to hdmi


opencore deviceProperties

Resolution issue

RDM scale

the high 0.5???

DisplayProductID-* file


- get VID and more info from `Hackintool`

- add extened monitor Display plist to `/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-*/DisplayProductID-*`

after these done, this Resolution problem still exists! someone can help? thx

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Optimac pkdownloaderror error 8/I did something wrong I think

Hello! I am trying to make a Optimac ( Dell Optiplex 9020 Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF) ) - I went this route due to less cost and it seemed more documented and easy because this is my first attempt at a hackintosh. - It has all compatible parts, I'm not using any extra hardware just the vanilla ultra small form factor that they have built many guides around here. So I know it's not my hardware, but I can post the specs if need be. I followed this guide...

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can i run mac os Monterey on my dell chromebook 11 3189

i have the touchscreen version of the chromebook ive already installind many diffrent linux distros on it im currently running windows 10 on it but i want to try mac os monterey on it ive really liked the look of it so can anybody tell me if i can run mac os on my machine and if yes then how


intel celeron n3060 constantly running on 2.48 ghz

4 gb of ram

16 gb emmc with a 64 gb sd card

and even if i install it will i be able to get drivers for audio, touchscreen and trackpad.

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Is it compulsory to have a credit card on your appleid to login into appstore , I've done everything listed in the dortania guide ,but it still doesn't seem to work.

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Kernel panic on boot whenever eGPU is plugged in

Kernel panic on boot whenever eGPU is plugged in

Hi everyone, I recently found an amazing deal on a sonnet 750ex thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure and I'm trying to get it working with my Hackintosh Razer Blade 15 2018 Advanced running Catalina. I have a Dell OEM AMD R9 290X installed in it, and while it works fine under windows (and on my real mac pro running mojave) but any time i try to load macOS with it installed, it just crashes with a kernel panic and corrupted graphics on the laptop display. The rest of the enclosure does work however, if i boot with -wenoegpu or with the graphics card removed it boots and detects all of the USB ports and the PCIe ethernet. I should note that this laptop does have onboard Nvidia GTX1060 graphics, but i have it disabled using SSDT-dGPU-Off. Attached are photos of the verbose boot log and the corrupted graphics on the internal (iGPU) display. I can also provide my opencore EFI folder if you'd like.

EDIT: I also tested with a GT710 which i used to use in the previously mentioned 5,1 mac pro, same result. I now have a Radeon 7770 in there, and i could try that too i suppose but i suspect more of the same.

Also, rotated the photos. No idea why they were upside down.

Any ideas? Thanks

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