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Old company windows computer, now mine, want to put OSX on it and turn it into a hackintosh. Can this be done?

So I have a retired windows machine that my old company let me keep. How difficult would it be to get my old files (and hopefully exactly how it looks on my dinosaur MacBook) onto this machine until I can afford a nice new MacBook Pro? Thanks in advance for any info or links to guides.

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Ddr3 Motherboard that supportsm.2

Is there a list of motherboards which supports m.2 and ddr3 ram. As I have intel i7 4790k processor with 16 gb of ddr3 ram . So need help in choosing of motherboard for my hackintosh.

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Help with Kernel Panic Big Sur 11.4


  • CPU: Intel core i7 10750h ( Intel Comet Lake-H )
  • RAM: 16 gb DDR4
  • Laptop model: HP Envy 15 2020 (ep00002ns)
  • GPU: GTX 1650TI (disabled) IGPU (Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (2 GB))
  • Ethernet: no exists.
  • Wifi: Intel AX201 160hz
  • Audio: Intel VEN_8086&DEV_0222 (codec ALC245)
  • SSD: SK hynix PC601 (I'll install in on WD Blue SN550)

I've followed dortania's guide. OpenCore 0.7.0 / Big Sur 11.4

It's a KP related to AppleSMC and IONVMeFamily, I did research but nothing.

My config is what dortania's giving.

Thanks !

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Installing rEFInd

Hey, I have a ssd running macOS and a different ssd running windows 10 and I would like to use rEFInd to switch between them easily, but I haven’t found a good guide online and the one on the download website is a little confusing.

Since when I followed the guide on the download website,I had to go to the open core boot picker first to then select rEFInd to boot it, cuz selecting it right from the bios wouldn’t work. But then also windows wouldn’t show up in the rEFInd menu.

Does anyone here know how to install it and configure it properly with themes and stuff? or does anyone have a good guide?

Thx in advance!

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Screen Scratching in Setting Screen

Screen Scratching in Setting Screen

Hi guys,

Recently I've been trying to setup macOS Catalina on my ASUS ZenBook UX305CA (m3-6Y30/8/128) using OpenCore 7.0 and it works completely fine except the touchpad (which I don't care about that much).

So I decided to setup macOS Mojave on my older Sony VAIO Pro 13" Early 2014 SVP13213SGS (i5-4200U/4/128 SSD - no dGPU, just HD 4400). It boots just fine but after that, the screen displays somewhat like being scratched and I can't continue the setup. (image inserted below, sorry if there is any inconvenience as this is a 13.3" TFT Touchscreen)

Just imagine 8 apples appearing on your screen at 1 time (that's what happened).

I just want to ask how can I fix this display thingy? I wonder how can't it work although it is supported - I've been building the OpenCore EFI from scratch (I mean from dortania github, of course).

If anybody would like to have a look at the EFI, it would be really appreciated.

Have a good day!

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Is there was to download Mac OS 12 without involving in developer profile

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[solved] Stuck on installation script errors [ASUS Prime Z490-A, i9-10850K]


I'm trying to install Big Sur (11.4), and getting desperate about making it work...
I'm following this guide:
so I use OpenCore 0.6.5
and stuck on the installation script from USB. I guess something might be wrong with config.plist - but I'm not able to figure out what, or how to make it work...
It seemed so much easier back then with Unibeast and Multibeast..

Here it...

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A question about upgrading hackintosh from a newbie..

I want to get hackintosh, my question is, should I install the latest version (monterey) or is it okay to get catalina for example and upgrade it to the latest version later on from the app store?

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Dual GPU Question

I have my Hackintosh running High Sierra via OpenCore, with a 1080ti which isn't supported by any newer OS versions because of the whole Nvidia drivers debacle.

I don't mind staying on High Sierra, but its difficult to find software compatible as newer versions come out.

My question is the following:

Can I use the iGPU (Intel HD 530) for OSX, via DisplayPort, and run a separate HDMI cable from the 1080ti into the same monitor for Windows?

Has anyone tried this sort of set up, and how did it go?

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Black screen issue after verbose. OpenCore, Big Sur, Dortania

I'm out of any ideas, a tried a lot of things nothings worked.

OpenCore 0.7.0

Big Sur 11.4


  • CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K Octa-Core 3.6GHz (Coffee Lake)
  • GPU: iGPU (Intel® UHD Graphics 630) (no external GPU)
  • Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z390 UD
  • Audio: Realtek® ALC887 kodek
  • Network: Realtek® GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
  • SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2
  • MEM: Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz HX432C16PB3K2/16
  • Guide: Dortania


Which AAPL,ig-platform-id i tried:

  • 0x3EA50000
  • 0x3E9B0007
  • 0x3E9B0000
  • 0x3EA50009
  • 0x3E920009
  • 0x3E9B0009
  • 0x3E920000
  • 0x3E000000
  • 0x3E9B0008

device-id: 0x3E98

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Bluetooth issue Monterey


My laptop is Asus ROG G771JW. Wifi BT cards is BCM94352HMB.

I am find last builds of all my kexts in the Internet and try it. WiFi —working, BlueTooth — working with different devices, but some troubles with iPhone. AirDrop working.


- if I disable BT (with standard option in any menu) I cannot enable it.

- if I connect my iPhone from BT menu of MacOs — connection refusing after 10-15 seconds.

- if I connect my iPhone from BT menu of iPhone — connection stable, but no integration like handoff is not working

- hand off not working (for example, I try take a picture from iPhone with menu for Notes menu File>Import from iPhone; after 10-15 seconds it got message that ‘no connection’)

- sometimes in macOS WiFi menu is appear option of iPhones’ as modem. but irregularly

In Hackintool BT as usb connected as builtin, but FW loaded without a checkmark; however in settings version of firmware not 4096. In Hackintool kexts displays only AirportBrcmFixup and BrcmPatchRAM. no firmware, no bluetool.

If you have some ideas how it must working — or how you set up the bt and wf on your laptop, please, write me.

More info:

Clover 5130

macOS 12.0 Monterey Beta 2 (21A5268h)

processor Intel Core i7 4720HQ

mobo HM87

graphics Intel HD4600 / GTX960 (disabled)

RAM 16GB (2x8GB 1600 Mhz)

NVME m2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250 Gb

SSD 250 Gb

HDD 1000 Gb

sound Realtek ALC668 (layout-id:27)

display FHD 1920x1080 (17,2 inch)

wireless/bluetooth card swapped with a Broadcom BCM94352HMB

another option dual boot Win 11


AirportBrcmFixup 2.1.3

AppleALC 1.6.2

AsusSMC 1.4.1



BrcmPatchRAM3 2.6.0

Lilu 1.5.4

NVMeFix 1.0.8

RealtekRTL8111 2.4.2






USBInjectAll 0.7.7

VirtualSMC 1.2.5

VoodooPS2Controller 2.2.3

WhateverGreen 1.5.1

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Help fix sound

Help fix sound

Hello, i'm finally able to install Catalina 10.15.7 on Asus x450CA. The specs are:

  • Intel Core i3 3217U (Ivy Bridge)
  • 4GB RAM
  • SSD SATA 256GB
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • SMBIOS: MacBookPro10,2

Everything works as expected but sound. It got RealtekALC 270, i've tried every layout-id using boot-args alcid= (3,4, 21, 27, 28) listed in acidanthera github one by one but none of these work. Any ideas to fix the sound?

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Been lurking on this sub for a while and for my first Hackintosh I chose… an old netbook