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Clean install of Big Sur leads to BCM94360CS2 bluetooth being very laggy only right after booting up

As title, anyone else with this? Im using an Apple Airport card and everything works just like it did in Catalina. Except for the bluetooth. I tried resetting the module and re-pair my mouse and keyboard. Cleared nvram for good measure too.

When it's done booting and on the login screen the mouse and keyboard are very laggy for about 30 seconds. Then everything is fine and remains fine even when the machine does a sleep/wake cycle. It only happens when booting up.

I had no such issues in Catalina and I did read about Big Sur having bluetooth issues on real Macs too. So I'm not sure if this is due to me or Big Sur. Everything else works perfectly fine as it did in Catalina. I'm somewhat leaning towards a Big Sur bug.

I'm not using any kexts for the module. Booting my Catalina backup results in no lag at all. Big Sur is up to date. Maybe I should try the beta?

Any tips or pointers are welcome.

Edit: Upgrading Catalina to Big Sur also leads to the ~30 seconds of lag.

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Can anyone help me with Mac AppStore?

After installing macOS Mojave (10.14.6) I can't install any app from AppStore. When I click download button, that starts spinning, but app is not downloading.

Thanks in advance.

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Catalina install freezes with 2 minutes left

My Hardware:

-Asus P5Q3 Deluxe Wifi

- intel® Core™2 Quad Q9550

-Nvidia GTX 760 msi

-Ssd radeon 256 gb

I have been trying to install Catalina for one week, please help me. I set up kexts for Telemetrap. kext

The installation image, I downloaded through the terminal, installed using the terminal. I installed Clover v2131 and selected the item with Open Run time. efi.

The installation freezes at the end there is 2 minutes left, writes that it is impossible to install restart the installer. In the logs here is this error in logs:

The installation freezes at the end there is 2 minutes left, writes that it is impossible to install restart the installer. In the logs here is this error : You may not install to this volume because it can not be converted to Apple File System ...Tried to remove quarantine bit for /volumes/macOS base system 1brtool exited 8output: (null) open failed

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Can i run high sierra?


Specs: i3-5005U

4GB Ram


Intel HD Graphics

Can i run high sierra or sierra?

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Should I upgrade from High Sierra to catallina through app store?

Hey everyone! I wanted to run catallina on my old PC and I tried to do it as well. I reached the installer bit I could not see my drives in the installer. I tried every method written in the guide and suggested by you guys but didn't work.

So I decided to install High Sierra with an SMBIOS of MacPro6,1 and telemetrap kext added while installing. I succeeded and I am now running high Sierra.

Note because of the SMBIOS I can upgrade to catallina my directly downloading the installer from the app Store. But if I did it, will it break my system? Is it ok to update through the system update?

My specs: cpu: c2d e7200 GPU: gt710 Ram: 4 gb

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Can we write drivers for unsupported WiFi cards in OS X?

I have an old laptop with a Qualcomm Atheros QCNFA435 WiFi card which as far as I know isn't supported in OS X. I looked on eBay for a compatible Broadcom card but all of them are like £25+, a price I'd be willing to avoid if possible for a WiFi card. I know I could just use HornDIS for tether WiFi with Android, but couldn't you write the drivers for unsupported cards if you had the knowledge and were willing to put in the efforts? Are there any good resources for OS X driver writing?

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HD630 HDMI connector patching problem


Not able to get HDMI output working on the HD630 laptop. Tried multiple fixes but no luck yet. Changed all the connectors to HDMI for testing but still no HDMI output, only Laptop output via LVDS.

OC EFI and Ioreg:

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Networks are not visible. What should I do?

Suppress memory modules misconfigured warning

Suppress memory modules misconfigured warning

Hi guys, when i start up my amd hackintosh i always get this message. Everything works correctly but the message is very annoying. All the 4 memory slots are populated. I'm using a MacPro7,1 SMBIOS because is the most appropriate one.

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