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Can i do this with a sh*ty intel atom and a 2gb usb?

I want to see what macos feels like on my old laptop but only have a 2gb usb stick :( id like something like mac os tiger i think its called? Something older not new

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Graphics acceleration ice lake

Hey, its my first time that I am doing hackintosh. I was manage to dual bot sonoma on my Dell laptop, but it says I have only 7mb graphics. I tried everything, but still, I only get 7mb graphics. It’s pretty annoying, the background is always white and has no blur etc… also HDMi port isn’t working. I am pretty new to hackintosh so I may have done something wrong. I would be happy to get some help! My laptop is dell vostro 5391 CPU: intel i5-1035g1 GPU: Intel UHD graphics

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Reversed scrolling

My Hack runs macOS Big Sur and the mouse wheel scrolling is the opposite that it should be (up is down/down is up). Anyone has a clue how to fix that ?

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Finalllyyyy - I got to installation screen

Finalllyyyy - I got to installation screen

First I thought hackintosh is not my kind of thing, but after much much effort I finally got to the installation screen. Hurrrayyy!

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Can I install macOS on my laptop?

LENOVO LEGION 5 AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

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I'm a little confused...

So I have a 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar I'd love to put Sonoma on but am honestly so confused on how todo it. Obviously at first the process is simple. Create a USB using the Mac's original SMBIOS within the patcher app and Sonoma but here is where the problem lies - When I install Sonoma I get no TouchBar or Touch ID. Weirdly, I do get a little esc button on the TouchBar in the MacOS Basesystem recovery thingy majig for Sonoma but that's about it, nothing after that.

I was told to keep Monterey and somehow upgrade to Sonoma from that but I'm confused.

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Question about OcValidate Output.

This is my output.

Kernel->Quirks->CustomSMBIOSGuid is enabled, but PlatformInfo->UpdateSMBIOSMode is not set to Custom!

CheckKernel returns 1 error!

Its on a Dell SFF Precision 3420 7700 32gb DDR4 1TB ssd Intel 630 intel NIC

UpdateSMBIOS is a boolean .. Does this result want me to change it to a string?

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Fastest Metal supported gpu for a Mac Pro 5,1

What is the best Metal capable card I can use in a Mac Pro 5,1 supported in OCLP?

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Success install BUT no sound, no bluetooth

So this was the fastest hackintosh i've ever did,

My laptop is lenovo e14
i5-10 gen


256 NVME

Really smooth install without any issue using OpenCore docs, however, i don't have any sound, or bluetooth but i'm not worried about bluetooth now

I've used Apple ALC kext for sound and followed the below doc for fixing sound

I found that my codec is (Conexant CX8070/CX11880) and i should use (alcid=15 or 21) unfortunately they're not working, i tried to use SSDT-HPET fixes but still no luck

Hackintool doesn't even show any sound devices, and connecting HDMI doesn't either show audio device

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